Rose & Thorn [28}

3:25 PM

When a marathon takes over your city...

Rose: Team Hot Mess killin' it...
Thorn: Feeling the effects of a sinus infection and not running for 8 days!

You oblige and run the hell out of it! Well, your weekend pretty much revolves around it, at least. All these runners infest your city, your restaurants, and your hotels. Then every street you drive, daily, is shut down and getting around your neighborhood gets really frustrating. But I'm not mad at it, CIM does something to this town...something amazing...

After a well deserved nap, it was time to hurry up and get ready for Goapele. Goap-huh?!? If you haven't her her melodic voice and perfect lyrics, then I suggest you go and listen right NOW! She's just popular enough to be known by name, but small enough to perform at a smaller venue in Sacramento. J ran and grabbed us a quick bite for dinner, while I was getting all girly!

Mad and I bought these tickets at the end of summer, so this concert almost slipped my mind. How, I'm not sure... Mad invited her sister-in-law and their cousin, so we all met at my casa. Pre-gamed a bit, by pre-game I had bubbly and brownies. Then we walked over to Harlow's, the venue, and ran into some friends.
I wasn't feeling the best and waiting for her for over an hour was getting to me. But once she walked on stage and sang her first note, I was swooning once again. I've seen her one other time and she is perfect in person. She's much better live than on her albums, and I love listening to them on you get the picture.

Peer pressure is a B!
I wish I could describe Goapele, but nothing I write would do her justice. I love her newest album, Strong as Glass! Go listen...I promise you will forever be changed!

This weekend it was Spurs Saturday, so J was up at the same time I needed to get up for the free SRA (Sacramento Running Association) shake out run for CIM. Unlike their normal free runs, there wasn't really any final mileage total, it was shake it out as long as you need to. Since there will still setting up the end staging area, we didn't get to run through the finish, as advertised. I'd already done this, I was just using this run as a way to get my legs moving after 8 days of no running and being on antibiotics.
Typical running morning breakfast.

I ran there (1.16miles) ran around the Capitol about 2 times, before J met up with me. Then we ran a few more miles around and then cooled down on our way to get coffee at one of Sac's hidden gems - Old Soul in the Alley. After about a good 10 minutes of coughing I finally had a mocha in hand, then J and I walked to the Convention Center to meet Team Hot Mess for packet-pickup.

I won't go into too much detail, other than I spent way too much money on running stuff, popped our #SelfieStick cherry, saw the old #9Run6 crew, took a photo booth pic, and grabbed from free swag. We walked home and stopped into Trumpette to peruse the goodies for Christmas.
Hoping 20 get me through Napa training!
At home, we met J's mom. We went to the "Nut House" aka my job and did some damage at the grower store. Then we headed to get J's haircut, which was apparently a fiasco. I was sleeping in the car when it all went down, but he still looks no real worries! Then we headed to the mall for a quick trip. Got some goodies and Christmas presents and made our way home.

We STILL hadn't showered or really eaten anything for the day. We grabbed a snack and started getting ready for our 4:30PM dinner reservation. Yes, you read that correctly. Since there were tons of people in town, resies are hard to come by and also we had to be somewhere at 7PM. So, eat with the old people was what happened. This is our traditional carb-up dinner, bu we went somewhere that doesn't technically focus on carbs, aka pasta, but it was still good. Since we were doing the relay, we weren't that worried about carb-loading. I was starving and my eyes were bigger than what my stomach could handle, but it was delicious.

My new Spiritual Gangster, black Friday come up!
He supports me on the course and for carb loading!
Cafeteria 15L // Mac N Cheese

Cafeteria 15L // Western Burger

Cafeteria 15L // Prime Rib French Dip

CIM Relay Team 2014 - Team Hot Mess

After dinner we are parted ways, knowing we'd see each other in a few short hours. J and I headed to the Mormon's birthday party at a local bowling alley. We were a little late, but got some good quality, shit talking time in, as everyone else was bowling and we were just spectators! It was nice to see this group of friends. The bowling spot was way too efficient and kicked us out right at the one hour mark. So the party decided to move to on to somewhere for dessert, but I needed to get home and rest for the next day. We parted ways and I was again, an old lady and in bed by like 9PM.

Long island for him, water & soda for her.
Happy Birthday Mormsky!
Race day! To avoid redundancy for tomorrow's re-cap, I'll just keep it short on the actual race. Since I was leg three, I was able to sleep in a bit. Up at 7AM, breaky per the usu, and out the door shortly after 8AM. I get dumb nervous that I'll miss my relay partner and make us get there way too early. But, per the usual, we all ran a little faster than anticipated, so it worked out. After I finished my leg, I ran along the course for another mile or so to meet J at our meeting spot. Once he arrived, we started our run back to the house so I cold get my full mileage in for the day. I was tired and sore, it was rough.

Back at the house, I stretched and had a recovery shake. Then we showered and were off to go to the finish line. I was set on seeing a good friend's mom finish the race. And I did. We got there in plenty of time to see and cheer, me more than J, all the runner's come in. And then we saw Pam, she was running strong and I ran with her for about a block, right before the 26 mile marker. It was such a great feeling to see her and do that with her, especially since she was cheering me on last year when I did the full for the first time! I've known her son since 3rd grade and have spent plenty of time at their house. They are an awesome family and I couldn't be happier I was there to see her run!

At this point we were hangry so we sought out food. Because the course royally messed up the grid and because it was Football Sunday, everywhere was a mess. We finally settled on our third choice, which turned out perfect. We wanted to watch the MLS final, but no one was showing it. Thankfully, Sapporo wasn't crowded and had a whole section open with a TV, which the manager kindly put it on for us. So we ate and watched the 2nd half and the double over time there. 

Sapporo's // House Red
Sapporo's // Pork Yakatori - Sunday Football HH Special
Sapporo's //Chicken Katsu
I was in pain, so this was perfect. After lunch, I hobbled, J walked back to the car. We headed home and J was going to put up the Christmas lights outside, however we found out there wasn't an electrical socket anywhere to plug them in :( I was so bummed, but we improvised and moved them indoors and did our main window downstairs. It turned out cute, but I'm still a little bummed we couldn't have them on the outside of our home.

I had no plans to do anything the rest of the night, but rest my legs, which is exactly what we did. However, we did finally pop our bubbly and used our SF giants champagne flutes and wrote Christmas cards. J is such champ, he didn't know what he was getting into when I said I had to do cards. Over 60 cards later, we finally finished up and grabbed dinner to-go at Cafe Caprichio, one of our fave spots!

Dinner to go and more bubbly, these seem to be our typical Sunday evenings lately. To keep the lazy mode going, we popped in a movie and relaxed! Such a great way to end a pretty busy weekend.

Sadly, J was greeted with his car broken into this AM. Yup, both of our cars broken into within three weeks of each other. We will continue to count our blessings, but it's really frustrating when people violate your privacy and steal possessions. No broken window, thank goodness, but very, non-replaceable stuff was stolen. Thanks to the Grinch who tried to spoil our Christmas, we won't let you, but nice try!

The countdown to Christmas is feeling real....

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