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Comin' at you live from the island...

Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
Blogging has been a little on the harder side this week. With a Holiday on Monday and officially being on vaycay starting yesterday means I haven't been a good blogger.

So I'm here squeezing in a WIAW because I had an amazing weekend before my vacation and I thought I'd share :)

Friday: Worked a half day and then went on a mini day-cation with the Boy.

First stop was to grab something to eat before we left for our day-cation!
Had to try, especially since it was a personal size bag. Verdict: GROSS
Roxie's Deli // Shared Meatloaf Sando and goodies.
We stopped by the store for some goodies for our beach adventure and then to AT&T Park!
Gloomy day at Baker Beach // San Francisco, CA
Raley's Come-ups for our beach lounging! Not gonna lie, I LOVE pre-cut watermelon!
After a few hours of relaxing, chatting, and snuggling under blankets we headed to AT&T Park to watch my handsome G-men do work against the Milwaukee Brewers!
San Francisco, CA // Pretty night at the yard!
Hers: Turkey Burger with fries and a side of ketchup & ranch :)
His: Cheese Pizza
Grocery store treat!
Heaven in a cup // Gooiest Carmel Popcorn
Saturday: It was International Bacon Day so duh, it must be celebrated. It was also the day before Momma's big 60th birthday. So a few errands and plenty of hours of lounging, and a little shopping.
Evan's Kitchen // Starvin' Marin' with the Boy's bacon
To celebrate International Bacon Day
For dinner, we went to a traditional Chinese restaurant to do a little pre-celebration for Momma. We had a traditional table of 10 and Poppa Bear selected a seafood themed family style dinner and added a Black Bass. I spaced on taking pics of the food, but I think everyone would have ridiculed me if I even tried. So this is all you get...
This was not eaten and I hope I don't offend anyone!
Then we went to get dessert, since Lil and my Aunt hadn't tried Parlor Ice Cream Puffs it was a requirement from both of them. I didn't partake, I was just there for the good company and to watch them experience their first taste of the puffs!
My VIP's all in one spot!
Sunday: I knew it was going to be a busy one, but I still wanted to do something fun. So we met up with the Wench and Lovebug and walked to breakfast then walked to the annual Chalk It Up festival at a local near by park. It was pretty warm by the time we walked back. We were tired, but had to get going to the Boy's families to partake in the weekend tradition of Menudo! After that, it was time to partay for Momma's 60th birthday!
Crepeville // 2 Eggs Breakfast
Our Sunday AM in a collage
Momma's birthday was held at a local, old restaurant. We had approximately 60 people there to help us celebrate our favorite lady. We set up the party to be buffet style, their steak sando's are what they are famous for! The other stuff turned out tasty too, but the steak sando's are where it's at. Think steak slammed between the best two pieces of garlic bread you'll ever have!! Oh and lots and lots of adult beverages!
Club Pheasant // Buffet goodness

Coffee Cake, if you don't know, order one!

The Ganeeban Girl's
The Boy y Yo!
A glimpse at the party!
My heart was literally full after this weekend. The entire weekend was spent with the Boy before I left for 7 days on vacation. But it was also full of family and friends, which always leaves me feeling blessed. As I get older, each year, I see the importance of what surrounds me on a daily basis and I remind myself to stay grateful and count my blessings. I'm a lucky girl and I hope that my smile shows the world how I feel!

Screw eating healthy before a vacation!! 

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