currently // 3 // ganeeban

4:59 PM

reading // nothing much of importance to note / the same copy over and over for editing for work / random articles on FB or Twitter / blogs and more blogs / soon to be acquired "The 5 Love Languages"

feeling // random body aches / dreading running in the rain / hips are way too tight / strong after my Midtown classes / learning to accept certain feelings / inspector gadget-y / grateful / excited for holiday music / nostalgic / ready for family time

eating // tofu pad thai / chips, all kinds / grilled cheese and soup / any kind of noodles / navajo quesadillas from Ernesto's

loving // starbucks iced coffee sold in the grocery store / all of my hangers matching / living with J / our new couch and dining room table / documenting marathon training / lifting shoes / new turf shoes / scarves / ice skating at the ice rink downtown / being an ambassador for the slo marathon

watching // jane is a virgin / seinfeld / parenthood / silly videos from link on FB

listening // pandora / iblackalicious / colbie caillat / goapele / mariah carey holiday station

wishing // to be whisked away to a tropical island / to be where you can wear mickey ears all day and night / our house was already decorated / to lose 10lbs / to feel confident in my finances / it's time to decorate for christmas

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