Merriest of Eves

10:56 AM

Whatever you do today...I hope you do it with love, laughter, and kindness!

I'm back from the Sick Chronicles part deux! Still not feeling 100%, but enough to get my butt to work for a half day. I don't want to sit here and complain about how I'm feeling, rather wish you and yours a beautiful Christmas Eve and continue the merriness through tomorrow!

I'm looking forward to spoiling those I love, while also being present with them tomorrow. I can't promise I'll check out of the mobile world completely, cause I'm too weak, but I know that I will actively take the time to focus my time and energy on my family, friends, and loved ones!

I also want to take a minute to send a prayer, strength, and good thoughts to those who don't have anyone to celebrate with, those who don't have much to look forward too, those who don't have anything to eat or shelter. As you celebrate your family traditions, new and old, please take a moment to remember there are plenty out there who don't have nearly as much as you or I.

Also, I want to say thank you for taking the time to stop by, whether its one or one hundred times, Musings of a Girly Tomboy! I appreciate your time spent here, reading my randomness. Whether or not you take anything from here, I hope I can/could at least make you smile once. I appreciate your readership and I truly look forward to each random post I get to upload!

Merry, Merry Christmas Eve, Lovelies!

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  1. Merry Christmas girl. Hope your holidays are spent feeling well, or at least with people who make you feel better. :)

    1. Hi Kay! Thanks so much, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Yes, the people definitely made it much better, than I was actually feeling... xoxo, ganeeban


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