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Pardon your regularly scheduled Five Things Friday post... bring you something new. I enjoy anything that involves my favorite number, five, duh! But, I also am a proponent of sharing the love. For anything really! So Tia over at Hands on. Pants off. started a new link up to do just that - Promote the Love!

Before I Promote the Love, of some of my favorite bloggers that I read, I wanted to share what I am loving at the moment: Although I mentioned it yesterday, I am really excited that I leave for a girls weekend wine trip right after work today! Enough said!

Now on to the newly scheduled program...I know Tia only mentioned sharing one blogger, but I have three bloggers who I'd prefer to share. They don't need promotion at all, they are all awesome women and have plenty of followers. But this is my way of saying I appreciate your daily content, it amuses me constantly!

A Local Sacramento Blogger
Kachet over at The Lipstick Giraffe is a woman who loves her fashion at a bargain. Her style is fun, yet classic, yet her own. I've been following her for a few months (or so) and I've come to really enjoy the tone of her blog, her content, and all her fashion finds! I haven't met her in person, although she seems extremely sweet via any social media/blogging interaction I've had with her. Maybe one day we'll meet and I can gawk over her baller-on-a-budget outfit!

A Blogger Who I Identify With
Okay, so she's way taller, younger, and skinner than me, but Jordyn over at The Fairy Princess Dairies and I could be blends (re blog friends) in real life if we lived near one another! Sometimes when I read her blog, I think..damn, she really just wrote what I was thinking! She funny, she's brutally honest, but most of all she doesn't give up in the fairy tale princess lifestyle. One may find it hard to believe, but this girl (yes, me) has a not so secret inner princess. If you knew me in High School, then you'd understand. I've let it go undetected more recently, but it's still there. Anywho, her blog is awesome and I love going there to get my daily laugh (unless its a serious topic, which she does equally well).
A Runner Who Moves FAST
Heather runs fast, fast enough to qualify for Boston for her second time. She is the author of Girl Goes Running and I thoroughly enjoy spectating her running journey. From her long runs to races, she is always accountable to her training. It's fun to root her on, virtually of course, and to see her smashing PR's left and right! She has a cute little dog named Lola, that makes frequent appearances on her blog too! If running is your thing, then you'll enjoy her posts!

Hope you enjoyed peeping these three lovely ladies blogs. It would also behoove you to visit Tia's blog too. She is pretty awesome, full of expletives and honesty. She's also a pro at all things Blogging (she gave me some free advice and even showed me how to fix my novice little problem, thanks girl!)!

Sometimes it's nice to write about others. Although I've never met these women in real life, I read their blogs daily...or whenever they post...and I know that if given the chance, we'd enjoy each others company. It still amazes me, that the Blogishpere can cultivate friendships without actually meeting people in person. When people take the time to write honestly and openly, you learn about them quickly...It's a weird, but enjoyable phenomenon!

Hope you take a second to Promote the Love in anything you do today! xxoo

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  1. I follow the Lipstick Giraffe on Instagram!! I really should follow her blog too! Thanks so much for linking up, I can't wait to check out these blogs over the weekend!

  2. Aww, thanks for stopping by Lady! TLG is a pretty cool lady, love that she's local too! Thanks for the linkup, love it! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. You are seriously so sweet and this post made my day! I agree that we could be besties in real life not just blogland, you could help bring out the little bit of tomboy that's inside me too (: I am totally checking out the other blogs you mentioned. Have an amazing girls wine weekend, I'm super jealous!

    1. Aww, no problemo chica! I enjoy your blog and if one other person can laugh/commiserate/connect with you then awesome!! Everyone has a little tomboy in them, somewhere...xoxo, ganeeban


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