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2:29 PM

It's already Thursday....

Annual Meeting // Every year, here at work, we host an Annual Meeting for our grower owners. If you don't get this, then sorry. We are a cooperative here at work, so we are owned by the growers who entrust us with their almonds. Once a year we put on a meeting to show them what we've been doing all year, to make their almonds make them money. Pretty simple's basically a scaled down version of a trade show. I am in charge of my division's booth, so this week has been a little hectic at work. The show was a success and our booth turned out pretty amazing.
Sett-up day!
Just giving away thousands of dollars worth of chocolate for FREE!
Our 2015 booth.
Consumer BDG Snacks, my fave!
Only in China...
Luncheon menu.
Veggie option - chickpea something...
WIAW Fail // I was so busy yesterday I didn't get to post my What I ate Wednesday weekly post. It's one of my favorite, because it involves food. Ahh well, good content for next week. Let's just say I've been scouring websites like Groupon and Living Social for some cool eats and drinks.

House Update // The couch is here, the dining room table was delivered this week and has also been built. Our home is coming together nicely. There is still plenty to do, but I realize it will be a slow process. We cooked dinner in our house for the first time. It's all the small, little firsts' that make everything so exciting and fun.
Training // Dare I say it, this might be my first week of actually completing all scheduled workouts? Eek, four full days of running! I'm predicting the future here, because I still have two more runs that need to be completed. Today was my first day of adding in a little speed, and by a little, I mean one mile. But that one mile, sub 9min/mi pace, killed me. My legs were fatigued after that. But you know what's back...that damn runner's hunger! I ate a huge breakfast, had a late snack at 10:30AM, and was still hungry at 11AM! Too early for lunch, since I didn't bring a vending trip is what happened. It's hard to remember everything about a training cycle, but then it all comes back to you as it starts happening again! Happy running!

Bestest Lunch Dates // Holler for the Bestest finally working DT now! Which means, lunch dates are possible. It's only happened once so far, but its the fact that it CAN happen which is awesome. On Monday the Parentals, Bestest, and I met at this little house that serves as a Chinese food restaurant. Damn Veggie Week, but the Hong Kong Style Tofu Chow Mein was bomb and the serving size was HUGE! So, yay, more lunches to come!
My lunch.
Bestest's lunch.
Funny, but Sad // So on Monday morning I walked to my car (parked on the street) to find the light on and the door unlocked. Probably, due to Big Blue being ancient and the lock always sticking, my care was most likely left unlocked. Someone decided to go in and take a look - lucky for me, they only took my entire change holder and less than $1 in change. I think they also took a few pad of paper, but other than that they just left my car a mess. The rifled through all of my randomness, but again, there isn't much of importance that I do leave in there. They missed the hard cash monies, $5 total, and a Nordstrom gift certificate. There was also 7 jeans and Coach purses in the trunk, but maybe they got spooked and left. I'm just grateful that's all that happened. It still does suck, because I feel violated that some unwanted person was in my car. I hope whatever they took, they genuinely needed...
Bad pic, sorry - my passenger seat mess done by the thief!

A weekend of nothing awaits me, I'm ready for it!

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