Rose & Thorn [23]

3:46 PM

The My heart is full…

Rose: Celebrating J's birthday!
Thorn: Extreme runner's guilt for downgrading my race distance on Sunday...

Firsts' in a relationship are always exciting. So, celebrating J's birthday was no different. It was my first birthday to spoil him rotten, as he deserves. It was also a busy, busy, busy weekend of running around, time with L, and a race.

After working all day, when I got off work it was time to go into full celebration mode of J! I wish we both could have taken the day off, but sometimes that isn't how the cookie crumbles.

The Guidette is a crazy talented when it comes to all things cakes and cupcakes, so of course, months ago I commissioned her to make J's birthday cake. HAHA, little did we know this "chicken and ball" cake would be so dramatic and hard to make. But she preserved and brought it to me so we could stage it for our Staycation! After adding the finishing touches, I ran home to meet J.

We got our stuff together and called an Uber cab. I got to pop J's Uber cherry! Oh my gosh, our first of four drivers was awful. He made it seem like he knew exactly where he was going, but after four times of me asking him if he knew where he was going...he finally let me help him out. Cool story, Bro! After finally arriving, we began our Staycation. I didn't realize we'd be in the thick of moving and chaos, otherwise I might have planned something different...but it worked out perfectly. We arrived to a special little treat from my friends at the Hyatt. I work them them a lot and they left a fun little treat for our arrival.
A little VIP treatment!
After we settled in, we called another Uber and made our way to dinner at House Kitchen and Bar. Comfort food at Grid pricing and it was a little off the beaten path...or because it was Halloween, the patrons were at a minimum. We sat wherever we wanted, I didn't even need to make a reservation, in hindsight. The food was tasty, we probably wouldn't order the chicken again, but everything else was delish. No birthday dessert, because we had a whole cake in our room and because the birthday boy didn't like the options!

Prime Rib French Dip, Mac-n-Cheese w/ Bacon, Sweet & Spicy Chicken, & Pan Fried Chicken
Having a birthday on Halloween has it's downsides, such as getting people together on the day of your actual birthday. We were going to see if people wanted to meet up for drinks - but with the craziness of Halloween DT and everyone already having plans, we kept it low key and relaxed and spent some good QT together! It was perfect...

No alarm set, this weekend just kept getting better. We were able to sleep in, if you call it that. After being lazy and making no effort to get up and get ready, we finally got our comfy's on and headed out to Cafeteria 15L for breakfast. This is one of our fave spots to go to, they are always consistent with their flavor and servings! I went big and ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and J ordered the Mexican Skillet. Of course there was tons of sharing going on. After stuffing ourselves, we walked back to the hotel to get our stuff together. Grabbed another Uber and headed home. You would think people were used to the idea of a Staycation, but all 4 of the Uber's we used were still so confused about it. I guess it's the generation gap...or we're just super hip ;) HAHA!

Then we were off to go get L up the hill. We had tons of aspirations of getting stuff done for the new house, but only some of them got done. Luckily, we did get a quick trip to Target in, it wasn't really negotiable, because I really needed to get a few things! Target trips are never negotiable ;)

We did turn in the old cable boxes and got new ones. However, I'm STILL trying to get them to work. Comcast/Xfinity are the WORST. I've always had trouble, but my landlord won't let us use Dish, because he doesn't want anything attached to any of the property. So, basically I'm stuck. Comcast or no cable! So, after about an hour at the Comcast center, we were finally done. I was starving, but only wanted a snack since I thought we were going to have time for dinner before a birthday party. So we did a quick swoop through the McD's drive through, went to J's (current) house and hung out. After gobbling our snack up, we headed back to the new house so J's mom could pick up L.

We got ready, packed up Cards of Humanity, and were out the door again. This time we were headed to celebrate my SS's (Summer Sister aka Heather) early birthday at her casa. If your reading, Happy REAL Birthday today! It was a little, last minute shindig at her house. She loves us, becuase had nachos and plenty of libations. Since I knew I had a race the next day, I only had one glass of wine, but made up for it in nachos. We couldn't stay long, because we had to pick up L and I needed a good nights sleep for the race.

Because I was still kinda committed to running the 8.5 mile course, I figured I should get a substantial amount of carbs in my body. So after we picked up L, we went and got curbside takeout from Ma Jong's - beef chowfun & beef fried rice. After our super late dinner, they went to J's house and I went straight to bed.

Thank goodness for Day Light Savings. Gotta love falling back an hour, even though it gives me a little anxiety when it's on a race day. Will my phone actually set its self back? Will my alarm clock set itself back? Of course they both did, but I was still worried.

Up early, because the race was kinda far, I had my regular race breakfast. Don't worry, again, to keep it fresh I'll post all the details on the re-cap tomorrow. I met Lot at her house for the race in Apple Hill.

Post race, we made a quick trip to our fave apple orchard - High Hill. It was one of the quickest trips ever, but still fabulous. We actually ran into the Wench and her little lovebug too. So that was an added bonus. Apple wasted, we headed back down the hill.

Carmel Apple options...
Apple donut varieties!
Apple fritter.
Ate & Lovebug
It was lunch time and I needed salt to balance out all the sugar I ate at Apple Hill. I met J and L, after his soccer game, at a local pub called Bonn Lair. It's the team pub and they always go there after their games on Sunday's. In true pub fashion, I ordered fish & chips and washed it down with a glass of cab! Pretty random post-race meal, if I do say so. 

I was exhausted, so we headed home. J and L spent some time at the new house and I showered and took a quick nap, then went over to meet them. They were working on the Comcast when I walked in...long story short...over 5 phone calls and a second trip to the store, it's still not working! I knew the red cups were released on Saturday, so I went to cheer myself up with a mocha and a red cup! Frustrated and annoyed, we gave up since there wasn't anything else we could do. We said by to L and headed back to my house.

It was a Red Box and Pronto take out type of night for the rest of the evening. It was a lovely, relaxing way to end a busy, yet lovely weekend...

Somewhere in this madness, marathon training apparently started...

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