Vacation Blues

3:42 PM

Gah! say the least. I'm probably currently more bitter, than sweet. Ending a glorious 7 day vacation with my Ohana is heartbreaking. Okay, so I'm being slightly dramatic, but you get the gist.

Do you ever get the vacation blues? I swear it's a real thing. They start to set in on your last (full) day. Your heart gets a little heaver, your feet drag a little more, and're hit with the full blow vacation blues when you at the airport hoping and praying that your luggage does not surpass that damn 50lb mark on the scale.

Your flight home is restless, because what awaits you is a shit ton of laundry, a potentially messy house (as you left it in a hurry to pack), probably no groceries or moldy ones, real life...aka bills, work, and chores! All, but the one silver lining was I had the Boy to come home too!

7 days in Hawaii is just not enough. Okay, I'm totally owing up to my serious case of first world problem, but damn...nothing like taking only a half day off before gettin' back into the grind (re: work)! I'm trying to salvage as much vacation time as I can, I have to get to MX in December!

A week of bliss in paradise, that I won't ever forget. So thankful that my parents decided to invite the Lil and I along and I can't wait to recap my entire trip. But...since I'm in the thick of my vacation blues, I'd thought I'd see if anyone else gets this feeling when they arrive home from a fabulous vacation. My to do list seems daunting, so I might just take tonight to relax and really get down to business tomorrow! That's the lazy girl in me talking...maybe I'll try to attach my laundry a little tonight. 

tomorrow, is a NEW day. Midtown S/C class in the early AM, a full day of work, and then finish up unpacking and doing laundry. If I put it out there, then that's like a verbal commitment to my readers...I think...

Do you get the blues or just get straight to the grind?

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  1. Vacation blues are real! It always takes me about a week or two to adjust after some time off.

  2. I don't get vacation blues, my version is more like an adventure hangover. I usually run myself ragged on vacation and then am completely useless the first couple of days I'm home because I'm so exhausted.


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