Rose & Thorn [18]

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Rose: Cheesy moment warning: Spending a relaxing weekend with J (previously referred to as The Boy)... 

Thorn: Bummed I didn't get to see the Lil and R when they came in for a quick visit to see Poppa Bear!

Relaxation I didn't even realize I needed. I thrive on busy, so when a fairly low-key weekend happens, I don't realize I need to appreciate it until it is all said and done. Pardon the borningness of this post, there were definitely some fun moments, but this weekend was mostly spent lounging and EATING...

Who doesn't like to start their weekend with a trip to Brazil? HAHA, TMI for sure! That's my nerdy way of making a girly appointment seem fun. Like pretending I'm going to Brazil, when obviously, that isn't happening (if you aren't getting my drift here, sorry). Luckily, I really get along with my esthetician, she's become a friend over the many years I've been going to her. It's also fun because a few of my friends go to her, so we always have stuff to chat about, which definitely distracts from the torture pain!

J surprised me with reservations for dinner, he was a little bummed that I'd been to that restaurant before, so we changed it up at the last minute. He was hell bent on taking me somewhere I haven't been before, score for me! I love trying new places, especially new ones that have line dancing classes and taxidermy (NOT, total lie, so creepy) all over their walls!

It was serendipitous that we changed restaurants at the last minute. There was one only one table left and it sat perfectly in front of a huge projector screen showing my Gmen! What wouldn't I love more than a dinner with J, my Gmen, and good food? Duh, nothing ;) After dinner at Goldfield, we wandered over to Ginger Elizabeth for a dessert. This has been on the blog plenty of times, but it's so good, I think you need to see it again. Then we grabbed 2 of the worst Red Box movies ever, too bad we didn't realize this until after we lost about a total of 3 hours of our lives watching them this weekend. HAHA!

Goldfield Trading Post // Maverick Spritzer & my Gmen!
Goldfield Trading Post // Tank House BBQ Burger
Goldfield Trading Post // Buttermilk Fried Chicken
Ginger Elizabeth // Caramelized Milk & Coffee Macaron Ice Cream Sando
Up an 'attem to make it to a Midtown class at 8AM with my regular coach. There were only three of us and she really kicked our asses with some row/plank cardio. In my head I think I look smooth like a professional rower, but I'm pretty sure I look like a crazy person - arms flailing and legs jolting very unorganized. I underestimate the damn rower every single time.

Handstand in my new Fashletic's tank!
After class I wanted a treat. I purchased the Jamba Juice groupon for 3 'energy bowls' for $10. To curb my acai addiction I'll give anything a try these days, even these over commercialized JJ ones. Seriously, who runs out of acai? Oh, that would be the first freaking JJ I went to after class. On a mission, I went to the one that was closer to my house. Thankfully they weren't out of acai! I will admit my judgement was completely wrong. Their attempt at an acai bowl was good. It's not in the same ball park as the ones from the 808, but still good nonetheless.

Jamba Juice / Acai Primo Energy Bowl
I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it before, but J is obsessed with a soccer team. At least one weekend morning he is getting up ridiculously early to watch them play. This day just happened to be their biggest match of the year, because it's against their biggest rival. Because I love the sport, I don't mind watching (some) of the games with him. This game was on at a normal human hour, so we watched it together when I got home. At half time we made a breakfast bagel to share. His passion for this team is insane, but I can appreciate it and the I don't mind that it much!

We didn't have any real plans until the evening. We went to see J's nephew for a few minutes. I got some really good playground tag time and also got a quick upper body workout in playing on the monkey bars. After that we just went home to chill...(don't remind me) and tried to watch the 2nd awful DVD, but it was just too bad so we turned it off! 

We had dinner reservations at super old people time, because we were going to the Sac Republic USL Pro championship game. Luckily our double date crew was okay with an early dinner. They let me choose the place, so I wanted somewhere new that we all haven't been. I was really hesitant to suggest a chain, but everyone had good reviews of Maggiano's, so I took a chance.

I don't care what anyone says. That place has good food, excellent service, and a serious baller-on-a-budget deal!! They have a somewhat of a pre-fixie dinner, but get get the regular stuff - appetizer, 2 meals, and dessert - BUUUT you also get TWO entrees to take home! Yeah, I know, right? Weird! I questioned her about this 6 times in one conversation, to make sure I heard her correctly. All this for a whopping $40. Benefits of a chain, I guess, but I'll take it. Supposedly everything is made fresh, I find it hard to believe, but I'd love if it was actually true. 
Maggiano's // Frozen Bellini Swirl
Maggiano's // Spinach & Artichoke al Forno
Maggiano's // Mom's Lasagna - Meat Sauce
Maggiano's // Taylor Street Baked Ziti
Maggiano's // Apple Crostada, Caramel Sauce

I'd think to think the double date was a success. This was the first time for them meeting J and vice versa. Everyone got on well and there wasn't any weird pauses or quietness. It helped that we all had not been here before, so we were all taking everything in. It was a fun relaxed dinner with plenty of laughs. Phew, double date success!

After dinner, we jetted off to Bonney Field to watch the Sacramento Republic FC play the Harrisburg City Islanders for the USL Pro championship game. Not only is this the first year for Sacramento to host a team, but we even made it to the finals, that's pretty awesome (for any sport really)! Funny thing is, this was the first match-up of the season and Sac Republic got worked. Months later, here we are and Sacramento becomes the CHAMPS! Funny how it all works out. Such a great game, first goal in the 36th minute and the second goal in extra time in the second half!

Bonney Field Kickoff!
Tower Bridge Battalion...aka Crazies!
Tracey and I twinning!
My "take a pic for the blog" photo!
S & J
Sac Republic the 2014 USL Pro Champs!
It was an amazing feeling to see my city support a sport that isn't even at the professional level yet. Sacramento loves soccer. It was blatantly apparent after Saturday night! The stadium was alive and it was a great and electric feeling to be there (sounds cheesy, but so true)! We had seats but we couldn't even fit in that section. So, again, we crashed with all of our friends. Switching from standing to sitting, we made it work! Such a great moment for Sacramento, one most of us won't forget.

Do you ever need someone else to help you be accountable? Sometimes I do...especially when it comes to running. Sometime during the past week, I threw out a FB post asking if anyone wanted to get a 5 miler in on Sunday. I posted the miles and pace I'd be shooting for and I got a few bites. In the end it ended up being Haley, J, and I. But it was a perfect easy, fall run for all three of us. Haley and I chatted most of the time. I am not where I could be cardio wise, but I am just trying to find my joy of running and not put too much pressure on myself. J and I have a relay half marathon next weekends, so getting miles in is all I care about.

After a quick stretch, we decided a quick walk for a treat would fit in our schedule. I'd been dying to try a new coffee shop in Sac, called The Mill. I'd been past it a few times, but wanted to give it a try. Sadly, its just another shop that brews Temple coffee, which you can get in a variety of places already. It's good, don't get me wrong, just not something I need to got out of my way for again. Coffees to go, we made a delish breakfast for me and a snack for J since he had a game.

Breakfast consumed and headed to J's soccer game. I truly do enjoy being his cheerleader (cheesy moment five thousand this post), it is really nice to share a passion together. Luckily he also plays with a good friend and his wife and their cute Lovebug are there sometimes, in addition to a few guys I've known for a long time.

After the game I finally caved to my craving I'd been having all weekend...PIZZA. All we did for the rest of the afternoon was toggle between the Giants and 49er game, watch TV shows, watch 300, and eat! It was a fabulous way to end a relaxing weekend.

It was just productive and social enough to keep me from going stir crazy, but relaxing enough to make me feel rejuvenated!

So normally I only re-cap my weekend, but I'm so excited that I have to brag tell you that my first Girls on the Grid POST is up! This is a blog/forum for local girls on the Sacramento grid (downtown) to submit posts about anything really. Months ago they were looking for contributors and I submitted a few blog posts to see if I could be a guest contributor, they accepted, AND after foreeever I finally submitted an idea. They liked it and TA DA, there you have my first post ever, with GOTG! Enjoy...

A weeken full of lazy roses...

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