Rose & Thorn [27]

4:45 PM

Adios November...

Rose: Giving thanks, family, and friends...
Thorn: Damn head cold...part deux!

So, since I generally start my weekend when I get out of work, this post should start from Wednesday at noon until yesterday evening. Buuuut, this would be the longest blog post ever to be written so I'll try to keep it short and simple, even picture based for ya'll!

Errands, errands, errands. A quick solo lunch, cause J as stuck at home sick. Packet pick-up for the annual Thanksgiving day run and then home to chill for a second. J accompanied AND paid for my pedicure - I won a bet in January (yes, 10 months ago) and he finally paid up!  We had a little dinner date and then met up with friends for a drink. Then home to sleep, cause we both weren't feeling the best!

Lunch date, party of 1
Dinner date at Ernesto's with my Boo
Kaelyn and her #FallPubCrawl
Pre Thanksgiving dranks
Thanksgiving!! Run to feed the Hungry a little different this year - ran there, ran the race, detoured to grab J, finished the race, ran to the Starbucks on the way home, then walked the last mile home! Showered and prepared our Thanksgiving goodies for our family parties! Let's just say I committed a double Pinterest fail, but J's mashers turned out delightful!

Mimosa pit stops and almost 10 miles of running
Lunch with my family and dinner with J's family is how we spent the rest of the day. I'm not even gonna lie, I was so over turkey, but hungry on the way home and we stopped at McD's!

Missing one...
MayMay and I miss the Lil
Awww, first Thanksgiving
Black Friday shopping is a must in my family. It's a Ganeeban women tradition, that stems from my Grandma! It's almost a right of passage to get invited to attend with all the Aunties! Anywho, meeting location was Target at 5:30AM! From there to the Mall and then to lunch, where the boys met up with us. After lunch it was a few more spots, but I headed home to get ready to go pick-up L with J. After we swooped her up, we stopped by Old Navy real quick to take advantage of the 50% off and no line. Then we also ran to the outlets to check out the new Adidas outlet and the tried and true Nike outlet.

After that, Little Mad came over and we have a movie night watching The Lego Movie! Hot Coca and popcorn were even involved!

I was supposed to run, but I wasn't feeling well...again! So we turned it into a Christmas decorating day. We pulled out all of the decorations and got to work. We had hoped to get a tree, but there wasn't time.

We had tickets to Polar Express, which was departing at 5PM. Suited and booted in our PJ's we met up with the Wench, the Lovbug, and her cousin and her handsome little guy for our adventure to the North Pole.

Just a little VIP mug
Just hanging out on the platform
Thanks to our amazing friend Jen everyone had a great time. Also, just as we were arriving it was time for the tree lighting ceremony in Old Sacramento. So we stayed and watch that, even though it started to rain on us a bit. As we walked back, we stopped and chatted with Jen for a bit. The kidlets also got to play for a bit and also checkout what they missed when we arrived.

Back to the house, pizza was ordered and we just hung out until everyone was exhausted!

Of course it was Spurs Sunday for J, but I actually slept through over half of the game. I guess I was that tired. Again, there was the intention of running...but it never happened. J mostly, and I made a huge breakfast. It was delicious! His brother and family were coming over and ended up staying the whole day. His GF and I went out and did some damage at the Nordstrom Rack and JoAnn's Fabric. Our actual outing was solely for Hobby Lobby, but we forgot they are Mormon and their store is closed on Sundays :(

Plenty of family time, L left to her Mom's and his brother and family, and Mom left too. We headed to Home Depot for our first tree (together, duh)! It took all of about 5 minutes, nothing romantic like cutting it down ourselves, but still just as cheesy because we're just that cheesy. Back home, we turned on Mariah Carey Holiday on Pandora, poured some wine, and decorated our tree. A little 6 footer, full of character. 

Neither one of us wanted to cook, so it was fast food again :( Then we settled down on the couch and watched Zero Dark Thirty, if that doesn't say Happy Holiday's then I don't know what does. It was a Black Friday come-up and I've been wanting to see it forever.

Thankful and grateful for so many of the new things that have been introduced into my life this year. I would have never guessed I'd be where I am today, but I have enjoyed the journey. I have nothing but admiration and thankfulness for those that are in my life - family and friends - they continue to support, encourage, love, and lift me day after day. Even in the moments when I probably don't deserve it, they are always there. Not everyone in my life fits into this category, but for those that don't, I learn valuable lessons with those challenges and/or differences.

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving came and went by so fast, now it's time for Christmas...or CIM if you a Sacramentan!

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