WIAW - Girls Gone Wine

3:57 PM

"Girls Weekend" means that calories don't count...
Peas and Crayons
I just wish my body knew that :) I'm taking creative liberties (again) and going to post my weekend eats, not just one day.

So, although indulgences were a plenty, we actually didn't eat super boughie (re fancy). We kept it pretty low key for the most part. Our whole mentality was "go with the flow," so we just ate wherever and whenever we were hungry. The only nice sit down dinner we had was on Friday night and sadly, it's vibe was better than it's food :/

McDonald's - a snack for the road trip!

Kids meal w/ cheeseburger
KIN Restaurant - This was literally our only sit down meal of the trip. I mean we sat at most of our meals, but this was basically the only one we sat at the establishment for. Sadly, it's appearances gave off a great vibe, but the food did not match. Everyone was in agreement that the food was just average, with an above average price tag. The one thing that most of us liked was the Wench's soup du jour - Butternut Squash Crab Bisque.
Mormon Mule - High West Peach Vodka, fresh lime juice, muddled mint, Fever Tree Ginger Beer served on the rocks.
Spinach and Artichoke Dip - Spinach, artichoke hearts, garlic, brie and Fontina cheeses, french bread for dipping.
KIN Wings - Mary’s free range chicken wings and drumettes tossed in house made BBQ sauce and caramelized in our Woodstone oven.  Served with ranch for dipping. Half Order
Hummus - Roasted garlic and kale hummus, caramelized leek hummus, grilled flat bread, dressed baby greens
BAKED Mac & Cheese [split in half] - Homemade macaroni and cheese, with bacon, shallot, gruyere, and extra sharp cheddar cheeses, baked with rosemary seasoned bread crumb topping.
KIN Burger [split in half] -
Topped with smoked white cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, and BBQ sauce on a Franco-American baked onion roll.
Homemade caramel by the Guidette!
First wine of the trip...
Beringer Rose & junk food!
Starbucks in Safeway - Breakfast run for the girls!

Coffee w/ soy milk and one pump of classic syrup
Safeway goodies - maple bar, maple waffle-nut, and half a sesame bagel w/ cream cheese
Mom's Apple Pie - we grabbed lunch here and headed to eat it at Iron Horse Winery in a gorgeous, yet secluded setting!
Turkey sandwich on wheat with chips and a glass of Iron Horse Chardonnay
Round Table - we were all so tired and hungover-ish, AND watching the Giants game, the girls decided to order a snack. We had every intention of going out to a nice dinner, but this ended up being everyone's dinner for the most part!
Medium Pepperoni & bread sticks
Fireball from Safeway - since we wouldn't rally to go out, The Guidette and the Bestest brought the party to us. They ran to the store and were insistent that we drink at the spot, so I insisted that we all had to finish this by the end of then night. Mission accomplished!
Fireball and WCP!
Done, son!
Mi Burrito - found this little lovely spot and grabbed breaky burritos to bring back and eat at the spot before we headed out for the day!
Starbucks - obviously caffeine is a necessity after fireball night caps. Stopped here after we got the breaky burritos and then headed home to devour it ALL!
Breakfast Burrito - bacon, eggs, rice, and potatoes!
In-n-Out - after boozing it up at Francis Ford Coppola, we needed some sustenance in our stomachs for the ride home. So, there you have it...we were looking for a McD's, but this is what we found...
#2 - Cheeseburger, fries, and soda given to someone else!
Taco Bell - I felt completely awful doing this, but not really. I'd already eaten so damn bad, what did one more meal hurt to just really be a fatty! Dinner with J, we keep it romantical..
Cheesy Gordita Crunch & a Burrito Supreme sans beans
Oh, did I mention we drank any wine this weekend? HAHA! We'll here's a selfie to prove it...
Sometimes unhealthy eats just happen on girls weekend...

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  1. Oh my heavens. Every single thing you shared in this post looks delicious - especially the pizza & breakfast burrito. Can I join your next girls trip? :) Ha!!

    1. Yes, the more the merrier :) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. YUM, spinach & artichoke dip looks awesome! Great blog!

    1. Hi Brittney! Thanks for stopping by! It looks better than it tasted :/ But it did have hella garlic, which made it decent! xoxo, ganeeban


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