Five Things Friday - Just 5, Promise

10:10 AM

Because sometimes I write too much...
I have a lot to say, about pretty much nothing. Apparently I've taken this whole "blogging" thing in stride and let my inner thoughts spew more than I probably should, or than you care to read. So today, I'll keep it short!
5 Things I Felt This Week:

Happy // Okay, I know, I know, so cliche. But it's true, I've spent more days at Midtown than I ever have AND have been able to take J and my friend Haley for their first time! I also had a great evening, enjoying HH with friends (and J), while watching my favorite men in Orange & Black dominate over the Pirates to move on to the next round in the playoffs. I also played in two soccer games, that is my happy place...the pitch. To add to the busy week, we had Girls Night last night and we invited all of our Momma's! It was a special night, seeing our Mom's hangout and be a part of our felt pretty amazing.
J's first time at Midtown!

Bring Your Momma to Girls Night!
Haley / Camilo / Me/ Bootsy - Friday Strength Class at Midtown
Apprehensive, but Excited // I have a race on Sunday. That is so weird to write. I haven't raced in month or two, so I'm a little nervous. I also haven't been consistently running, so I'm praying a 9 min/mile pace is doable. Being part of a relay team is always a little nerve wracking, because you have your own personal pressure, then you have to add the expectations of your relay partner. Let's just say J is trying to race this FAST...eek! Oh well, I can only give my best, which is exactly what I'll do! Happy racing everyone!

Giddy // Like a freakin' little kid. There aren't many things that compare to October Baseball! The NLDS starts today and my boys play at 12PM. My only gripe is that it doesn't start after work so I can thoroughly enjoy every pitch of the game. So, I'll get to watch at least a few innings at lunch and then listen to it via the MLB app at work. First World Probs for this girly tomboy!
Source // SF Giants FB

Infuriated // with myself, no one else. It's like looking at a train wreck, when you know you shouldn't be. Looking at something and knowing it's not mentally or emotionally healthy for me, but doing it anyways. Sadistic, right?! Why do things we know aren't good for us seem so damn alluring. The initial shock wore off a long time ago, but for some reason I go back to it, maybe as a reminder or maybe just to inflict personal torture. I have no idea why I do this, I guess I'll blame it on being a human and our innate ability to question ourselves and everything around us...

Present // It's always something I'm striving for. But this week, I feel like I've been particularly good at. Enjoying the small moments and the big moments, alike. Sounds crazy cheesy, but sometimes I'll just be sitting there and catch myself taking in the moment. Remembering to be present and enjoy what and who are right before me, at that moment in time. Life seems to move way too fast most of the time. I can't get wrapped up in just going with the flow, it is important to remember to live, live each moment.
Short and sweet, now you can go enjoy your weekend! xoxo....

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  1. Good luck on Sunday! You'll do great! BTW, congrats on your SF Giants! Love the quote at the end. It's def a great reminder. :)

    1. Hiya! Thanks, thanks, thanks!! I'm just gonna have fun and see how my body feels :) Thanks x2 from my Gmen and I! They seriously know how to torture their fans, in the best way possible! I agree, I'd put that quote up in my house! Have a fabulous weekend lady! xoxo, ganeeban


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