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11:14 AM

When two Asians and an Italian get together...

Peas and Crayons
...on a Tuesday night, it becomes Friendsgiving. Because it's the popular thing to do these days and well, we don't really want or need to cook for each other. We dine out with adult beverages and good food!

I may or may not have died about two hours after consumption of said food, but I'm still going to post what went down last night.

The Italian = The Guidette. The Two Asians = The Bestest & I. Just so you get the characters of the evening straight. The Guidette has MIA for a couple weeks, because she was in FL on vacation in Disney World. So we decided upon her arrival, dinner should be had.

So last night we decided to try out a new spot on the Grid, but beforehand drinks should happen because the new spot doesn't have their liquor license. Seriously, not even for beer and wine. Awful, some one somewhere should be fired for that one!

The girls walked to a local sports bar/restaurant, Firestone, but there was no bar space. So they walked over to Mikuni (sushi), where I met them. There was plenty of bar seating. This is where we decided this was our "Friendsgiving"! 

A lot of girl banter and laughter, until we decided we couldn't stand our hunger any longer. Although we put down an order of pot stickers while we drank!

It was a short, quick walk to Pieology. Pieology sits on the cursed corner of L & 16th, this corner has seem more than a hooker. It seriously can't stay one business for more than two years, at most!

Apparently Pieology is a chain, social media friends were posting they have them in their areas. Also, a Twitter search also proved this point. Basically, in layman terms it is the equivalent of Chipotle for pizzas. Walk-up, custom order or select a pre-made pizza, and they make it right in front of you. They throw it in the oven and you pay, receive a number, then they deliver your freshly baked pie. All for under $10. The basic, custom pizza is $7.95.

Since it's new, they are still working out the kinks, their staff wasn't the most efficient. So the line is consistently pretty long. Which was fine by us, because we decided to take US-ies while waiting and read the various quotes that adorn the walls. While also epic people watching and judging, like all good girlfriends do together.

I went with a true custom - herb garlic butter, easy on the mozzarella cheese, a pinch of Parmesan cheese, pepperoni, chicken, and bacon. After it was baked, they drizzled pesto over the top. Add a side of ranch and a Sprite and I walked a way with a dinner under $10.

They also have "strips" which we ordered, you can get them as an appetizer or dessert. Obviously we ordered the dessert one - cinnamon and sugar, carb heaven to be exact!

Cafe style seating, it's not a place to have a romantic date! It is a decent place to bring a medium sized group. Thank goodness the napkins come aplenty. They are all over the place and you WILL need them!

All three of us enjoyed our creations. However, about two hours after getting home, I'm pretty sure the pizza turned into the devil and wanted to escape my body! Let's just say I'll spare you the TMI details, but I was in pain for an hour. The only thing that was different from my pizza to the other girls, was the pesto. So, we've decided that was the culprit. The fun outweighed what happened in the bathroom, but I wouldn't wish that upon anyone!
Friendsgiving 2014

We like to keep things as unorthodox as possible!

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  1. Damn pesto!! At least it was good while you were eating it, right?

    1. For real! Yes, it was tasty while eating it...so that's the silver lining ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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