Rose & Thorn [30]

4:19 PM

It's still 2014, ladies & gents..

Rose: Our first Christmas. 
Thorn: Still feeling the effects of cold/sickness part deux!

My 30th Rose & Thorn, I've really come to like writing this post. However, without boring you to death with my doings from Wednesday at noon through yesterday night, I'll just touch on some key moments from my adult version of "winter break" as I like to call it.

Christmas was eventful, but in a great way. It went from spending time with J's family on Christmas eve and coming full circle to visiting his Mom and brother Christmas evening. My family was sandwiched in between those hours. The many Santa's in my life were very generous, let's just call this the year of the Lulu. I didn't have any huge present I was pining after, but I was definitely spoiled by those in my life. It's funny, because I'm generally one of those girls/people who tells people exactly what she wants for gifts, but this year I didn't any any desire to do so. Even with my Mom hounding me, I did give in a little and give her a few things to look for. Other than that, mostly everything was a surprise!

Christmas Breakfast appetizer...
Twinning w/ Poppa Bear at Christmas
Just a couple of sickies on Christmas
Christmas Lunch
Our little Ohana is growing...just missing L!
Ate snuggles
Yup, played and won my first FIFA game against the nephews...with the help of J!
It was really nice celebrating my first Christmas with J and L. Besides feeling awful and kinda trying not to share our holiday germs, we made all our our commitments with family. It was fun to be a part of his family's tradition, while also creating our own for Christmas. I enjoyed seeing L open her gifts and being genuinely happy and thankful for everything she received. My favorite part of Christmas is the gifts, giving them! I love the thought that goes into buying them, wrapping them, and then giving them to my loved one. The anticipation if they will like it makes me a little nervous, but that's what gift receipts are for!

I don't have much else to report over my so called winter break, other than an attempt to go to the mall the day after Christmas only to be shut down by the ghettoness of Sacramento thugs who think it's acceptable to fight at the mall. The fight wasn't the real issue, it was the notion that there might be guns involved, so the mall went on complete shutdown around 7PM. Needless to say, I hung out at Nordies for a few minutes and then left...even though it took me all day to pump myself up to get out of bed and bet my ass there. Oh well! I tried again on Saturday morning and was successful, returns and exchanges are all done, happy to report.

We did have our annual holiday girls dinner at SS's house. SS made us OG's Zuppa Toscana soup and we all brought stuff to add to the party. It was very low key, a little gift exchange, some rancid farting, and tons of laughs with four of my favorite women in this world!
My appetizer game is strong!

Add a little house cleaning, taking down the decorations, and a lot of nothing...that pretty much sums up my Christmas this year. It seems like I was half in and half out of the holiday spirit this year. Being sick really killed my vibe, but I was able to power through the most important days and events. I feel bad, like I didn't give it my all, but I did enjoy the time spent with family and friends. I think taking down the decorations is the saddest part of the holiday's coming to an end. I love my house looking like Christmas threw up all over, now it's all neatly organized and stored away. I impressed myself with post-Christmas skills this year, some how I got everything and additional buys into the same amount of storage bins. That takes talent! HAHA!
Post-Christmas Target come-up!
So sad to take these down :(

Still not feeling the best, but races don't care. I guess I better start focusing on Napa and the SLO marathon, because as my family put it so kindly last night, I have 9 weeks until my race. I skipped my 14 miler on Saturday, because I still didn't feel that well and have a cough that sounds worse than it feels. But, somehow, some way, I need to get my mileage back up and get ready for these races. I'm a little worried about it, but it will all work itself out, I just need to stay dedicated and focused until race day, health permitting.

Random Thought: If you take the time to read my blog, I wholeheartedly appreciate it and your time. I do, however, make no apologies for what is written, the poor grammar, and the randomness. I genuinely write here to write for my sake. If it makes you smile, laugh, pissed off, or whatever then I'll take what is coming my way. What I won't stand for is for people taking the time to mock me, put me down for what is written, or anything of the like. I am here. I am me. I write as I feel. I don't write to please you. I write because it's cathartic. I've never claimed to be scholar or a novelist, I'm just a girly tomboy who found her little section of the blogishpere and will continue to write down my musings as they come. Thanks!

And I'm out...

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  1. Thanks Haley! I appreciate that, ditto to you too :) xoxo, ganeeban


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