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A few musings before 2014 ends...

I don't generally do resolutions, so you won't be reading one of those cheesy posts from me. I don't mind or disagree with goals, if you happen to set them in the beginning of the year then so be it. I would rather just continue to work on myself, physical and emotional, all year than try to hit a specific resolution. We're all different, so work with what works best for you. Hopefully you know yourself well enough to decipher that.

Every year at some point, I can be quoted as saying it was an amazing year. But, I do have to admit, 2014 was pretty amazing. Of course for the obvious reason, I don't think we really need to point it out. J coming into my life has changed a lot, for the good. Over the last year I have been (slowly) learning how to be in a relationship again, how to share my time, my love, and my emotions with another human. When you don't do it for 9 years, it's not that easy to just start out of nowhere. Our learning curve has been a roller coaster ride, but it's one that I don't ever want to get off of. I've been hurt, I'm sure I hurt him at some point, but I can honestly say that we are working together as a team and only focusing on growing together. Phew, we've almost survived the first year ;) HAHA! I'm really not a cynic, I promise.

Running. Running. Running. Somehow, somewhere along the way this word has become part of who I am. I started for vanity reasons, to loose some lbs in 2007 (seriously started running, but have been doing races since I was a wee kidlet), and now here I am attempting 2 marathons in one year. My family and friends all know I run, it isn't a secret. I think everyone thinks I run more than I actually do, but I'll take that image/facade. I am a middle-of-the-pack runner and am completely content there. I have no aspirations of qualifying for Boston, but hey, if they invited me to run it...sure as hell I would! I do appreciate the regiment of training and completing my race. I'm learning the balance between training and having a life. I feel the guilt of not running, but I also feel the burn of pushing through a tough run. It's definitely a very mental sport and I'm leaning to navigate my way through it as best as I can, while still enjoying it.

Oh yeah, the price for the SLO Marathon goes up after tomorrow.

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It has been a great year watching my parents become closer and enjoying their retirement together. There were times growing up, I felt they were unhappy. They've worked their whole lives for Shell & I, so it was hard to see them not seem happy. But that all went out the window once they retired. They are spending their time relaxing, doing things as they please, traveling, and enjoying each other. I can't even describe the emotional and physical changes they have gone through. I am proud of them and excited for this time in their lives. They are still the same amazing parents and would drop anything for the two of us, but they are just, plain and simple, happier. I hope their physical goals keep them striving to be better, I want them around for a long time. Without these two humans, I'd be homeless, poor, and a hot mess. They truly are my biggest blessings in my life, their unconditional love is worth more than anything I could ever possibly own!

Do you believe in coincidence? I have a hard time believing most things happen by coincidence, but that's because I read into everything. Call it girly or intuition, but my gut just knows when something is awry. I'm learning to pick my battles with these things. If I let them fester and don't say anything, I'm bound to explode at some point. If I bring it up without thinking of what I want to say, then that's no good either. So, the balancing act of knowing when to bring something up and questioning if it really, truly matters is something I'm working on. As much as I try to fight it, I'm an emotional creature. I'm not the best at expressing myself or it takes a long time for me to finally express myself the way I see fit. This hasn't worked out the best so far, but I'm learning to bite the bullet and speak up before I let if fester for far too long. People can't read my mind and I should expect them too. Life lessons, they are just a pain in the butt ;)

Finances! Mine really are a hot mess. I need to figure this shit out. I am 31, I need to get it together. I'm not getting any younger. I want to travel and someday, far, far in the future, own a house. So, I'm putting my savings first this year. I am really hate the way I've been dealing with my finances, it's time to take action. To stop wondering where my disposable income is going and just save it. So, if I decline dinner or something fun, now you know the reason. I want to have a little travel fund to go somewhere new!

I'm pretty excited for 2015, we already have some fun trips planned - Napa, SLO, and Chicago. We have a few places that are a high probability we will make it to, which are Texas and a cruise with the fam. I'm really also hoping to get to one game in Canada for the Women's World Cup, but that one might be a long shot. I'm sure there will be plenty of "girls trips" planned as well. There are a few dates I'm not looking forward too, but I'll get through them as if they are any other day. But obviously, I'm super excited to get to as many SF Giants games as possible!!

As far as blogging goes, I don't see much else changing. As long as I continue to enjoy writing, then it won't be stopping. As we've seen, I'm no good at it on the weekends or when I'm sick or on vacation. Those are basically the only days I don't post anything. But, my same grammatically error filled posts will still be going up on the reg. I will still continue to make those around me take pics to document my doings and I will stop you before you eat your food, so I can snap a pic. I will continue to post pics of friends and family (unless asked otherwise). I don't pretend everything is perfect, there will be rants and raves, but there will also be goodness too. So, again, thanks for following along with my musings for 2014...

I have a good feeling about 2015...

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  1. Wow, you and I think so much alike! My husband and I had a conversation about goals/resolutions last night at dinner and how we don't set them. I have enjoyed reading your posts this year and all the best for 2015!

    1. Hey girlie! Thanks! Yes, I think "resolution" puts too much emphasis on the outcome. Yes, I'd totally agree we think just run a lot faster than I do ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Krysten! Thank you so much, wishing you the same as well! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Paulette! Thanks, wishing the same to you as well! xoxo, ganeeban


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