5 Things Friday - Friday Five(teen)

10:55 AM

It's Friday...already!

I don't get to say that often, but this week flew by fast! I'm okay with that, that just means the weekend seemed to get here faster than normal!

5 Things I Found Extremely Funny on the Internet:

1. Who doesn't love a good PUN? If these don't cheer you up, then I'm afraid you are just determined to be in a bad mood. Some are really wonky, but most are hilarious!

2. What are you? I have gotten this question way more times than I'd like to tell - #4, #11 (really bugs me), #15 (just cause I love food), and #19 (for real)!

3. Female Douche Bag HAHA, they do exist!

4. Social Media Self vs Actual Self I've posted something similar to this before, but it was a great read on how we use SM to portray and/or validate our selves.
5. Periods... I don't think anyone could have "nailed it" better than this article. I was dying laughing, because it was SOOOO true!

5 Things that I’m Looking Forward to This Weekend:

1. Game 3, Game 4, and Game 5 of the World Series

Source // SF Giants Instagram

2. Some QT with my Boo Thang

3. Celebrating a cool little six year old and some pizza

4. Hair did, finally…I have that ombre look going, without even trying…

5. My first Painted Cork experience with some strong and awesome women!

5 Things that Made Me Smile This Week:

1. Knowing Poppa Bear is always down to be silly with me, not matter what!

2. Donating my old prom dresses to WEAVE…my Mom is finally kicking them out of the house, hope they help some girl have a fun and memorable evening!

3. The Whole Foods Hot Bar, really it stresses me out because of all the selection, but I get way to giddy when I know I’m headed there. The only place that Indian food and Mac-n-Cheese go together!

4. A lovely note from a college friend, see yesterday’s post.

5. Halloween candy, being delivered in mass quantities to our office. Thanks vendors, we appreciate the chubby happiness in wrappers!

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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  1. Oh man. My whole foods hot bar creations always look like an around the world trip for my mouth. Love it.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. It almost, just almost, stresses me out...everything looks soo damn good! And yes, it's like an international party for our mouths there :) Hope you have a great week Kay! xoxo, ganeeban


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