14 for 14

12:05 PM

Exactly like ESPN's 30 for 30...duh!

Oh and a little taste of WIAW cause yesterday's lunch got a little ethnic interesting...

1 // Pledging, getting accepted, and getting kicked out of November Project. The bitterness has come and gone. It was fun while it lasted and. B&B are doing amazing things with the movement and it's a joy to watch it grow, even if I'm not a part of it. The time spent dedicated to the movement was great, more importantly, a learning experience - both physical and emotional!
One of the first NP_Pledge sessions in January 2014.
2 // The First Date.  Like a creep, J took this pic on our first date. I still give him a hard time for asking to take this pic. I guess it didn't creep me out too much, because now I'm stuck with him ;) Who would have thought, that by taking a risk and going out on a date with a friend it would work out this way! Lucky me...
Taking flight on our first date!

3 // Running 2 half marathons one week apart, with no real training. Kinda proud of this, because I still ran both under two hours. Post CIM I was really gung-ho on running, so I signed up for a bunch of races in 2014. Little did I realize I'd get burnt out and just stop running. Being the baller-on-a-budget that I am, I would still run the races, because I paid good money for them. First one in down in San Diego and then the next one for an inaugural race in Sacramento!
4 // Telling the world about my blogging. Okay, not the world. But openly telling family and friends about my little space in the blogisphere via FB. I was nervous, but I did it anyway. I'm glad I did and I love the outlet it provides.
5 // Hawaii with the family. Oh my goodness, please, someone take me back. From plenty of acai bowls to random hikes, every minute spent in the 808 was perfect. Spending 9 days with my family was also the highlight of the trip, and of course the delicacies only found on the island. Actually, any and all food we ate. I don't discriminate! It was nice to relax with no plans, workout when I wanted, and be sun kissed all day long! I love family vacations, especially ones that involve the beach every single day!
6 // Sacramento gets a USL Pro team of its own! Not only did we get a team in Sacramento, but they won the freakin championship! I didn't go to all the games, but this team really brought out the love for soccer in Sacramento. I have no complaints about that at all, it's a beautiful thing. I'm really hoping a MLS team is on it's way in the near future! #BuiltforMLS
7 // Cohabitation. Ditching the gross old roommate and moving in with J. It was a huge step for me, also a first time for cohabitation. It's working out great and it all happened to work out smoothly, even though it all moved so quickly. I love sharing our home together and being able to create memories with our little family! Decorating is still a process, but we'll get there soon...
The day we signed the lease and received the keys!
8 // Being there when J and Momma Bear ran their first half marathon! Whether it was on a whim (J) or training with Fleet Feet, two of my favorite people ran their first 13.1miles AND I was there to see them both finish. As J left me in the dust at the finish line (jerk), I was there to see his excitement in finishing a race that he hadn't even planned to run. As we waited for Mom and Lil to come through the finish shoot, I couldn't help but get emotional. Seeing her do something she NEVER thought she'd accomplish was pretty cool. Being a proud daughter is really an amazing feeling. These two mean the world to me, along with a few others, but to see them accomplish such a physical triumph was just as special for me, as for them!

9 // The SF Giants win the WORLD SERIES!! Don't ever count my men in Orange & Black out, they are scrappy, but they come out as Champs! I couldn't make the parade this year, but I'm still so happy about their success this year. No one would have guessed, as they started to really slump after the All-Star break. But lo and behold, our crazy group of men got it done. It was definitely a stomach turner, I felt like puking a few times, but it was all worth the end result!
10 // Being an ambassador. I never really put much thought into it, but then I thought, whey not just try. Who cares? And so this year I was chosen twice to represent two cool, fun races. The first was the Dirty Girl Mud Run earlier this year and the second is actually for 2015, but I was selected this year. This one is near and dear, because the race resides in SLO! If you know me, then you know my love for this place. It's borderline obsession...I don't get paid to promote or talk about either races, however I do receive complimentary race entrances. I'll take it! It's worth it :)

11 // NOLA. I've been here before and it was for work, but I also had a chance to play a bit. I've been here a few times, so I've done most of the touristy stuff, but I ate like a queen. A queen who was about to be considered obese, but I'll take it. The food, atmosphere, and city is crazy. It's nice to be here for a few days and then head back home. It was even better, because I was able to visit with Hollywood...who actually moved back to Cali recently. A great way to make work into a mini vacay!

12 // Hiking. I don't do enough of it. We went on our annual girls hiking trip and found some really fun hikes that aren't too far from us. I also did another hike with J that I've always wanted to do, and almost saw a guy get hurt (idiot)! Taking the time to go somewhere and hike is something I take for granted and need to do more often...

13 // Spring Training. I guess every time we go the SF Giants win. We were celebrating my birthday, but it was really an excuse for a girls trip! It's a win-win. Girls trip, sun, baseball, and a race. I couldn't really ask for much more than that!

14 // Midtown - Strength Class. A whole year of conditioning class was amazing. Bobbi really knows how to keep my ass conditioned and it really helped with all of my races. But I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to learn to lift. Be a snob if you want, but I was elementary to lifting. I still am. My form is awful, but my eagerness to learn properly is what keeps me coming back at 5:30AM. The group I workout with are so inspiring and make me want to lift heavier, as well as my Coach, he's a beast!

And...as promised a little WIAWFor lunch yesterday!

Thanks, Jenn!
A group of us went out to lunch, because our co-worker is headed back to Europe :(
We all shared some yakatori - pork and chicken pictures, liver not pictured :/
We also ordered this think called okonomiyaki or Japanese pizza as they called it. Looks gorgeous, but didn't taste as good. Too much "Japanese mayo" as my co-workers called it!
Of course I had to try the Chicken Katsu! That's my fave
Needless to say, I ate good yesterday. I'm pretty sure I wish I had wore leggings to work! It was a nice farewell to our little friend who lives across the pond, we'll miss her...again!

Hope you enjoyed my random post, but especially the 14 for 14. Tons of reposted pics and selfies, both of which I think you don't get enough of from me (sarcasm, lots and lots of sarcasm)! Hope your NYE is exactly how you dreamed it would be - a night on the down or spent inside and cuddling! Both sound fun, but I think I'm sticking with the later and some champs of course ;)

Adios 2014, Hello 2015!

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  1. I was just talking about that hike, where was that? I am glad you had a great year, and I am happy NP brought us together (even though NP SMF didn't last!). Have a great new year. Looking forward to SLO!

    1. It's right outside of Dublin/Livermore area. If you and Corey ever want to take a day trip and go, J and I would totally be up for it :) I couldn't agree more about NP, either! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Oh man, your year is amazing. I want to do Hawaii again so badly. I swear, it's impossible to have a bad time there. :)

    I was going to try out November project but the fact that you were kicked out makes me feel kinda bleghh about it.

    1. Hi Kay! Please, please do try NP. I know my experience is slightly jaded. But I don't want it to be for anyone else. Free fitness and a guaranteed awesome workout are worth it, you be the judge of the one near you (SF, right?)! Thanks, it felt like an amazing year. I wish I could go to Hawaii annually, but I'm sure everyone does ;) Have a great 2015 and I can't wait to follow along via your blog! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. Wow what an amazing year! I hope 2015 is even better for you!

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to whatever 2015 brings my way :) xoxo, ganeeban

  4. Wow - you have really had an incredible year. It's been fun to watch that change in you as you have made some huge transitions in your life. My hubby and I are heading to Hawaii next month and I just got all excited (again) when you mentioned your fabulous trip. Can't wait. Cheers to a wonderful year and new adventures in 2015!!!

    1. Hi Kristen! Thanks chica, I really appreciate your kind words. I never thought I'd have the year I have, but it's been a great ride! I'm so excited and jealous of your upcoming trip, can't wait to see your pics and posts about it! Cheers to a great 2015 and can't wait to see (or read) about all your races/trainings! xoxo, ganeeban


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