Rose & Thorn [20]

2:28 PM

The Wine Not?

Rose: A weekend of girlfriend debauchery doused in vino! 

Thorn: Migraine like situation and being bloated all weekend...

My apologies...I just didn't have it in me to write yesterday. In my heart I wanted too, but my body and mind just weren't connecting yesterday. So, my 20th Rose & Thorn is being published today. I had such an amazing weekend, I had to share it, just to relive it....

I know you already know I was on a weekend getaway with my girls, but now I get to recap it real quick, pshh, I am never real quick when it comes to these posts!! It was a beautiful weekend in the lovely Windsor/Sonoma area, the weather couldn't have cooperated any better for us! Way too many indulgences and bouts of laughter, but an all around good weekend with some amazing ladies!

So, I thought I'd introduce the characters from this weekend (hope you ladies don't mind). You already know the Bestest, she makes regular appearances here. Then you have the Guidette, who is my longest friend to date, we go back to Brownies! Then there is Angelina Jolie/The Grammar Police (or L), who I've also known for a really long time and is a great friend. Lastly, La Lucha (her roller derby name (re: bad ass)) who's one of my Ride or Dies who I met years ago at good 'ol Nordies! It was a small group for this trip, but it worked out perfectly...

Sadly, I had something short of a migraine, but worse than a headache since Thursday evening. So I didn't go to work and spent most of the day in bed, resting. I knew we were leaving in the afternoon, so I wanted to will away the awful feeling in my head. I've been getting these frequently, so yesterday  I finally am going to the doctor's to see what's going on (adult probs)!
Backseat fun!
No other drivers were harmed during this USie

The girls swooped me up and we were off to our home away from home for the weekend! A few hours later, after a pit stop at Mc Donald's and the gas station, we finally found our way to Windsor! The Bestests' family inherited a timeshare, so we were able to take full advantage of the situation (thanks R-Creek's)! T-monies met up with us as we arrived at the spot and then we all hopped in one car to grab dinner!

Dinner was just okay. The company way outweighed the food. Our server was a character of the shorts, think brute mom-style lady. She kept calling us Sissy' was slightly weird, but still kinda funny. After dinner, we headed back to the spot and hung out. We didn't get too crazy, because the town of Windsor basically shuts down around 10PM anyways! Plus, we had a busy day ahead of us, so we just decided to keep it low key...
The crew: Bestest / La Lucha / The Guidette / Ganeeban / Angelina Jolie [From left to right]
Menu turns into a cootie-catcher!
Well, as low key as two bottles of wine can get. We took advantage of the sweet set-up of the spot and hung out, drank wine, ate snacks, and caught up with each other. 
I love how I always have good intentions of working out while on vaycay, but it just doesn't happen! Since we wanted a low-key weekend, everything was just go-with-the-flow. No real, timed scheduled (like this crazy person thrives off of). We were just going with it, which is good and bad in different ways.

The Bestest and I decided to go do the breakfast/coffee run for the girls. We found a Safeway and bought some quick stuff to nosh on for breakfast - bagels, donuts, waffle-nut (see tomorrow's post for pic), and coffee (duh!). We also grabbed a few things for the weekend, water to counteract the wine consumption and grapes to constitute our healthy eating. The real reason we had to go to a store was for some serious lady problems (TMI) and then we completely forgot about what we needed, until we were almost out of the parking lot. We turned around and made a quick trip to the CVS.
After we ate our breaky and got all dolled up, we were off on our day one adventure. Since DUI's cost way more than cab fares, we decided we'd be smart adults and go that route. Not to mention that our limo service cancelled on us on FRIDAY, leaving us scrambling to find someone else, without avail! For our first ride we introduced a few of the girls to Uber, that was interesting. We had a very sweet, yet slightly confused, grandma driver...she eventually got us to our first stop.
Backseat babes, squished in a Prius!
On the recommendation of our timeshare, we went to Martin Ray Winery in Sonoma, CA. It is on the smaller side, but had the best employees and pretty tasty wines. I know I've said it before, but I want to reiterate that I am by no means a wine snob. I pretty much drink whatever is put in front of me. So, wine tasting is more of an event than a learning situation for me. I never pour anything into the spitter, it seems sacrilege! They have the prettiest flowers that surround the tasting room, everything is colorful and vibrant. Since we were at the mercy of cabs/Uber we did plenty of waiting this day.
Cute and simple decorations...
A little artsy fartsy!
Great way to start the day!
Yin and Yang
The Guidette // Yo // Angelina Jolie
A little pose for ya!
We thought it would be best to get some food in our stomachs, so on the recommendation from the ladies at Martin Ray, we stopped at Mom's Apple Pie for sandwiches. Nothing fancy about this spot, just tons of pies and sandwiches like your Mom would make you.
On to our next, which would turn out to be our last, stop for the day - Iron Horse Vineyards. This place came highly recommended because of the bubbly and the outdoor tasting. They have their tasting room overlooking their beautiful vineyard. We decided to grab a bottle of wine and enjoy our lunch in their picnic area, which is surrounded by rolling hills of vines. It had a covering, which was nice, kept us cool in the warm weather.
Just some magnums!
Their 'backyard" where you picnic!
Ride or Dies!
Your tasting view.
Boughie (re expensive) Olive Oil Tasting
Haute mess!
Taking advantage of the beautiful backdrop...
Bestest // Guidette // Angelina Jolie
It was getting late in the afternoon and the Giants had their first NLCS game (vs. the Cards) starting at 5PM. So, we decided to call a cab and we'd enjoy some bubbly while we waited. Getting a cab to get out to this winery proved hard! It was fairly far out, so no one wanted to come get us. Finally, we found a cab driver, but it was going to be another 45 minutes. It's not the worst place to be stranded, so we took advantage. IH sells a wine called "Fairytale," which Disney buys and serves on their cruise lines. So, of course, my inner princess had to have a bottle. I didn't even ask the price, rook move. $50 later, my fairytale and I are reunited!
After what seemed like forever our cab arrived and we were on our way back. We could have totally kept wine tasting, but this was a big game! Most of the girls are Giants fans, so they weren't upset that we cut tasting short. That, and by this point, we were all feeling the vino! We got home in just enough time to nap before the game.

All 3 TVs in the house had the game on, even if no one was in the room. All we did was lounge, cat nap, snack (way too much), and watched the Gmen WIN! After our long day and being in a vino induced haze, most of us couldn't muster the excitement to go out! The Guidette really wanted too and was trying to convince us, but we were useless. So, in the end a trip to the store happened, which resulted in a bottle of Fireball.
That's how our night ended, finishing off a bottle of Fireball between 4 30-something women in our PJ's! We are a class bunch, I tell ya!

Pretty Coherent, considering all the booze that was drank late into the night! We all were up fairly early. Again, another coffee and breakfast run was essential. As we were headed to grab some FF for breaky, we stumbled upon Mi Burrito Mexican Restaurant and decided breaky burritos sounded way better! We needed some caffeine, so we swung by Starbucks before heading back to the spot.

Those burritos didn't stand a chance! Somehow we managed to clean up, while in a burrito induced food coma and get our lives together to get one more tasting in (we had hoped for two, but it didn't work out that way). Car packed to the brim, we were off to the ever popular Francis Ford Coppola Winery. This winery had been recommended by a few of our friends, so we figured we better make it a point to stop here.
So glad we did. It's a gorgeous estate. They even have a huge pool with rentable cabanas, note for next trip - do this! We decided to stay low key and do the flight tasting downstairs, and not upgrade to the 'reserve' wines upstairs. We had the goofiest guy helping us, but super cool. Thanks for all your random antics and wine knowledge, Chris!
Chris' selfie before he took our pic!
Bestest / Ganeeban / Angelina Jolie
And then there were four...
Bestest y yo!
After an extra special flight of delish wines, we decided to enjoy our time here and then head home. We each grabbed a glass of wine, the Bestest had a Mexican Coke (because it comes in a bottle, not PC at all), and sat on their patio with a gorgeous view of the vines! We weren't in a hurry, so we sipped wine, laughed at the weekend, and enjoy the (almost too) warm, sunny weather. Since this is a Coppola Family venture, they have tons of props and movie inspired paraphernalia throughout the property. They eve have a mini museum of props, although we didn't venture upstairs to take a peek. This place deserves a full day's worth of attention to take in everything it has to offer.
Directors Cut Cab Sav & Mexican Coke
Cute patio setting, inside doors is the car prop and a store!
View from the patio and restaurant!
Enjoying my glass of cab, before we head home...
Typical girl shot at FFC Winery!
Could pass up the beautiful scenery, minus the cars!
After this, we started our long trek back home. Of course, since calories don't count on Girls Weekend's, we ended the weekend with a bang...and by bang, I mean a last stop at In-n-Out for a 'snack' for the ride home! Bloated and happy, we made our way home.
I got dropped off right before 5PM, which was when the Giants game #2 started. It was perfect! J came over and we watched, what turned out to be, the most torturous and heart wrenching game so far in the postseason. Sad and defeated, we drowned our sorrows in more (for me) fast food...we made a run for the border!

Girls weekends truly are something divine. There is something pretty special about being away with your girlfriends that is magical. I know, cheesy and over the top, but really it's true. You can say whatever you want, tease, fart (haha), laugh, cry, be emotional, push each other (not physically, but you can too), have honest conversations, yet feel completely relaxed and comfortable. I think they should happen more often, because it's a great refresher for your mind, body, and soul!

Girls weekends sabotage your waistline, but satisfy your heart!

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  1. This looks like the most lovely weekend. I love your red dress and I am dying to get my hand on the fairytale sparkling wine. When I'm in Napa area in November I'll have to find a way to get it...

  2. Thanks, it definitely was :) If you have a car when in Napa, it's probably about 45 minutes away, you should check it out if the weather is nice. Also, there is a CASTLE you need to go there - Castello di Amorosa!! How fun, you are going to love Napa (if you haven't already been)!! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. Girl’s weekends are the best! You ladies look like you had such a fun time catching up and wine tasting. The last time I went wine tasting with my girlfriends, it ended up being a crazy weekend! I know what you mean about not using the spitter. Why would someone want to waste good wine? I MUST get my hands on a bottle of that Fairytale wine – love it!!

    Did you all really finish off a bottle of Fireball? Have your friends met my friends? I think they would be a match made in Heaven. No joke.

    1. Thanks! It was a blast, although it was through a vino induced haze ;) Seriously, even if it's mediocre wine, we STILL drink it!! Yes, buy that bottle if you find it some where, it's soooo good (I might be a little Disney biased)! Yes, between four ladies we killed that Fireball, I made sure of it! Haha, yes, anyone who can hang like that is always welcome with open arms! haha!! xoxo, ganeeban


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