Rose & Thorn [25]

2:46 PM

Our house is now a home!

Rose: Having all of our family and friends visit our home!
Thorn: No time for resting, all weekend...

My heart couldn't be any happier, but I'm exhausted. Getting serious about marathon training, having a busy social calendar, and prepping for a housewarming has left me uninspired to write today...among a few other things. So, this will be short and sweet, also because I don't have many pictures from this weekend...

Full housewarming prep mode started right after I got my afternoon nap in, after work. J had to pick up L for the weekend, but once they got home we headed out to run errands. And by errands I mean shop! The fancy Keurig we bought (from his Momma) was not working all week, so we returned it at Costco. I read reviews that there were some issues, but I was just hoping it was just a fluke. Not so much, apparently tons of them have been returned. We decided to get real fancy and order delicious Costco food and eat in our car, because it was way too cold to sit outside.

Costco // Chicken Bake
After that we went on a desk hunt at two different Targets. Yes, I drug them around to two different stores, in hopes of finding the perfect desk. Turns out the entire company is sold out, on-line and in stores. I was deflated. After that we headed home to clean and organize...our life story lately. I did decided I would ask J's brother if he would make my dream desk from Crate and Barrel...that's still TBD...I'll keep you posted.

Up and att'em super early to get my first, true long run in for marathon training. After CIM last year, a group of runners added me to their running group via FB...but I had yet to actually run with them. Well, up until Saturday, when I met one of them for an 8 mile run. Carlos was a very sweet gentleman and we had a great, brisk 8 mile run along the American River Bike trail, of which he then went on to run 6 more after I left. He, along with a few others in the group, are training for Napa as well. It was nice to meet a new runner friend, even though I've met him before. The conversation was helpful to distract me during the hard parts of the run. 

Pre 8 mile breakfast
Not sweat...
After I defrosted from our run, I had to hurry and get ready for Baby Zachary's baptism. It was such a beautiful, personal ceremony. I love being present for these types of events for my friends and their growing families.
Me, Lisa, & Zach.
From HS soccer to now!
After the baptism, we headed home because our couch was being delivered. Yes! We grabbed some lunch on the way home, especially since I knew I was headed to go wine tasting. We ordered from a local deli, but they royally screwed up our order, which never happens. We asked for a meatloaf sandwich and ended up with a meat ball sandwich with spicy stuff all over it :( Oh well, we weren't driving back to exchange it. 

Roxie Deli // Supreme Meatball Sando
As we were eating, Jen arrived and we headed to use a Living Social we had bought a few months back. Six of us girls had planned to make a day out of it, but our schedules never meshed well enough! So, Jen and I set out to taste some wine and grab all the bottles from the girls LS deals. Win, win for everyone! We had a blast just chatting/gossiping and drinking tons of wine. With the LS deal, you are able to taste their entire offering and Crystal, the employee, was super generous and kind. So I'm pretty sure we got a few extra tastings! It wasn't my favorite wine, but it was fun. They also have a brewery connected and a bocce ball court for their patrons. It's a great idea, I just wasn't enamored with the wine!

Jen and I
Berryessa Gap Winery
After a few hours, we headed home because we had plans to attend a good friends last Roller Derby bout. 9 years and she finally called it quits. I would have never really known about this sport, if she hadn't opened my eyes up to it. It's intense and very fun to watch. I've met plenty of her teammates and worked out with them, they are a cool group of women. I was even getting a little sentimental for T-monies. Sadly, they lost - but it was a really, really good match between them and Dallas. They had a great tribute to her after the bout and I was glad I was there to experience it all!

The Rink, home of SCR.
Typical spectator beverage, besides beer!
Nothing really happened after this. I was in so much pain from the 8 miles, I took some Advil and passed out by 9PM...I think. J and L had a movie night, but I just couldn't do it.

This time I was able to sleep in a little, but I was still up before everyone. I ended up lounging about and chatting with J for a bit and got a later start than I anticipated, but sometimes you just need to live in the moment and enjoy it. I was able to get my recovery miles in, but something happened...I didn't look at my Garmin and I ended up running faster than I have during all of my other runs. So weird, I guess running on feeling makes me go faster, versus being Garmin obsessed and conscious. I actually ran into the Lil and Momma Bear who were on their way to go run too. It made my heart soo happy to see them on their way to exercise, it made me smile the rest of my run.

After I got home it was too late to shower, J headed to his game and L and I went on a coffee date real quick. By coffee for her, I mean Hot Choco. I treated us to my fave coffee shop in Sac, Old Soul, and then we were off to J's game too. We watched the most of it, but left to go run one more errand before the party, Party City.

Soy Mocha & Footy
A few handy friends came over before the party to mount the TVs in the house. They are so freakin' awesome, they had them done so quickly and both TV's look awesome, not to mention they said that was also our house warming gift! Also, they were the friends who helped us move a week ago.

The housewarming seriously made my heart so extremely happy. If I had to guess, there were about 50 of our closest friends and family that stopped by at any given time on Sunday. Also, plenty of them brought over food and beverages to share, they know me too well...and my lack of cooking motivation. If I had to make an assumption, I would say everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a very low key affair, everyone was hanging out, chatting, not really caring that there wasn't enough furniture in the house. Everyone was extremely helpful and went well above and beyond, not to mention spoiled us with amazing and super generous gifts!
When words are not enough to describe how blessed and grateful you feel, you just have to sit, smile, and admire those around you. Because those are the people who you have brought into your life - by choice or by blood, they are your people. J and I have such a great support group, it was amazing to have them all in our new home!

After most people left, a few of us kept the party going. There was so much alcohol to be drank, that a few of the fellas stayed behind and took care of it. I don't think I've laughed that hard in awhile. It was a perfect way to end the evening...but as soon as our last guest left, we went to bed. Exhaustion, and slight intoxication, doesn't even touch the surface of how tired we were. Tired, but completely happy!

Our home...

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  1. Your weekend looks amazing! I love that you went to a Roller Derby match for your friend. I don't think I could do it, it's super intense to watch I can't even imagine playing.

    It's rough to have a super busy weekend too often, but I like having the full weekend every so often.

    1. Awww, thanks! Yes, I've been to a handful of those bouts AND I still don't get the sport very much :/ If I could play on roller blades I totally would, just don't tell her that ;) Yes, this weekend will be the opposite, so it will be a nice change of pace! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Your weekend sounds like so much fun. Nothing beats close friends and family... especially when they bring over delicious foods. Sounds like you know how to pick em well :)

    1. I couldn't agree more! So spoiled, I'm not sure what I did to deserve all of it! xoxo, ganeeban


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