Five Things Friday - 5er

1:14 PM

Happy Almost Weekend...

Just a straight-up fiver today…nothing more, nothing less.

5 Things Friday:

Mother Efffin’ World Series Baby // So yeah, that happened last night. My Gmen made it to the World Series, to the Fall Classic, to the dance! They will be playing, the crazy good (at the moment) and on fire KC Royals. I won’t lie, I’m scared shitless for how they will do. Don’t get that twisted with the idea that I won’t be cheering like hell for them and hoping they pull WINS with their scrappy ways. I’m just trying to be a realist with an optimistic heart! I believe it was serendipitous that Ishi(kawa) hit the walk off to win the game last night. He was traded (I was sad) and then found his way back, back onto the starting roster, and made a huge play for us. Welcome back Ishi! I also have been dying to say this: “Every. Other. Year!” I am one of those weird superstitious baseball people and I was too nervous to say it before we actually made it to the Fall Classic, but alas I can say it. We are here and what happens will happen! But I’m really hoping for a ring, duh!

Source // SF Giants FB

Half Funk // I am totally in a half funk, whatever the hell that is. My body has been crazy sore since Monday night, where I thought it was okay to play two soccer games in one night. Ever since then, my body has been in a funk. I’ve worked out and whatnot, but it just isn’t feeling right. Bruised and battered, but getting some sweat sessions in…but I don’t feel like I’m giving my all. Then there’s my mental funk. I’ve been trying to not let a few things bug me, let them go, rise above it (whatever else cliché saying you want to insert), but they still resonate. They aren’t a huge deal, so I’m trying to let them go, but for some reason they are just bugging me. True story, probably has to do with being a ‘lady’ if you get my drift…but whatever is going on…it’s putting me in a half funk that I want out of!

A Girl Who’s Used to Being on Her Own // I stumbled upon this article on FB. Wow, it was pretty accurate. There are definitely some things that were spot on and then there were a few that were completely off, but for the most was true! J and I were reading/discussing them and he said, “Man, I wish I read that months ago!” HAHA! The article makes it seem that girls (I think it really should say women, but whatevs) who are used to being on their own (re: single) have a lot of commitment issues. I think it’s partly true, but kind of paints us in a bad light. We are used to being self sufficient, which isn’t a bad thing. Each woman is different, so breaking down (the barrier, not the person) this self-sufficiency can range from easy and quick, to long and hard. I think I definitely fell in the middle range, I liked my “ME” time, but I also appreciate sharing my time with J and doing things with him. It’s been a learning experience, for us both, but I think it’ has helped me grow as a person. I found something I didn’t realize I was looking for and I am so grateful I did.

Bandwagon // I honestly, openly accept bandwagon fans. It doesn’t matter if it’s for my SF Giants or for soccer as a sport (after the World Cup). As long as you bring good vibes, cheers, and juju to my team/sport, then I’m all for it. I don’t care if you jump ship after they win (or lose), I’m all for people rooting for my team to win. So that’s that, hope you cheer for my Gmen to win the WS.

Source // SF Giants FB
Gluttonous // I think mixed parts of being overly gluttonous and in my half funk, I feel gross. I mean, when I’m eating this delicious food I don’t, but it leaves me feeling like a Chubbster! I haven’t cooked at all this week and have been splurging (I really shouldn’t be with the new lease and all) on my food choices. Luckily I have had good reason too – birthdays, promotions, and signing a lease. But still, it’s all good during the moment…but then I feel gross and bloated after. I need to get back into that healthy mindset, it’s just not happening this week apparently…

Howe It's Done Catering // Steak Salad
Mi Rosa Blanca // Carnitas
Baskin Robins // Jamocha & Sherbet

PS – Sorry this post seems pretty Debbie Downer, which I don’t want to be. So here’s a picture of 2 of my most favorite humans in this world to cheer me up!!

The Parentals

Bring on the weekend, funk or not, I’m enjoying every minute of it!

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  1. Aw that's a sweet picture of you and your parents. :) Also, that ice cream looks amaze balls!!!

    1. Thanks, gotta love those humans! I wish my stomach didn't hate ice cream so much, I'd eat that every single day! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Awwww, cute pic of you and the rents! Hope you have a fab weekend xo

    1. Aww, thanks! Hope your weekend was amazing as well! xoxo, ganeeban


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