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1:11 PM

Annnd I'm back at it...
It's been a few weeks since I participated in Amanda's link-up, but today is the day I jump right back in. The last few weeks have been slightly off due to my sinus infection & Thanksgiving, but I always enjoy this link-up! So here goes nothin'...

Cheating // I feel like I'm cheating on India.Arie. with Goapele. Her latest album and concert last week have me swooning hard core for her. I love her voice, lyrics, and vibe!

Foreword // That time you learned that your Ex wrote the foreword in his best friends book and it includes a quick synopsis of your breakup. This one threw me for a loop. It was unexpected and actually gave me insight into our break-up, more than I've ever really known. As he put it we went "cold turkey" and didn't really talk that much after the breakup occurred. It was nice to read what he wrote and also insightful. I'm happy he's happy and that there were no bitter undertones in his writing. He's always been a good writer, so I'm happy that he got this opportunity. It struck a chord with me that I can't quite place...but in a feel good way.

Plates // Don't think that you can just take a plate of the bar any 'ol way. I'm talking weights people, not food. I tend to think I can just roll off the weight and it will just fall down, forgetting that it is a round object and might roll. Roll right onto my foot or better yet, angle perfectly to instantly bruise my ankle. Yes, I'm walking around with a purple bruise because I was too lazy when removing a plate off the bar. Good going, rook!

Almond Conference // My 3rd one to date, which also coincides with my work anniversary. 2 years at the "Nut House"! I've learned so much and been exposed to so many new things within the last year, I'm grateful to have this job. Any job, but especially this job. I hope to keep continuing my education in the industry and to even further my career here. It's an amazing feeling to work for a company who's product you would consume, even if you didn't work here!
Almond Conference
Treat Yo Self // So this whole Christmas shopping seems to be more like two items for me, one for someone else. I did just knock a bunch off of my list, I hope they are keepers! Still so many more to go! Thank goodness for iPhone's and Internet shopping, it just means I can be super lazy at home instead of running around after work! I'm super excited for what just Ugg house slippers! I think I'm getting old when I am excited for house slippers.
VIP Zappos
DREADmill // I got on that damn thing today after months of not being on it. Yup, it was about as bad as you'd imagine. I was so uninspired to run. I should also admit to hoping off the track so many times, just because I can. I found every excuse to take a break. 2 miles warm-up at 9:30 pace, which I accidentally pushed to a 9:13 pace for a good 1.5 of those miles. Then 2 miles at marathon pace of 9:13. Last two miles were split between a 9:30 and 9:40 pace. Those six miles felt like six hours, literally. Once I was done, I did some serious stretching, because my hips and every part of my legs seem so tight.

Cookie Party // I'm looking forward to my Aunt's annual cookie party with her and her friends. It's morphed now that they all have families, but they've been doing it since I was little. I'm always grateful when I can attend this yearly event. The women make cookies, the men make themselves scarce, and the kids run a muck playing! I never really make cookies, but somehow find my way home with a huge platter of goodies from them all. These five women are pretty awesome and have been great role models as I've grown into a woman myself.

Feels good to be back spewing my random thoughts for the day...

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  1. Holiday cookie parties are the best. Especially when pb blossoms are involved :)

    1. No one ever gets it when I say a "cookie party"! haha! Yes, I love fruits of other's labor ;) Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo, ganeeban


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