805...I'm Comin' For Ya!

10:36 AM

Sometimes little nuggets of goodness come at just the right time!

After a shitty loss in our semifinal co-ed soccer game last night, I was sitting in the car-wash (random, I know) and decided to play on my phone to pass the time (surprise, surprise). I noticed I had a notification on my email app.

I was selected to be an race ambassador for the 2015 SLO Marathon. What the hell is a 'race ambassador' you may ask? Well it's someone who is selected to represent and promote the race. Yeah, so I will be blowing up your social media with posts of excitement and deets regarding the race!

I guess I better break down the lingo - SLO = San Luis Obispo, CA. Home to many great things, but mostly known to be home of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo! Go you 'Stangs! This small town and region is also known for their great wines, which I have a feeling a lot of this course will showcase! SLO can also be classified as part of the greater Central Coast! There you go, my unofficially awful way to describe this magical small town and all it's amazingness!

I applied with no real expectations. I don't have a huge following on my social media accounts, especially this blog - but hey, why not put yourself out there...you never know! That's been my motto as of late and it seems to be working.

Any chance to get to the 805 is something I'll try to do. You may or may not know, but this is where I transferred to for college and fell in love instantly. I wrote this post awhile back when I visited last year with the Bestest and the fam. There is something magical about this town and I can't be any more excited that I get to be back there to race in approximately 168 days! I have never raced here, so this will be a huge first for me. I also love this city because of the terrain and the elevation challenges as a runner. This was actually the first place I did trail running, before I even realized it was 'trail running' (pardon the blonde moment)!

I'm ready ready to book a hotel, I'm so excited. My only predicament is which race distance will I run? They offer a full marathon, a half marathon, and a 5K! This will be about 2 months after my 2nd marathon (ever)...I'm not sure how my body will recover. I know the half will be doable, but should I push myself to do another full, only two short months after, when my last gap was over a year? Is that crazy talk? Hopefully some runner friends will give me their two cents on this decision...I'll be patiently waiting!

Come run this small town, big race with me...I'll treat you to lunch at Firestone afterwards (Google that shit)!!

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