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What has my life come too?

Peas and Crayons
I don't have any pictures to post for WIAW! Well I might be able to scrounge up a few for your viewing pleasure...but it won't be my best WIAW work! Lo siento.

November Girls Night - Thanksgiving themed
Working lunch, only my first plate ;)
Since I didn't have enough images to tantalize your taste buds, we're going in a completely different direction...

Heather over at Girl Goes Running nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thanks girl, they are silly, but I love answering these survey style questions.

I think I did one of these almost a year ago. It really doesn't matter, because the questions are probably completely different. I'm still wondering why it's called an award, it's just a nomination style survey. I'm still happy to have been nominated, so here goes nothin'...

1. What is your current healthy related goal?
To make better food choices and to cook at home more often (re: stop going out to eat)! Once we are finally settled in our new home, this will be much easier. I won't feel so scattered and I will also be able to keep a routine, if you can call it that. It's been too crazy to try to add cooking into the mix, especially with our home looking the way it does.

2. What is your biggest irrational fear?
That someone is hiding in the shower if there is a shower curtain or a snake will appear in the toilet. I hate "BOO" scary, and both of these are things I've seen happen in a movie or TV show. Yes, the rational part of me knows this isn't going to happen, but I always check behind the shower curtain and  the toilet before I sit down.

3. Do you enjoy wrapping presents?
YES, YES, YES! For years I've been saying I'm going to start a holiday wrapping company. I love wrapping gifts during the entire year. I think it makes the gift that much better if I can present it looking all pretty and shit! So yes, I keep Hallmark in business.

4. What's your favorite cross training activity?
Soccer, always soccer. But I'm not sure most would call that a cross training activity. So, lifting. I love to lift heavy stuff. I want to be skinny, who doesn't? But more than anything, I want to be strong.

5. If I came to visit you, what would we do?
I'd take you on a run, because I know it's your thing. Then I'd take you to get a really good beverage - preferably coffee, but I'd ask what you felt like. Then I'd give you a few options of Sacramento things to do - the Capitol, Old Sacramento, shopping, and/or checking out our downtown area and shops. I would also make sure to have good food spots lined up for you too! Gotta show you the good eats of Sacramento :)

6. You have 2 weeks off of work and 2 round trip plane tickets to ANYWHERE. Where would you go and who would you take?
Of course, I'd take J and myself to Greece. I've been dying to go there, the weather, the culture, the food, and the sights! One day this will happen!

7. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a run or race?
I don't really have anything too embarrassing. I do remember I hopped a fence to get to a 10K and I ended up ripping my brand new capri's. More than embarrassed, I was pissed. $45 capris, brand new, ruined! Sorry, no funny stories from me. I'm a pretty boring runner that is a little overly prepared for most races!

8. Tell me the 3 best days of your life. Or at least the first 3 that pop into your mind.
When the sand touched my toes at Bondi Beach when I was 14, when I graduated from college, and my 30th birthday. This question is too hard, there are so many, not just three, best days of my life. The three I chose I vividly remember and they make my heart full of love and happiness, but also they were shared with the people I love most. 

9. Okay, you HAVE to eat a fast food meal. What restaurant would you choose and what would you order?
Don't judge me! I would for sure go to McDonald's, but it would be a toss up between the Big Mac Meal or the Fish-Filet meal with an orange soda and BBQ sauce to dip my fries in. I know, seafood at a fast food place...but it's just sooo good! The BM is just a basic staple, but so tasty...so it would have to be a game time decision...
10. Have you ever met a celebrity?
I've shaken the President's (Clinton) hand. I've randomly been at the same place as professional athletes, but no actual celebrity (that wouldn't be considered a B, C, or D List celebrity) I can gush over. Or that I've actually met. I've seen a few celebrities, but I let them be. I was pretty excited to be on a flight with "George Costanza" !

11. Share a picture of yourself in non workout clothes!

Repost from a few weeks ago, first one I could find on the iPhone that wasn't a selfie ;)
There you have it! A little bit about me and my randomness. So, I'll go ahead and nominate a few people that I follow on a daily basis (or whenever they post)!

Ashley @ ashley dakota
Jessie @ Jessie Loves 2 Run
Hope you have a fun time ladies, I know I enjoyed participating!

My lift is still a hot mess, so this was a great little distraction...

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Marc! I'm a Dermalogica gal with using Clinique sun block! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Oh man, you should totally start a wrapping company, because I am terrible at it.

    It's funny because my sister, dad, and mom are perfect gift wrappers, and my brother and I are miserable. So I can usually find someone to help me.

    1. I totally want too. I'd be fine wrapping someone's whole set of gifts if they paid me for the supplies, gave me $20 and a bottle of wine to drink while I'm wrapping ;) Is that too much to ask for? Haha! At least you can hand them off to your family to help you out, or as my Bestest would do...just throw it in a bag and add some tissue paper on top! HAHA! xoxo, ganeeban


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