If I Won.. // Blogtober 14 // Post #1

12:03 PM

It's a funny phenomenon...

You start blogging. You start reading other blogs. Those blogs lead you to other blogs. Next thing you know, your list of daily reads is way too long. I stumbled across Helene and Tay (lor) a few months back. They decided to do a collab for October, to get bloggers writing. They have a prompt for every day in October. 31 days of blogging...phew, that's intense. I'm definitely a Monday thru Friday blogger, with an occasional weekend post (such as this one). 

This one really peaked my interest...
"If I won the Lottery..."
Source // Pretend these are Benjamins
Here are a few things that EVERYONE says in response to this question: the way:
  • Travel
  • Buy a house
  • Pay off debt
  • Treat friends and family to something, most likely a trip
  • Quit their job

I do not really dispute any of the generalized list I just made, well besides the "quit my job" idea, I just have some very specifics as to what, how, and when I'd go about it all.

Here is how I would go about it in the exact order.

1. Pay my debt to my parents - I've never talked about this on the blog, because it is a complete embarrassment (but I think a post will be coming soon). I would pay them immediately. Hard, cash monies! That black cloud would finally be lifted, but the shame will always be there.

2. Pay any outstanding CC debt off - pretty self-explanatory.

3. Plan a trip for the Parentals - I'd give them the option to go by themselves or with Shell and I (and our Boos). I'd let them pick the location, how they traveled, and they could do whatever they wanted for however long they wanted to vacation for.

4. Pay off the Lil's Grad School debt - Yes, instead of a house or a car, I'd do this for her.

5. Travel to every continent - I'd like to spend a minimum of a week on each continent. Obviously I'd take J with me! Don't they say traveling with significant other is a huge tell tale of the relationship? Why not test it across seven continents?
6. Live my retirement dream early - I'd follow the SF Giants to every stadium they travel to during the year and then visit all the others when I could.

7. Buy grown up things - I'd love to get a house in the fab 40's or in East Sac and then I'd get a car, like a grown-up car. Preferably one that is like a faux SUV.

8. Spoil some of my close friends - I'm not sure what I'd do exactly, but something good would come their way for sure! I'm guessing it would all be material things, because my friends are crazy materialistic (I kid, kinda...)

So after all of this, do I still have money? If so, I spend some time educating myself on investing and I try to make my money grow, grow, grow! I'm sure I'd make some other really dumb choices and blow money, pretty atypical of me!

It's fun to imagine that I would get to spoil all the people that mean the world to me. I know love and gratitude don't come in the form of presents/gifts, but sometimes it's just nice to show a token of appreciation that way. But it's probably even more fun to imagine spoiling myself. I would definitely take some time off from work, but I wouldn't want to stop working. I'd just take a lottery sabbatical.

I'm going to buy a lotto ticket now...Mark. My. Words.

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  1. I fantasize about winning the lottery quite often...but I never play so I won't win of course. My Aunt and Uncle gave me a scratch ticket today though and I won $60. I was ridiculously excited and spent it all at Target (within like five minutes).

    1. Whaaat?! That's dope, I don't ever win more than $10 (and that was only once). If I have to admit it, I'm addicted to scratchers, they are so fun! Oh yes, I'd take my winnings to Tarjay in a heart beat too! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I never win on those tickets...lol. I'd definitely pay off debt and of course buy sweet running gear. ;)

    1. Oh yes! Lululemon only if I won the lottery ;) I love buying them, but I agree - I generally don't win anything either :/ xoxo, ganeeban


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