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9:38 AM

Thinking and writing...

Sometimes it's nice to just sit and write. So, today, that's what feels right.

For Adults Too // I feel so ridiculous, being over 30 and sucking apple sauce from a pouch. But not ridiculous enough to continue to buy them and still do it! They are convenient, they are tasty, and for the most part, they are pretty healthy. I'm sure there are some full of sugary goodness, but I try to buy the healthy ones. I love snacking on them at work, they aren't messy and they are convenient. I do admit, it must be an interesting sight to see an adult sucking from a pouch while working...

Sports in Sacramento // Currently there are tons of sports things going on in Sac. The Sacramento Republic FC is attempting to attract the MLS to make them a team in their league. How cool would that be? It's always been rumored, but now it might actually happen. Sac Town footy fans are all crossing their fingers. Demolition of our beloved and desolate Downtown Plaza has begun, to make way for the new Sacramento Kings Arena. The team has always been here, but with a newly located and brand spankin' new arena, we're hoping to attract better talent to field a class A caliber team. Lastly, there is a lot of speculation of the Giants AAA team relocating to Sacramento, which is (but not for long) the home of the A's AAA team. So many big and exciting things happening in our little, big city! All of which, I have absolutely no complaints!

Humbling Experiences // As one chapter ends, another one begins. Since November Project no longer takes up my Wednesday AM's I decided to try something new. 'Something new's' always seem to be a humbling experience. It was nothing short of humbling as I started my first Wednesday strength class at Midtown. Most of the usual suspects that I workout with on Tues. & Thurs. were there, so that was comforting. However, it was like starting school again. Everything was new, except with a familiar setting. I felt like the new kid, because I was. Walking through movements without weight to perfect them, while watching everyone else maxing was very humbling. These crazy humans I workout with are very inspirational. They push me to work harder and be stronger. I think this new beginning is going to be something amazing!

Fall Shows// are BACK! Yes! My fave shows that I have to go without all summer, are finally back on. Just so you don't have to guess, here's what fills my DVR up in the fall/winter months:
  • The League
  • Mindy Project
  • New Girl
  • Grey's Anatomy
Friendships in Your 30's // Or maybe I should say post-college. They are different. I'm talking about the friends you make in this age bracket, not the ones you've known all your life. You haven't met these friends in bars or a parties. They generally are friends of a friend, a co-worker, or something along those lines. But I think at this age, you either know if an acquaintance will be a friend or not within a very short amount of time. I don't think making lots of friends in your 30's is normal (unless you relocate), so when I meet a person who I want to consider a friend, I feel blessed. Finding meaningful friendships post-college is something I value. I value friendships, almost as much as family. I've met a handful of friends, that would go in this category, and I'm happy I have.

I want to review ANYTHING // My little blog is nowhere near the status of receiving free stuff to review, but I still want to do it. I don't want to get paid, but I do want to try new foods or services and give an honest review. I always see these posts...I want in the cool kids club, damn it! So random, I know, but I love reviewing places via my instinctively I feel like this is something I would enjoy doing. So, this is my plea for someone to give me something to review, pretty please?!

Following Provocative People on IG // I'm sure its a mixture of immaturity, insecurity, and embarrassment, but the Boy follows some very unsavory women on IG (and Twitter) and it bugs me. Like, it really, really bugs me. Yes, I have looked at who he follows on IG. You'd be lying if you didn't do that for someone you are or will be dating (or you're just a better person than I)! I don't necessarily feel threatened by him following them, but at some point the idea of 'does he want me to act/look more like them' floats through my brain. It would be one thing if he followed them when he was in 'single guy mode' but he continues to add new ones. Am I overly sensitive in this instance (re crazy girl)? Another reason is, although they may not look, my friends (and family) can see who he follows. It completely embarrasses me to know that they can see he follows these pornstaresque women. I'm completely okay with doing what you want in your own time, in the privacy of your house...but when it's available to the public (re my friends and family), I tend to care and have an opinion. We've had a discussion about it, but he continues to think that I shouldn't care. I probably shouldn't mind as much as I do, but it bugs me and I am trying to pinpoint the reason. I'm sure its a mixture of the three reasons I've already listed, but it just grosses me out! Here's a funny little post I found regarding these type of antics...

In the midst of my chaotic thoughts, writing seems to calm the chaos...

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  1. If it's any consolation, I buy squeezable applesauce packets as well, so you're definitely not alone on that one. They're tasty and convenient, so who cares :P And that's so very true about making friendships in your 30's -- it's hard to do. Sometimes I feel like I'm closer with the friends I made when I was younger even if I haven't seen them for 10 years than I am with friends that I've met when I was older. Oddest thing, but it's a lot different when you don't grow up with someone.

    1. Yes, it's nice to know there are other adults out there who enjoy those squeezable packets as much as I do. I agree, the friends you can go without seeing for years and then catch right up, those are friends that you'll never loose. xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I agree that as we get older, friendships change and are defined differently. I find the relationships I have with my close, long-term friends are very consistent and meaningful. I also have a lot of newer friendships that are focused around different activities. For example, I have a couple friends who I train with and talk running or triathlon, and other friends who I drink wine with and go out to happy hour. I think it is very important to have similarities and things in common, otherwise friendships can easily fizzle away. As we get older, our time becomes more precious as we usually have less of it, therefore the people who we choose to give our time are pretty special.

    1. Yup, you pretty much summed up friendships after college. They all have little niches in our lives, but sometimes they overlap which can be fun too! Seriously, you realize that who you share your time with is a choice YOU make, so who you share it worth must be someone you care about. xoxo, ganeeban


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