Thinking Out Loud - Hawaii Edition

2:59 PM

Back on that grind...

I thought I'd just verbally spew some stuff from my recent trip to Hawaii and whatnot...
Sunsets - I never take the time to watch the sunset in Sacramento, but I feel like when you're in Hawaii and it's setting over the beautiful ocean, its a must. It was definitely a trip of relaxation, so we were in no hurry to leave the beach when the sun was setting. It was a perfect way to end our days at the beach. Plus the views are worth more than anything you can buy or picture you can take. It was so relaxing to sit on the beach and watch something beautiful that naturally occurs daily, which I take for granted when I'm at home.

Sunset at Waikiki Beach
Sunset at Sunset Beach
Acai Bowls - I'm freakin' addicted. I think I've had one or two in my life, but I really got addicted to them in HI! They are amazing, I love that most of the places use acai sorbet, instead of a yogurt consistency. I dislike that they always seem to come with bananas, but I can always ask to have them removed, so not really an issue. These things come in the biggest serving, I did contemplate how healhty they were in such a large serving size. I'm determined to imitate them while I'm home. I've already Googled acai sorbet and now just have to find a good granola to go with it. I'm also on the active hunt for a good local if you're local, let a sister know, please and thanks!!

Coffee Gallery // Acai Bowl // North Shore
Hiking & Running - on vacation is somewhat new to me. Although I've been doing it for the last couple of years, it still feels new to me. Being adventurous and running in unknown areas and finding hikes to do when in another city, it still feels knew. I used to be okay with working out in a hotel gym or at a local 24 hour, but now I like to go explore. This trip was no different and I was able to do some really fun and new things, because I was willing to try new things. It's the small personal victories that I cherish, because to the world they aren't big, but to me they mean a lot and show how I've progressed as a person (via fitness and my mental state)!

Ganeeban Girls Hike Koko Head Trail
Ganeeban Girls Hike Manoa Falls
Sissy Run to Diamond Head & Diamond Head Hike
IG - I've said it time and time again, but if my IG-ing antics bug you to the point you talk about them behind my back or mock me, then unfollow me. I promise, I won't be offended. It's my account and I'll post what I want too. I created a hash tag for our trip #GaneebansDoThe808 so that I (and Lil, since the parentals don't understand them) have a way to have all of our pictures in one spot, easily accessible. Yes, I posted 57 pictures while I was there for exactly 7 days. Enjoy what I posted or unfollow, it's really that simple. I love using IG and I will keep using it to my hearts content, but know that you are mocking me because of it really gets my blood boiling!

Swimming with Sharks - in a cage of course. The tour guides made a great point. As a culture, we are directed toward the notion that these are scary, human eating beasts. But really, in their natural habitat they are the most serene animals! Not one ounce of me was scared to get in the cage. I actually really wanted to pet (or touch) a shark, but the dudes told me not too. The blue water was intoxicating and watching the sharks swim about was beautiful. I didn't want to get out of the cage after our allotted 20 minutes. It was an adventure, I'd easily pay again to go on!

North Shore Shark Adventures
A collage of our adventure.
The cage.
November Project - so by now, you know that I'm a co-leader for the Sacramento tribe. Well, I guess I should say was. After arriving late on Tuesday night, I turned on my phone to see an email. An email from the co-founders of NP saying that spoke with our other co-leader and that with mutual agreement we will no longer be part of NP. I'm not gonna lie, I'm irritated. I don't feel like I have the whole story. But all I know is that I'm grateful for the influence that NP has had on me. I'm not happy about how it all went down, especially since I still feel left out of the loop on the details. It does feel like failure, because I feel like we let down our group of runners that show up. We might not have been huge in numbers, but we had a few regulars who enjoyed our tribe and it's antics. It also is a bummer that I had to find out via an email, no heads up or anything. I'm kinda irritated about it, but as is all things in life...I will deal with it and move on the to next adventure.

Never Forget - I would also like to take a minute to remember those that lost their lives 13 years ago. In addition, I would like to also like to think about their families and loved one ones who were affected by their loss. I also cannot forget all the brave first responders who risked their lives, and those who lost their lives, trying to save others. Every year today, my heart aches just a little for everyone and everything our Country went through that fateful day! It is a little reminder to count my blessings, cherish life, and remember to be thankful a little more each day. We will NEVER forget, ever...

I'm not sure if this helped or worsened my 'vacation blues'!

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  1. Looks like you had a fab vacay with your fam! Love the 808. Sharks?! OMG, that's dope. Anyway, just got back from a break and I'm slowly catching up on everything and your posts! :) BTW, sorry to hear that you're not with NP but onward to bigger & better girl!

    1. Hiya! Yes, it was lovely, can't wait to read about yours! Yes, sharks! It was so fun. Catching up on blogs is like catching up on e-mails, but 10,000 times more fun ;) Thanks for the line about NP, I guess it wasn't meant to be for us. Still gonna keep running! xoxo, ganeeban


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