Rose & Thorn [22]

2:37 PM

Weekends like this make Monday’s suck so much less…

Rose: Hair finally did and Giants winning TWO WS games!!
Thorn: Not getting to spend enough QT with Lady and her new lovebug...

So much goodness packed into one weekend, I’m a happy girl! Oh yeah, and in case you aren’t human and don’t know it yet…the Giants need one more WIN to win the World Series…

After following a huge news story all day, I was glad to see that that ass of a human was caught! I heard it made national news, but some scum of a human (and his lady friend) killed two deputies, injured another, and also injured at least one civilian. In the wake of this craziness, I drove through it all to go pick up my packet for a race and saw what this piece of shit caused because of his selfishness! Sorry, rant over, but we were all following the story up until I got off work.

Game 3 of the World Series was our priority, so we sought out a place for libations, food, and the game! We landed at a default place, because our first choice was crazy crowded and nobody has time for that! Happy Hour and baseball, it doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, well it can when the Guidette brings you her homemade cupcakes for dessert at the restaurant! We do what we want!

Goldfield Trading Post // 2nd Room w/ projector
HH Libations
2 of 3 Veggie Options on the HH Menu
Split meals with J // Mac N Cheese
Grilled Cheese
BYOCupcakes - Guidette style

@MLBJesus said it was #SFGRallyWineTime, so I listened!

After the loss, we needed a distraction. Another group of friends were out celebrating a birthday, so we crashed the party. Before you throw the etiquette book at me, I knew the birthday it wasn't that random! We ended up at Rick’s Dessert Diner, I’m not a fan so I didn’t partake in the cake, but it was good times! We had a race the next AM, so we called it a night as they wandered of to do saki bombs.

All orange and black w/ the Guidette @ Rick's Dessert Diner


Not all races need to be raced! That’s something that has taken some time for me to accept. I mean, it’s called a race for a reason right? NO! So, going into this 5k, J and I knew we were just running to run. And support an organization that is dear to my heart. Don’t worry, I won’t double bore you with the race details, the recap will be up tomorrow! Let’s just say, it was the first rainy run of the fall/winter season! And I loved it! After the race, we took our semi-soaked butts to the grocery store to get breakfast goodies.

On the way home the Lil had text’d to see if we wanted to grab breakfast with the fam. Um, duh, is that even a question? While we waited for them to get ready, I grabbed a Mexican Mocha (not sure this is very PC and I don't even think it tastes too much different than a normal one) from Temple and we relaxed, for all of five minutes, before they called to meet up. Again, our original brunch spot was an hour wait, so we opted to go somewhere else. It was a perfect, non-rainy, brunch with the parentals, J, the Lil, and her Boo - who were in town for a birthday party that night! My heart is forever full around these humans!
Mexican Mocha // 2nd Caffeinated drink of the day!

Crepeville // Southwestern Omelet w/ Egg Whites

They all came over and checked out our new casa, but shortly after we all parted ways. I headed home (about ten feet away) to shower and head to my hair appointment, which has been way overdue. Luckily they love me at the salon and squeezed me in this weekend. But first, I had plans to meet a good friend from college for coffee. She just had her second baby, Makayla Rae, and I was going to meet her as well. We had the quickest coffee date ever, but I was beyond ecstatic to meet another Lovebug! It was too short of a visit, so much more time could have been spent, but it just wasn’t in the cards! We’ve planned another date in January, since the impending holidays make it hard to visit when you live over an hour away from one another!

3rd caffeinated drink of the day // Starbucks

Hair did! I hate the process, because it takes a long time, but it is one of the best feelings ever. That and getting a fresh pedicure or manicure. It’s almost rejuvenating to get yourself all done up! Another bonus, my hair is done for the day! I headed back home to change and get ready for Game 4 of the WS and also for little Adri’s 6th birthday party!

Pizza, kidlets, baseball, and good friends…I couldn’t ask for much more than that! It was a perfect way to end the day. We had a secluded little room to ourselves and Ang is a true hostess, she had them put on the Giants game for us. Not only that, she ordered a shit ton of pizza and bread sticks, bought us sodas and unlimited salad bar plates too. She really knows how to throw a six year old party! Although most of the time was spent watching the game, we did the normal birthday stuff too. Lil Adri’ is one-of-a-kind and didn’t want cake, so she had her six candles in a tub of ice cream, pure genius!

After we secured the WIN, we had no desire to go out, so we just went home. I felt a little bad, because the Lil and her man wanted to do something, since they were all dolled up, but we couldn’t muster up any energy. I guess I’m starting to show my age…


It was really nice to sleep in, even though J woke up at 6AMish to watch his beloved Spurs play. I slept through it as best I could, I know he was dying to scream at the TV, but didn’t so I could sleep in. You know you found a good one, when they’ll go to the store for a bacon run! We had the most delish homemade breakfast, that we made together. Haha, cheesy, I know! Cooking is much more enjoyable when we do it as a team, it feels less like a chore and more fun. After our breakfast we got down to business and started moving a bunch of my stuff into the new casa. Feels so weird to be living in limbo, between two houses that are connected. I can’t wait to be settled and starting our new chapter together.

After a couple hours of some serious moving and laundry, we called it quits to head to Trader Joe’s for some goodies for the week and some lunch. Ran into some of my faves there and also you should all know…the cinnamon broom sticks are in stock! They even have mini ones too…did I miss that last year? I thought it wouldn’t be that busy on a Sunday around lunch time…what a rook move. I don’t think this place is ever NOT busy! Trader Joe’s stays busy!

Back home we split a TJ’s wrap and I had a salad. J had to scurry off to his game and I had some time to do some chores and then get ready for my painting adventure.

I’ve always thought the idea of the Painted Cork was a great idea. Paint, drink, and socialize. Then I remember that I tend to have Type A, perfectionist tendencies and that this probably isn’t the best idea. Painting is not my forte at all. I like to get creative and craft, but painting is a whole different beast in itself. But when you are invited by some of the coolest chicks in town, you don’t turn it down. But then you DO kick yourself when you realize you’ve already paid and it coincides with Game 5 of the WS (and MadBum is pitching). No use getting upset, just enjoy the experience and use my app!

I was so happy to see this tracing on our canvas!
A different perspective...

Get out of your comfort zone...

We had the biggest and loudest group there! I think at times we forgot others were there! I can honestly say, I don’t know these women very well, besides seeing them twice/three times a week for an hour for an entire year. I have never seen most of them in anything other than Lulu or workout clothes, so it was refreshing (re: a little shocking) to see everyone all dolled up. These women wear make-up and do their hair? I would have never guessed ;) I guess I should back up, or you can infer, that I was with the women of Midtown Strength and Conditioning. Alana organized this event because she had just gone to one and because this was the first time they were offering a Sugar Skull class. If you know anything about MTSC, then you know there is some extreme love for Sugar Skulls and unicorns. So, it was a perfect fit.

Midtown Ladies do the Painted Cork
A few steps into it..

Tues/Thurs 5:30AM gals!

Three hours of laughing, shit talking, wine drinking, snack consuming, and awful painting later…we had an array of different paintings. Some were perfect and then there was mine and Julie’s! HAHA! She is one bad ass in the gym, but paining is not her thing. Good thing we sat next to each other to keep each other laughing and distracted from how not good we were at this! Some of the gals are seriously talented and we didn’t want to be anywhere near them ;)

We went over our allotted time by 30 minutes, but eventually parted ways. I rushed home to finish watching MadBum close out the game and get us a WIN! It was the perfect way to end an great weekend. Well, that and some additional DVR catching up and some really unhealthy food!
What am I supposed to do when baseball season is over?!?

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  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend, you packed a lot in. And your hair looks great!

    1. Hi Jen! Yes, it was a busy, busy weekend! Thanks, gotta love going dark for fall. xoxo, ganeeban


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