Where's the reset button?

11:55 AM

Dramatic, much?!?

After nights like last night, I can't help but sit here and smile. Yes, I have an overwhelming need to hit the reset button of life. But after last night, I am reminded to take life as it comes and remember that maybe slowing down isn't such a bad thing.

I had my alarm set for 5AM to make it to Midtown for a lifting class this AM, but I decided to snooze. I'm still feeling the effects of a sinus infection, but the antibiotics are slowly starting to work their way through my system. I was also feeling the effects of a GN gone perfect and not going to bed until 11:30PM and not being able to fall asleep well past midnight. So, sleep it was.

I miss the gym, terribly. I miss my 5:30AM crazies and lifting heavy. I have a weird craving to lace up my Kinvara's and go run, anywhere. CIM is on Sunday, so I will run then, but it's been over a week off from running as of today. That is exactly when your cardio starts to diminish, which sucks for my current marathon training. However, tomorrow, I will brave whatever weather presents itself and get some SMILEage in at the SRA free CIM shakeout run. It's imperative that I get my stems moving, so that I won't die on Sunday when I run my leg of the race. And also for my sanity!

That being said, I know it's important to take care of my body. So, I'm going to do that as best as I can. I also have a strong desire to hit the reset button on my eating habits. I'm feeling extra chubby these days and know I need to reel in my eating habits. My eat-whatever-the-hell-you-want idea isn't really working out for me. We are settled in our new home, so I don't have any more excuses. Of course I can find many more, but I need to do a gut check (literally) and get myself on track.

Things I'm one hundred percent cognizant of, but after last night seem less and less important.

I can't quite put into words the magic that is December girls night. Every year, when the last girl(s) leaves my house, I feel completely at peace. The women I've chosen to surround myself with have an incredible way of empowering one another, while also being supportive and loving. We are all so different, in our lifestyles and opinions, but somehow we compliment each other. Some are new friendships and some are decades old, regardless, we have all found ways to connect with one another. My home was full of love, way too much laughter, and happiness last night. All girls nights renew something in my soul, but cut throat White Elephant situations and laughing until I'm crying moments are meant for December.
She finally lives in Cali again!
White Elephant
Lovin' the crew
That's about right!
5 little monkies!

So, yes, resetting my life button is how I'm feeling. But more importantly, taking what I have and appreciating it in its whole, unadulterated rawness is what I should be focusing on. Accepting the crazy and learning to take each moment at a time and embrace it all. I have no doubt that the sweet melody and lyrics of Goapele will soothe my soul tonight, I can't wait!

Taking time to reset, in a new kind of way...

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