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301st post, whaaaaaat?!?

Rose: Tie between L's first kid's fun run & the cookie party...
Thorn: Missing out on some ZZZZZ's!

Nothing really crazy going on this weekend, well anything out of the ordinary December weekend. It was busy, but nothing I couldn't handle :)

Such a busy, busy day at work. Especially since we had a division wide meeting right before we left for our holiday party. I get to plan these events, so I'm always running around making sure everything is ready to go. We hosted the lunch at the same place as last year, but next year I'm switching it up again. I was even able to source gifts for everyone, this year was white wine glasses with our logo etched into them. Lunch was a few hours, then a few of us hung out for another drink or two.

Bobby & I
Beef Tenderloin and gross mushrooms!
Becky, Bobby, Candice, y Yo
Party after the party!
Lucky me, I had to assist the parentals in making their last minute Christmas card. They decided early on in the week that they wanted to send them out this year, even though they were leaving on a week long vacation to the Caribbean. I'm not jealous or anything. So, there we were at the little kiosk making their Christmas card while I pilfered through 2,000 pictures for the perfect 4. It was actually a little quicker than I thought, but not how I was hoping to spend my free afternoon off from work. Good thing I love those parentals!

After the Costco fun, I took my ass home for a long nap! It was glorious. I napped until J got home and it was time to go pick up L. After we swooped her, we grabbed dinner with consisted wings and TV. Buffalo Wild Wings, not my favorite, but not that bad! That was pretty much our evening, a little family date night and then home to hang out!

Up super early to log 12 marathon miles with my running friends. L really wanted to attend Breakfast with Santa Clause, so I had to be done with my run fairly early. I think the alarm was set for the ungodly hour of 4:45AM. 

Meeting time was 6:15AM and we planned to do an out and back on the American River Trail. It was a good run, although I went faster than I had planned. Andrea and Carlos are a little faster, but I did my best to keep up with them. The weather, although a little chilly, was pretty awesome considered we were supposed to have just finished the biggest storm of the century. PS- Such a lie, it was a weeny storm, by far! I am still dying that the storm had a hash tag, my favorite was #HellaStorm!

After a quick, sweaty selfie I was headed home to get ready for Breakfast with Santa Clause. I definitely had a different idea of what this would be. It was a recreation center in one of the local suburbs, but nowhere near L's school. She kept saying it was at her school, but the paper said otherwise. There were some interesting characters milling about and some even more interesting crafts for sale. We didn't spend too much time here, but we ate breakfast and snapped a pic of L and Santa!

After that we killed a bit of time at Sbux, where I was surprised to see a giving tree. I had planned on grabbing something off the one at the mall, but that one was so confinement, I just did it there. Then we walked over to get my caterpillars tamed by the Eyebrow Queen as I call her, or better known as Mama Min! She is the loveliest little, older Korean lady that knows her way around eyebrows! I can't handle if she retires, I might go into a deep depression. J and I were staving, because the breakfast wasn't much - 2 pancakes and 2 sausages. So we grabbed some lunch afterwards.

Family coffee date!
Star Ginger // Lemongrass Pork
The rest of the day and evening was really chill. I ran to the mall while J and L cleaned up the house. I got some Christmas shopping out of the way, but still have so much more to do. Then we all piled into the car, stopped by Target to unsuccessfully shop for our giving tree child and grab a toy for the 5k we had planned on running on Sunday! After Target, which is never just a quick in-and-out trip, we grabbed dinner and brought it home to enjoy by our first fire in our new home! 

Yup, Spurs Sunday for J. So as he was up to watch the game, I was getting ready to mix my recovery run with the free Fleet Feed (Sac) Holiday 5k they offer every year. Their only request is you donate a toy. They have drinks and donuts (cookies this year too) after you race. They also unload all of their old race shirts from the current year. It's a fun event for everyone of all athletic abilities. The course is an awful out and back on the levee, but it serves is purpose perfectly.

I walked/jogged for the first half of L's kid's race of 3/4 of a mile. As the courses split off and the kid's veered back, I went on to finish the 5k. I needed a total of 4 miles, so the plan was to race with L (and J), finish the 5k, and then run until hit my desired mileage. Since I had extra mileage to run, L and J walked back home after they finished their race. I wasn't too sure the plan so I looked for them, ran into Haley, peeped out the goodies, then started my Garmin and got in the rest of my miles.
On our way to L's first race!

After a great 4.5 miles, probably ran them way too fast, I was back home. Determined to clean up our room. Like, it hasn't felt clean since we've moved in. I actually put things in their correct spot, clean clothes aren't taking over half the room anymore. Then we all got ready for the day.

Cookie Party has been going on for years, I can remember going when I was in Junior High. Apparently the ladies have been doing this for about 30 years, but obviously I wasn't there for the first 8 or so! My Aunt, really more like a big sis, is still really close with her elementary school friends, there are about 6 or 7 in total. Every year they meet and bake cookies, to share, and hang out all afternoon.
MayMay and Ate
Damn Sea Chickens!
This little effer bit the hell out of me!

So that's what we did! Well, they baked, I ate and gossiped with them! I spent a good part of the day there. When L was picked up, I hung out for a bit, collected my cookie bounty and headed home. J had planned a little date night for us. We attempted to go ice skating, but they were sold out of skates. Is that even a thing? Ugh, so it's postponed for the time being, thankfully the rink is open until January 19th, so we have plenty of time.

We decided to grab dinner in Old Sac and tried to pick somewhere we haven't been together. Although it isn't my favorite place, we decided to try out River City Cafe. To my surprise the main course was really good. I wasn't too hungry so we ordered drinks (guess who's is who's), salads, and we shared the Caprese Ravioli!

It was really nice to walk around Old Sac during this time of year. They had just finished the weekly light show, so the tree was lit and it wasn't too crazy with people. It was a nice way to end the evening. I couldn't even stay awake to watch a movie...

Only one more weekend until Christmas!!

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  1. Your weekend looks amazing.

    A. Your pace is amazing (at least for me!)
    B. You have some seriously fierce sock game.
    C. I want to eat every single thing you posted.

    1. Awww, thanks so much! I definitely think it's a middle of the pack pace, but I'm okay with that :) I wore those socks last year to the same race, eeek! Not gonna lie, my eats were pretty tasty, but that's probably why I just busted through my jeans! HAHA! xoxo, ganeeban


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