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11:22 AM

I have too..I just have too....


**Pardon the yelling, I'm THAT excited...
*Sorry for the poor pictures, this is all I could take after they won the WS
Source // MLB Instagram

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program - Because I finalized my training plan for Napa 2015:
Motivation // I’m nervous, because my motivation is not as strong as it used to be, for most things it seems like lately. I need to focus my priorities on training and not the small stuff in life. I need to really get my ass out of the house and do my training runs and not make excuses or laziness get the best of me.

Strength Training // I know that Midtown helped me tremendously during my first marathon. I started going to Midtown part way through training, but I know they had a hand in my overall ability. However, now that I’m lifting more and in fairly, decent conditioned shape – should I skip T/TH conditioning class and lift on MWF’s and do my runs on T/TH? That leaves no real days off, because I am also scheduled to run on Sat/Sun as well. In addition to soccer on M and T night. That’s a lot of physical activity, but my body and mind don’t know any different. I just don’t want the running and lifting to counteract each other. I also don’t want to burn out…I need to sit down and evaluate this ASAP!

Different // Each race is different, as is each training program. My new plan is completely different than my previous plan. It almost seems easier and less time consuming that the FF training program, but that is at a quick glance. I haven’t done the actual comparison, so I could totally be lying to you.

Winter // Last time I raced in the winter, I didn’t train through it. I trained through the summer and fall. This means I need to invest in some really good winter running gear. Especially a waterproof jacket for the rainy runs I might have to endure...or me and the DREADmill might be reunited again!
Garmin // I think it’s time to invest in a big girl Garmin. Mine works perfectly, it’s just older and you can tell. Although I only bought it a year ago, the model is outdated. Maybe this is just my way to convince myself I need a new one. Since Vitality (re: wellness program at work) offers Amazon gift cards for cashing in points, I easily have $100 towards my new Garmin…if I decide to buy it on Amazon. Maybe they’ll have a good deal on-line for Black Friday…one can hope right ;)
For all the non-marathon thoughts running through my head…because I’m not that single minded…

Dynasty // This has been coming up since they won three world series in five years. Although I have complete and unconditional love for my team AND I think what they did is amazing, I don't know if I'd call it a Dynasty. Does a dynasty revolve around the team, the Skipper, or the club. I guess it really depends on how you look at it. We've had the same, amazing Skipper leading very different groups of 25 men to victory. So to me, this doesn't necessarily equate to a Dynasty. I could be wrong about how the term is used, but I see of it more of a team that has stayed cohesive through these types of wins. We are such a band of continually changing misfits, that the title just doesn't work for me.

Peacefully Overwhelmed // I think the stress of the game and since I know I did not get to go to any of the post season games or the upcoming celebration wasn't at its finest. Yes, I wildly cheered, jumped in my seat (we were at a restaurant), and was happy. I just felt at peace with the WIN. I know that might sound completely bonkers and weird, but I felt peaceful after Panda caught the last out. Every fiber in my body was happy, but for some reason I didn't feel the need to run around the restaurant, I totally have done in the past!

Understanding // I came to realize there are two ways a person understands – to understand what is being said or to chose to understand what is being said. Does that make sense? Because it completely does in my head…but it might not come through in my thoughts. Yes, someone can hear what I am saying/explaining. But if they actively to choose what I am saying, absorb everything about what is being said, and truly understand what I am saying...these are two completely different things. I've come to realize this, after saying things multiple times but realize the receiver will never understand the meaning of what I'm saying. Sometimes, you just have to accept that. They are physically hearing what you are saying, so that is technically understanding...but they might not chose to understand what is being said.

The Parental(s) Meet // Well, J's Mom met my parents last night. According to everyone, that's normally one of those pivotal steps in a relationship. Although it happened almost 11 months after we started happened organically...and I feel like it went well. The setting was a birthday party and we all sat together. My parentals met his entire family, not just his Mom. I'm indifferent to this "big meeting", but others might think its a huge thing. I'm glad they met and that it went well, but I was never really worried about it at all. My parents are amazing and anyone who meets them, can see this. J's mom is awesome too, so I didn't see anything really being an issue!

Cheers // I have a bottle of Fairytale champagne and two SF Giants MUMM champagne glasses that are ready to be used and drank to celebrate the win last night...but due to my moving will have to wait a few days :( I can't wait to have my own little mini celebration with J!!

WS Champs and's been an amazing week so far!

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  1. Congrats to you and your Giants. It was quite a World Series and end to the game! It’s definitely worth a little celebration with Fairytale champagne. As far as your motivation, I think once you get into a rhythm and routine, the motivation will follow. Starting and committing to something is always the hardest part, but once you start making progress you will excel. Enjoy running in the winter… I think you will like it and hey, you get to go shopping for new running gear. :)

    1. Thanks Kristen! Yes, amazing ending...but gut wrenching and stomach hurting through the 9 innings! Yeah, that is the hardest part and I just need to DO IT (in the words of Nike)! Shopping for anything makes me happy, I like where your head is at! Have a great weekend! xoxo, ganeeban


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