A Shit Training Day && Some Cheer

3:47 PM

We all have them.

We go through them, we deal with them, we get over it! Maybe if you're like me you tend to dwell a little longer than necessary, but it's almost like mourning the wasted minutes I know could have been spent working out harder.

Napa and SLO marathon training has been going okay, for the most part. And by okay I mean I'm following my training schedule at about 80%. That's a total fake percentage, because I don't actually feel like figuring out the numbers. So just go with it!

Today was bad, really bad. Since it was cold and raining, I decided I'd head indoors to the gym for my 4 miles on the dreadmill. So, just a short five day's ago I made my comeback to that awful machine and it was rough. But for some reason today was really rough. I can give my litany of excuses - heavy legs due to soccer and Midtown class on Monday, bored out of my mind, and/or no breakfast before the workout. All of which probably had some part in my inability to stay focused to run 4 consecutive miles, but I lost in the mental game today. I just couldn't wrap my brain around running on that machine for approximately 40 minutes.

With heavy legs I departed after 1.58 miles of running. And not running very fast, I might add. I decided that 20 minutes on the bike would help break up the run and also be good cross training. The first minute was excruciating for my left knee, then the pain worked itself out. So, 20  minutes on the bike watching the news, which is truly depressing! Then after my timer went off, I decided to run at least one more mile.

As fate would have, my stomach wasn't going to let even do that. TMI, obviously, so let's just say I got a whole 2.21 miles in of running with an additional 20 minutes on the bike.

Yes, I do realize shitty days happen. You have to pull up your big girl panties (I hate that word, but it's the saying) and get over it. So yes, that's what I'm doing...in the form of writing about it and also commiserating too. I had a bad training day, I let the mental game play me, and I'm accepting it and moving on to the next training.

Here's how the last week or so of training should have went && actually went:
12/8 Monday - On Schedule: Strength @ Midtown, Actual: Attended class
12/9 Tuesday - On Schedule: 5 Miles, Actual: 0 miles
12/10 Wednesday - On Schedule: Strength @ Midtown, Actual: Skipped class
12/11 Thursday - On Schedule: 6 miles - 2 W/U, 2 MP, 2 C/D, Actual: 6 miles, but shitty miles on the tready, but hit the 2 MP miles. We just won't count how many times I hopped off the machine ;)

12/12 Friday - On Schedule: Strength @ Midtown, Actual: Skipped class, dentist appointment
12/13 Saturday - On Schedule: 12 Miles, Actual: 12 Miles

12/14 Sunday - On Schedule: 4 Miles, Actual: 4.5 Miles

12/15 Monday - On Schedule: Strength @ Midtown, Actual: Attended class
12/16 Tuesday - On Schedule: 4 Miles, Actual: 2.21 miles & 20 mins on bike

So, to cheer me up a bit, here's my Christmas Running List...if I were to have one. Disclaimer: Family and friends, I don't really want running stuff for Christmas, but I guess I won't complain if I unwrap one of these:

Dreamworld Gift - Forerunner® 620

Reality Gift - Forerunner® 220

Lululemon - Frosty Run Gloves *Reflective

Lululemon - Run With Me Ear Warmer *Sherpa Fleece

Lululemon - Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luon

Hammer Gel® - Apple-Cinnamon
Hammer Gel® - Raspberry
Source // Saucony Kinvara 5 Mint/Cherry
Superfeet Insoles - Berry
*This is hard to admit, because I was adamantly opposed to Nike for years...

My faux Christmas list helped cheer me up a little. I'm sure if given a little more time I could come up with a slew of items to list on here. Especially if you let me peruse the lulu website for an unlimited amount of time, but I think this is a pretty decent dream list of running stuff I'd like and that I may or may not need.

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through this. Then I remember the good runs, the good workouts. There really isn't any way to put into words what a good run or workout feels like, the euphoria one feels from that is indescribable. So, I workout and work towards those moments. Even if they are few and far between. I also keep in mind the actual races I've signed up for. All this work will be for those two days, those two races. Crossing those finish lines will be worth the effort. So, as I have my shitty days, I will try, try really hard to remember what I'm working toward!

Suck it up, Buttercup!

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