Thinking Out Loud - Movin' && Shakin'

3:12 PM

Okay, maybe just musings about moving....

My heart is full // but my mind is a chaotic mess. We are officially moved in, but I'm so unsettled. There are hurdles that have been met, but with stuff everywhere, I feel unsettled. I'm not sure I've ever felt this chaotic or frantic, before. Please don't imagine me running around pulling my hair, eyes bugged out frantic. Just a lists of things to do rolling over in my brain, things I might have missed, prioritizing said lists, and just trying to actually get through a work week of living in said mess. I do not want to come across as complaining, rather expelling my chaotic thoughts to ease my mind. 

My First Furniture Purchase // There is a thin line between settling because you are furniture-less or truly loving the piece you purchase. I never put much thought into furniture buying, because I never really needed too. Well, that changed and apparently, it takes a little more time and thought that I ever assumed. It's not a small purchase, so finances need to be thought about. Room landscape and decor need to be considered. Oh, and you can't forget about where it lies on the comfort scale too. Thinking you can get a couch on your first trip shopping is a joke, which I learned the heard way. After two days of actual shopping and some Internet shopping, we finally found our little nugget of snuggling Heaven that will delivered on Saturday. So excited...

It's 'Just' Next Door // Moving is moving, that's all. Just because we moved next door, doesn't make moving any easier. It might have actually gave us a sense of ease, which allowed us to think we didn't need to prepare. You should probably still box up stuff and pack it all up, before your family and friends arrive to help. If you're lucky, they won't complain and help like the amazing humans they are!

Housewarming // J was looking up life hacks for moving. One of them suggested scheduling a housewarming right after you move in so that it forces you to clean. I don't need anything to force me to organize and clean, I don't like living in that type of environment. It's not uncommon to find me up until the wee hours of the evening after a move - sorting, organizing, and cleaning. It's the type A in me, I guess. Sorry, tangent. Since we only have L every other weekend and it's getting close to the holidays, we wanted to have one as soon as possible so everyone can come (without interfering with holiday obligations) and so that they can see L! Snacks and libations have been secured, we're ready for everyone to see our humble, little home!

Decorating // I have so many ideas, but nothing sounds perfect like I want it to be. I know, I know...stop seeking perfection. I just want it to be cute, cozy, and quaint. I do love pictures, so expect many of them to be up all over our house. I'm hoping the downstairs will come together after we have the couch and dining room table, I can get a better sense/feel of how and what we will need. I dare not even look on Pinterest, because I'm sure my obsession with decorating will be at an all time high! Our downstairs bathroom is an odd goes on for days and also has a little cabinet with western style doors, I shit you not! Luckily J's brother is a handy little craftsman and made us a cabinet that will fit snugly into the nook after we remove those hideous doors! I just have to keep reminding myself that its a work in progress...a work in progress...

Adjusting // The Bestest sent me an article called 8 Ways to Make Living Together A Breeze ! I can dig it! It's been a transition from a "me" to "our". I'm happy and excited to make the transition, it just takes a little adjusting. If you told me this is what would be happening in January of this year, I'd think you're crazy. But I am so happy with how life has unfolded, I can't help but sit back, smile, and be cheesy happy!

The Negative // I can't sit here and not talk about my lack of eating healthy, running, and working out. The move has become my number one priority, even though I am in the beginning states of marathon training. I know I'm only making life harder for myself, but I am hoping once we are fully settled, I can buckle down. The mantra "why put off what you can do today" keeps running through my thoughts...but then I let the chaotic mess drive me crazy and then all priorities go out the window. I've missed three scheduled runs and I know my long run on Saturday is going to be brutal. I know I can do it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be hurting after it! I also am feeling a little frumpy lately, so I am pumping myself up to start eating healthy. I ate really, really bad yesterday - but I tried not to bee too hard on myself, I said tomorrow is a new day and I will start fresh again. Which I did, happy to report. I know these choices are my own, so are the consequences...

Just keepin' on, keepin' ON!

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  1. Awe, hunnie! Just take a deep breath. Everything will come together. Some stuff faster then others, but it'll all eventually get done. Keeping you in my prayers. xo

    1. Aww, thanks Jessie. Just a little verbal venting, I'm actually doing well...just releasing my stress through the keyboard! It's coming together nicely, just can't wait to feel settled! Thanks for your sweet words, they cheered me up! xoxo, ganeeban


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