WIAW - World Series Eats

9:12 AM

The In celebration of the World Series starting, here's what I ate yesterday!
Peas and Crayons
World Series Game 1 - San Francisco Giants versus the Kansas City Royals!

Photo Cred: KNBR IG
If that doesn't get you excited I don't know what will...on to our regularly scheduled program -- W I A W!

Breakfast - homemade "healthy" fried rice aka brown rice, low sodium soy sauce, and two egg whites with coffee.
Late Morning Snack - I'm always starving around 10-10:30AM and I remembered I left this in the office fridge, winning!

Lunch - Jamba Juice Acai Primo bowl (sans bananas) and a Tomato Cheddar Twist. I needed sweet and salty. Normally I wouldn't think this would fill me up, but since I haven't grocery shopped for about two weeks...I have to go with what's convenient at the time.

Snack - I'd like to say this was a late afternoon snack, but I'd be lying. I needed that "crunch" and salt after my Jamba Juice goods so I ran to the vending machine for these...

World Series Game #1 - Okay, so this has nothing to do with what I ate yesterday, but it has to do with the theme so I'm sharing!
Photo Cred: SF Giants FB
Photo Cred: MLB FB
Dinner - Our original plan was to go out to eat and a movie. Then I realized I had a soccer game and our plans also coincided with the first WS game. Since my girls, the Bestest and Jen, love me...they changed the plans up. We ordered takeout from Midtown Taqueria and watched the game at the Bestests' casa. We still had our girl chat, good food, and good time...just deviated from the original plan slightly. Bonus, we get to reschedule our girls date night to another night :) Veggie week made me order a Veggie Quesadilla and a side of Spanish Rice! Probably not the best to eat before an indoor soccer game...

Another Just Becuase - A little selfie to send good juju to our boys in KC! I couldn't be any happier about the WIN from my boys in Orange && Black! Just in case you were wondering the final score, Giants 7, Royal's 1!! We need to take it one game at a time...
Happy eats, happy girl!

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  1. Jamba Juice does Acai bowls? Have I been living under a rock lol actually yes that rock is called grad school where I have no life. I need to try one asap. Congrats on the win last night. I am a Cardinals fan, so I was sad.

    1. Hi Lindsay! Yes, they call them "Energy Bowls," and they have two acai options! They had a Groupon, that's the only way I found out about them. Thanks, too bad last night's game was so bad! Oh well, on to the next one :) Although they are our rivals, I have a little place in my heart for the Cards (just don't tell everyone)! haha! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Omg. I'm feeling the same as Lindsay. I had no idea Jamba did acai. Now I have to go find it. So delicious.

    While I'm not the most amazing sports fan, the Giants game was huuuuge out here in San Francisco. I love living vicariously through real sports fans. Keep it up!

    1. Yup, I don't think they promote them enough. They aren't as good as the ones in Hawaii, but they are tasty! Yes, go get the Acai Primo, it's delish! Glad to know the city is alive, it will just get crazier now that we are at Home this weekend :) We'll take all the extra cheers we can! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban


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