Rose & Thorn [26]

3:36 PM

Sorry, a date late...dang head cold got the best of me yesterday :(

The last weekend of normalcy...

Rose: Completing a full week of marathon training!
Thorn: Damn head cold...
Weekend collages are a must!
This is the last weekend, before the whirlwind of the holiday's sweeps us into an oblivion. It starts with Thanksgiving, then black Friday, then CIM, then all the holiday parties, then Christmas, then NYE. Then, if you're like me, you're in a holiday hangover for a week or so. Then it's back to the normalcy that was this weekend.

Wish I had something fun or cool to report. Nope, wasn't feeling the best, so I took a little nap and then ran errands and then just hung out around the house. 8 miles were scheduled for the next AM, so I wanted to rest up and mentally prepare for the awful weather we were most likely going to encounter.

I'm still getting used to doing long runs on Saturday's, but it seems to be okay for right now. I'm sure during the holiday season it'll be harder or I will just have to say no to Saturday commitments. I guess that's the tradeoff for marathon training. Some understand and some don't, but it get's tricky on how I decide to share my time.

Pre-run breakfast, not quite enough for this tough run!

We knew there was a 80% chance of rain, but we were hoping it was going to be in the 20%. Sadly, it wasn't! It was a very tough 8 miles of wind and rain. It was really nice to have J there, right by my side, pushing through the crappy weather. Our pace was nothing like what it is on a decent day. But, I know that the training's must go on, so you just work through it. What if race day is like this, you don't have a choice! So, 8.18 miles were done and then it was time to get on with the day.

It was time to celebrate Lot's big 3-1, with a girls trip to Apple Hill. It seriously is the perfect place to celebrate a fall birthday. We hit the high and the low of weather, so it was nice. SS just bought a sweet new ride and it fit all 7 girls, plus her driving. We made our way up the hill and stopped at Jack Russell Brewery. After some shenanigans in a wine cave and dancing in the rain, we went to our next spot.
On our way out!
I've missed my Mormon!
Cave girls!
Wine shots, instead of flights!
Birthday babe and I!
Just a dreary day in Apple Hill @ Jack Russel Brewery

Wine was on the menu for our next location. PS- We were all starving at this point, but they didn't have any real food. We arrived and noticed it was extremely busy, only to come to find out that there was a holiday event. We hit up the main tasting room and got our complimentary tasting on. Then they told us if we go down the hill and pay $10 we get a limited edition wine glass and more tasting and a few bites. After what felt like a family photo shoot under a gorgeous red tree, we finally made our way down to the bottom of the hill. I ran into a co-worker, who was there singing as part of the festivities, random, but neat!
Boger Winery
Tess & I
A true flight!
Boger and babes!
Just throwin' a self in the mix!
Fall trees are the perfect backdrop!
Special tasting room!
Another photo op!

After everyone was becoming intoxicated and hangry, we decided we better part ways to High Hill Ranch for food and apple donuts. So that's how we ended our trip, with food and sugar. After a good amount of debauchery here, we piled in SS's car and headed home.
Interesting grilled cheese, not to bad either!
Just goofin' around...
Pink boxes are the best!

Once back in Sac, we chilled out for a bit and then it was off to a low-key birthday dinner with Lot and her fam. We went to the local ice cream joint. It's caramel is the BEST, but it's food isn't that great. J met up and we all had a nice, relaxing dinner with plenty of laughter. After that we grabbed something to share for dinner, which escapes me at the moment and chilled out at home. We both weren't feeling too well and we had a run the next AM.
Still not enough nuts!

Of course, as usual, Sunday AM's are for Spurs. That's what I should now name it...Spur's Sunday...J would love that. Thankfully they didn't play until 8AM so we were able to sleep in a bit! After the game was over, we had a running date with Haley who is tapering for CIM. She hit me up for a Sunday run, which is always a nice surprise. It was supposed to be our easy day...but her easy day is a little fast for us. But it worked out, she pushed us more than we would have and even though we both felt like shit, it worked out well.

Big breakfast to enjoy while watching Spurs play!
Haley - running friend & fellow SLO Ambassador
Sunday stats!
Poor planning on my part, we had a lunch date at noon. So no showering for us, we went all grimey to enjoy a brunch/lunch date with some friends. I gained every single calorie that I had just burnt at Cafeteria 15L!

Soothing my sore throat.
Veggie week breakfast.
Finally a shower and doing nothing for the rest of the day. My mind is in such a fog of pressure and Tylenol Head Cold medicine, I can't really remember what we did. I know we napped forever and then at some point got some dinner. Oh yes, I was craving pizza. Round Table pizza and some wine, that's how our Sunday ended!

Let the crazy holiday weekend season begin...

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