Rose & Thorn [21]

3:37 PM

I'm Gettin' our Halloweenie on way in advance!

Rose: Getting in quality time with so many friends and family!
Thorn: Veggie week started yesterday...I want all the protein!!
So I've been told, my social calendar is way more populated than the average bear. I never saw it that way, but I guess it is. I must like it better that way, because that's what seems to be happening weekend after weekend. Before you think that it is a complaint, know that I am extremely grateful that I am surrounded by some amazing humans and get to do what I want, when I want.

Oh to be 21 again! My not so little cousin is turning 21 on Halloween, but they decided to celebrate his birthday a little early, because already has birthday plans! So, J and L headed over right after work and then we made our way to the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Corey's big 2-1, even though he technically couldn't even order a drink!
The Birthday Boy!
When the birthday boy asks for an USie, you oblige!

After dinner we headed home and then the Guidette came over for some girl chat and vino, but other than that it was a chill evening to end the week! The Guidette is way too sweet, she gave us our first housewarming gift! Thanks girl, you know the way to my heart...through Tarjay!

For a few days I thought I was getting my hair did on Sat AM, but I was wrong! Lack of communication, but thank goodness I didn't drive out there to find no hairstylist waiting for me! It just meant that I was able to go to Midtown to get a weekend workout in. L really wanted to come with again, so we made it a girls morning. A workout and coffee's...and by coffee, I mean we bought her a kids hot choco and pretended she was drinking coffee. Kids imaginations are way too fun!
Mine & hers

After our girls morning, we headed back to J's casa to start some of our packing. We noshed on some bagels to have some energy to tackle that tornado of a room. But last minute, we decided to go watch J's niece play soccer. I love watching U6 kids play, they are so energetic and have no idea of what's going on on the field!

After that little distraction we spent a good two hours sorting clothes, toys, and random stuff. We had piles on piles, that were designated to either donate or bring to the new house. All in all, we got her entire room done, all we need to do is move it all! I deserved a nap after our busy day, so I took a quick one while they went on a mission to find a costume for the All Goblin's Festival we were planning on going to in the evening! 

After I was awoken by my hungry stomach, I went and grabbed a late lunch to eat before we got ready for the big Halloween party. After all the hoopla of borrowing a costume, J found a brand new Ariel costume in the closet. Costume ironed and ready, we headed up the hill to L's school for her All Goblin's Festival!

I kept thinking, what is this thing and why is it called All Goblin's? It turns out, it's just a big Halloween party for the kids at the school. There was a mini pumpkin patch, Halloween themed games that gave candy as prizes, a hay ride, a "light show" (weird science guy showing different scientific ways to use light), and a few other random Halloween themed activities. It was a great event for kidlets and didn't cost anything either. They also sold food and other goodies for the families. It was pretty awesome to see that this was fully funded (for the most part) by the school!
Bad shot of the happenings on the playground!

J and I
Love these little guys!
Loved this costume.
Each class made a poster, this was my fave!
All Goblin's Festival
After we made our trek back to J's house, we were starving. Since it was getting late and it was our last hurrah before veggie week - we opted for McD's! 

To keep with the Halloween theme, we planned morning at the pumpkin patch with some good friends! We decided to carpool with the Wench, R, and the Lovbug, since we researched that parking was $15/car. Damn, we aren't above getting our baller-on-a-budget on! Apparently we were their alarm clock, because they all woke up to us shutting Big Blue's car doors. R opened the door, all sleepy, and said they hurry up and get ready! We lounged about for a bit, while they all got ready and then headed for some much needed Starbucks.

I was excited, because I'd never been to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch before. But, after going once, I realize I don't ever really need to go again. I will, but it's a shit show. It's like Apple Hill, but worse. The lines were long, it was warm, and there were way too many people per square footage. Instead of charging for entrance into their enchanted Halloween land, they just charge each car $15 parking! Seems steep, but I guess that's how they stay in business.

Although I gripe, I will praise what they offer to their patrons. They have soo many things for kids and families to do, it is a destination spot for your Halloween and pumpkin needs.They even had a mini zip line for 12 tickets, which is essentially $12! There are tons of overpriced food vendors, but no beer to be found, R can attest to that. After a few sweaty hours spent here, we headed home because J had a soccer game.
Mad & Lili
The Wench & Lovebug
Lili Girl and I
Mad - Wench - Ganeeban
J & I
J & L at the petting zoo portion of Bishop's
Two of my fave soccer momma's!
We rushed to drop J off at his game. Then L and I ran to Whole Foods to grab lunch, I was pretty much hangry at this point. It was a good thing there is a Whole Foods so close to the field. Then we headed back to watch the rest of J's game. It was getting really intense for some reason, but it was a good, although physical, game. After the game we headed to spend some time with J's family. I was exhausted at this point and took a cat nap, so rude, I know!
Lunch - Whole Foods Salad Bar come-ups and chips
Dessert - WF Vegan Maple Donut
After some quality family time and saying by to L, we went home to get ready for our Sunday Funday Night! The Guidette planned a bowling night for a few of us, I guess you could classify it as a triple date...but that's cheesy. So let's just say it was a bowling night! Cause she's crazy, she bought us all single Fireball shots, of which we all took at the bowling alley with no care in the world. I'm pretty sure they frown upon bringing in your own booze, but oh well...we're rebels! Although the location is seedy, the newly remodeled Capitol Bowl is a nice place to bowl (is that an oxymoron?)! They have a full bar, yes we took advantage, and offer food as well. That lovely bartender poured with a very, very heavy hand. Needless to say, we were all feeling good, despite our scores.

Bowling veggie week dinner!
Hotlanta & the $20 Garlic Bet!
Let's just say I should stick to ANY other sport besides bowling! My wrist started hurting super bad, poor form I guess, so I started using both arms and just chucking the ball. Not the prettiest, but it got the job done. Done enough to beat J in both games, he wasn't too happy about that ;) [Sorry if you get grief for that tidbit] Oh and we got to sadly watch the Niners get beat down while we bowled, we'll just pretend that didn't happen! Too much laughter and booze, but a perfect ending to a busy, busy weekend!
2nd game
End of the evening with my Guidette!

I feel like I just celebrated Halloween...but we still have two weeks...

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