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10:21 AM

I'm Giants, Giants Giants...

Before I even delve into my Thinking out Loud Thursday ritual, one thing needs to be said...


How I watched the Giants with the 2014 NL Wild Card

For all you readers that aren't into baseball (weird?) this means that the Giants beat the Pirates last night, in a one game elimination Wild Card to move on to the National League Division Series. Last night my boys in Orange && Black played like a team who want to win, despite all of the injuries and randomness that the season has brought upon them.

Madison Bumgarner, oh Madison Bumgarner. Or MadBum as he is affectionately known by us Giants fans. He dealt yesterday. Plain and simple. He threw a complete game (from start to finish), had 10 strike outs, and no runs scored against him! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect game from him and the team. I can't forget to give the Brandon's some love too. A grand slam by a shortstop, for the FIRST time ever in the postseason! Dope, BCraw! Two hits to put us on the board Baby Giraffe (the other Brandon)! Bats on fire, defense on point, pitching by a boss!
Source // MLB Facebook

Source // SF Giants Facebook
As baseball goes, superstitions are extremely relevant in life. So, I don't want to jinx the rest of the playoffs, so I won't brag any more. But just know that I'm am a happy girl today and can't wait for more October baseball!

Wild Card arm candy!
Waking up today was a little rough, but worth it :)
...Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program!

Blogging by Accident // So, I have this blog. But I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I can't tell you how many followers I have or if people subscribe to my daily musings. I can see what Blogger shows me, which are the basics. I've always wanted to get a specific look for my blog, but I'm being cheap. I do want to self host, but I'm being cheap. I am super curious who follows and reads my stuff, but haven't put forth the effort. I know Feedburner exists to assist with this. I've used it in my professional life a few times, but my knowledge is at about 0.01% of its capabilities. I signed up, but I'm pretty lost...
Hands on. Pants off. // Thanks to Tia over at Hands on. Pants off. for helping a sistah out! Not only did she walk me through one of the most basic things to do for blogging, she also put a button of MY blog on her blog. For FREE! Who does that? This lady, who I randomly started following on IG first and then found her blog from there. She is witty, sarcastic, drops f-bombs, and is as honest as they come. I enjoy her blog, she is super open and very forward, can't get any more real than that! Thanks for the Blogger 101 help, lady, it's much appreciated!

Sam's Club // So, I'm one of those people who really, really dislike Wal Mart. So, since Sam's Club is a part of that company I just never wanted to get a membership. Well that, coupled with the fact that my family has been Price Club Costco members since I was a super small. No need for two club store memberships. Since my career has veered into food manufacturing, Sam's club has always had a presence in my work life. So, it makes sense that yesterday was my first experience in a Sam's Club. I've been to their corporate headquarters, before I've actually been in a club store. I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, its like Costco, but not. I can appreciate they offer slightly different stuff, while still offering the same things. So thanks work, now I have two club memberships and can continue to get my Fat Kid on!

Pura Vida Bracelets // I've seen these bracelets on social media. They are simple. They are fairly cheap. They up your arm candy game, without being too flashy. Also, they are part of the new age philanthropic business model. Sell stuff, but also donate to a good cause. Purchasing their bracelets supports local artisans in Costa Rica with jobs. A friend from my childhood ordered some recently and then she set me a half-off code for my first order. So of course, this baller-on-a-budget took advantage of that offer. I can send you one too, just email me! They arrived fairly quick after ordering. Each bracelet comes in it's own pouch, a little much, but good if you are gifting them to someone. They bracelets have some type of coating on them, so if they get wet multiple times, they won't get all smelly and gross. I'm glad I ordered some and I actually want to get more. They are simple, but add a great burst of color to an outfit!

Cute packaging.
My first order!
Beauty // I saw this quote and I immediately knew I'd repost it. Sometimes I read something and it resonates deeply with me. I like reading anything that elicits my mind to think and wonder. This one did. Beauty is subjective and we should (hopefully) see it somewhere in all things...

Literally Laughing Out Loud // The internet provides me with so many laughs on a daily basis. This was a perfect little gem I saw on FB last night. Who comes up with this stuff? Thank goodness they do, or where else would I get my daily laughs from!

Source // Facebook somewhere...
Napa 2015 // I'm 5 months out...eeek!

I'm still on an Orange && Black high :)

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  1. Are you SERIOUS about the fart patch?!? Lol! Omg that's just too much. And I'm actually terrified of Costco... well, the -crowds- in Costco. I Feel like no matter what time I go, it's always crazy busy. I did brave the madness the other day, though... but that was mostly because I NEEDED dates and I heard they carried good ones. They do :D

    1. I have no clue if it's real, but I hope it is, it's way too funny! Yes, the crowds in Costco can be maddening...and in some cases terrifying ;) Sometimes, you HAVE to go there for certain deals. Have a great week! xoxo, ganeeban


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