WIAW - Eat, Drink, Baseball

9:32 AM

Sometimes Most of the time I post my food pics before I get to Wednesday...

Peas and Crayons
So, here goes a purge of randomness that I've eaten over the last two weeks..or so...

This is about all I can muster up, because my beloved Giants lost last night and I drank a little too much before I actually ate anything. I know, I know...Rook move at 31. Cool story, Bro!

A quick trip to Trader Joe's is never cheap. $55 later, we have some goodies for the week, which didn't even really get us through the whole week.
About a week ago, I saw someone either Tweet or Blog about these, so I had to try them. I generally love any Lemon Poppy Seed muffin, and these were no exception. They are super moist (this word always grosses me out) and really tasty! Get them, if you're looking to splurge a bit!
Post race, quick stop at Sprouts, I found these little nuggets that worked perfect for a Veggie Week breakfast we had planned to make.
Maybe I live under a rock, but I saw these huge bad boy's at Whole Food's last week. I didn't buy one, but I was tempted. Suja juice, you say? I bet they taste amazing!
Treat yo self! I like that mantra. After a quick trip and eating session of the Whole Food's hot bar, I sauntered over to their Gelatto bar. After about four tastes, I settled with their coffee option. I loved the grit of the ground up coffee beans, and the heavenly coffee flavor of this treat!
A little research for work, means sometimes I get to indulge in some goodies! Gas Station come up... If salty is your thing, then you should probably get these in your life ASAP!
A little lunch at my desk yesterday, with all the goodies from Trader Joe's. Organic spinach, carrot shreds, sugar snap peas, one hard boiled egg (just the whites), croutons, and Nordies Champagne Vinaigrette dressing (re: crack)!
That time your team is losing so bad in Game 6 of the World Series, that you just start drinking. Also, because everywhere you go you cannot find seating to order food. So, someone puts a Fireball shot in front of you, you do it...and hope the food arrives sooner, rather than later...
Then you decided, since you've already had a shot, you should be classy and have a glass of cab to sedate you for the rest of the awful, no good, game that is on. Oh, and the food finally arrived. Bar bites of pizzas, a quesadilla, and some sliders, thanks fellas for the libations and the eats!
So there you have it, I pretty much just shop at Trader Joe's and drink booze ;) Apparently Fireball is what's going on...even though there has been a recall, thankfully in other countries! So there's a glimpse into my life through some very random, very out of order iPhone pics!

Happy eating, drinking, and baseball watching lovelies! xxoo

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  1. You seriously can't show me that picture of those muffins. Now I have to go to Trader Joes, wait in a 20 minute line, so I can gobble all of these up. I have a weakness for anything that is lemon and I really only like muffins if they are moist (I mean who wants a dry muffin lol).

    1. Best $1 (each) treat you'll ever buy :) Go get some! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Trader Joe's is like a mini Costco. I can't go in there without spending more money than I had intended. Everything is so good!!

    1. For real, it the definition of 'the struggle' ;) xoxo, ganeeban


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