5 Things Friday - It's Baaaaccck....

3:27 PM

I decided to get a little creative last week, but I'm back on track...

5 Things I'm Looking Forward Too This Weekend:
1. Baby Zachary's baptism - Grateful I was asked to witness such a milestone for the Gangl family!
2. Actually getting to use a Living Social deal that I thought was going to go unused. Three of us bought the deal so that six of us could go taste and on a tour. But we just couldn't get all six girls schedules to work, so Jenn and I will go swoop the 6 bottles of wine and get our tasting on!
3. Trin-Monies last roller derby bout! Sad, but exciting end to an amazing career for the ever famous La Lucha! Love seeing her in her element, she is such a great athlete and performer.
4. Couch! Couch! Couch! Our couch arrives on Saturday after 2PM! Yes, slowly but surely, it's all coming together!
5. Finally drinking the Fairytale champagne with J! We've been putting off our celebration, but are making it a point to enjoy it this weekend.

5 Things I Have To Do This Weekend:
1. Return the fancy Keurig - it's so new it doesn't even know how to work properly. Boughie no more, we're going with the old school machine!
2. Saturday run - 8 miles
3. Sunday recovery run - 4 miles
4. Make the house presentable - for the housewarming, by presentable I mean nothing random laying around so people trip.
5. Hopefully buy a desk - Tarjay online says its sold out :( I'm going to use a little faith and hope I see it in on one of the stores in our area! Fingers crossed, please!

5 Things That Made Me Smile This Week:
1. An email - with all the details for being an ambassador for the SLO Marathon...look for a special Saturday post tomorrow!

#RaceSLO #SmallTownBIGRace
2. Receiving the photo's - from J's Father's Day gift, they turned out so cute! 

3. Donations - It should really say purging, but it makes me smile to know that something that I cannot use might help someone less fortunate out.
4. New Bookshelf - So excited to have a large bookshelf, but it still doesn't fit all my books. A case of reader probs...
5. My house full of kidlets last night - J's niece, two nephew's, L, and the Lovebug were over last night. The house was crazy loud, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love how they don't bat an eye when you lay out a blanket on the floor to have a picnic, because you are currently furniture-less.

 I'm excited about the weekend (duh!), but even more excited about what the future holds....

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  1. The couch moment is so clutch. I remember when I finally got my couch. No wonder you're looking forward to it.

    Congrats on being an ambassador for the SLO marathon, that sounds like a bunch of fun. :)

    1. It was so clutch. I was hella cheesy smiling when I sat on it for the first time :) Thanks, you should come run the race since you're somewhat close to SLO! xoxo, ganeeban


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