Rose & Thorn [17]

10:56 AM

Busy, but not...

Rose: Catching up and spending time with good friends...

Thorn: Experiencing one of my fears with blogging, but realizing I'm completely okay with it.

It was one of those weekends that felt like it flew by, but the calendar wasn't actually jam packed like it could be. A lot of time was spent with friends in a low key environment, hence, the busy but not busy...

Without further ado...

I've been dying to watch my little Lovebug play soccer every since his season started. So, when I promised him on Thursday night, I had to show up to his game on Friday! It was actually a really nice Indian summer night, warm, but not too warm. The fam was already there parked in their chairs and hanging out, so we joined them. My cousin, J, is all serious business when it comes to's great. Oh, did I mention they are U6? Haha! He had them running drills and does not dumb down his soccer talk to them at all, I think it's a great way to coach kids. Anywho, they were no 'Ladybugs' (if you get this reference, we'll be friends forever). Although they don't keep score, the Lovebug and his team smashed the other kids, just having a proud Ate moment! After sweaty hugs and our good byes were said, we headed off to dinner.
BAC Wasps
Lano scoring his first goal of the game!
Madrid is dying to play!
Dinner was a quickie, nothing fancy, just shared a veggie sando and a grilled cheese with the Boy. After that, I headed home to wrap a couple of presents for the weekend.
Dad's Sandwiches - Grilled Cheese and Doritos
Does anyone else get overly excited to wrap gifts and write cards? Cause this girl must be one of those pesky girly tendencies I pretend I don't have ;) I love everything about giving someone a gift, the thought put into it, the actual gift, the wrapping, and writing the card. There's something peacefully delightful about the process. Maybe I'm weird...but I fully enjoy it! Bring on Christmas presents!

Do you ever have new running shoes that just haunt you? Well my new watermelon Saucony Kinvara 5's have been taunting me for a few weeks now. My inserts finally arrived, so I got up dumb early and made sure to have time to prep my new shoes and get a run in. New inserts are a process, measuring and cutting, then adjusting if your first cut wasn't correct. Serious case of runner probs over here!
Weapons of choice.
Superfeet and tools!
I knew the run wasn't going to feel good...breaking in new inserts and new shoes = painful! I had to do it sooner or later, so I might as well get it out of the way. I'm slightly embarrassed about my average mile time...but I also know that I have not been running consistently for months (which is even weird to write, since I was running obsessed for so long). 4.5 miles of mostly road with very small elevation, heart pumping, sweaty, but happy to have completed some miles in my new shoes. The Boy and I have a relay race in 2 weeks, so I need to get my cardio game on point...well as on point as I can in 2 weeks :/
Run recap!
I tried to recover as quickly as possible, because I had to go to a baptism at the beautiful Cathedral on the grid. The Boy was chosen to be the Nino (re Godfather) of his nephew. Back-to-back weekends of baptisms for his friends and their children. Since they only offer baptism's once a month (one in English and one in Spanish), these things draw lots of people. At this church, they individually baptize each child and then they do a group blessing after each child has had their turn. The Father has it down to a a science. There was no way I thought we'd be done in an hour, after seeing how many people he needed to baptize, but he did it. He did it all with enough time for me not to receive a parking ticket in my one hour parking spot! Phew...

After the baptism, we picked up the food for the party and headed to his brother's house. Driving for 15 minutes with a huge tray of carne asada on veggie week, is pretty much as torturous as it comes! It smelled heavenly and all I wanted to do was turn around and eat handfuls of it, but I didn't...
Pre festivities treat!
After the party was underway, it was a very low-key affair of hanging out, eating, watching soccer, and eating more. It was also the time when one of my fears of blogging was brought to light. As the Bestest put it, 'if you put yourself out there, there will be repercussions.' And I learned, I'm totally okay with it. I put myself out there and am venerable with my thoughts, my opinions, and my feelings. But in turn, I also have to be okay with peoples response to what I write and I now know that I am. It may not be something I necessarily want to hear, but I will listen and take heed of what is said to me. I do toe the line when it comes to what I divulge on my blog, but I also do not want to censor my content. At times, I'm sure I'm contradictory and say things that might upset someone I care about, but I write because its cathartic to me. I don't write to intentionally hurt anyone I care about, but I do write with the intention of being honest and true to myself. I understand and appreciate where the concerns come from, I know where their hearts are/were when I was questioned about a post. I get it and I appreciate that they care enough to bring it up and to my attention. Thought does go into what I write and I judge myself more than anyone else can possibly judge me, so I'm okay with listening to what anyone has to say in regards to what I write. I will respect your opinion if you respect my little space in the blogisphere...

Learning and growing, that's all I can do as a person...

After hanging out for most of the day, getting in a good fix of Lovbug time with some cute little babies, we headed home. A nap was necessary, but I wish it would have been a tad bit longer! Next thing I knew, my alarm was going off and it was time to go celebrate the Wench's hubs' birthday! Saturday evenings on the grid are ridiculous! We attempted one restaurant, but they went against what they had said the day before when the Wench called to ask about a party of 10. So we made it work and ended up at one of my favorite spots - Cafeteria 15L! It was nice to catch up and celebrate in our 30+ year old kinda way! Good food, good friends, and libations - what more can a girl ask for on a Saturday night? It was especially fun to embarrass him, but singing incredibly awful and loud when they brought him a dessert with a candle. A dessert of which he didn't take one bite, but don't be alarmed, the Wench and I took care of business! No dessert left behind with us two around!
Cafeteria 15L // Grilled cheese, tomato soup, and a side salad
Cafeteria 15L // Mac-n-cheese (pictured numerous times on the blog)
The Birthday Boy!
The Wench and I
Cafeteria 15L // Birthday Blondie Sundae
Cafeteria 15L // Smore's Dessert
My handsome date!
SUNDAY1 out of 7 days sleeping past 8AM is a victory I am okay with! It was the perfect morning of relaxing, lounging, coffee, and breakfast. I truly do love Sunday mornings like this. Luckily, my Midtown class doesn't start until 10AM, so I have plenty of time to relax and prep for class. By prep, I mean get dressed and brush my teeth, that's about it! Class was rough, but in a good, sweat in my eyes, can't breath type of way. It's always a nice feeling when your coach realizes the workout movements were probably not in the best order and that they apologize, but say you're a champ for killing the workout! Haha, a few expletives later, we were over it :) After class I had a few hours to kill so I treated myself to a cold-pressed juice. Why does being healthy cost so damn much? I know, I know 'don't put a price tag on your health,' but really it's juice, not gold! Sucker's like me and half of the grid, pay dumb amounts for that healthy goodness....
Sun & Soil Juice Co. // Beet Lemonade & Sweet Greens
Since they've started demolition of our downtown plaza (a shopping mall), they closed a bunch of the stores...which apparently I wasn't paying attention too. I thought it was strange when I parked in the underground parking, since there was a lot of space closed off. Then I attempted to walk into the mall, only to be greeted with a wooden wall! Annoyed, I just went home...I guess my bank account had other plans! A little cleaning and getting ready, then it was time to head to the Boy's game. Not the best game to watch, but at least I love the sport, so it makes it a little more enjoyable. After a not-so-good game we treated ourselves  to a little snack, kids meal's really are ideal! Perfect proportion and filling, I need to order them more often.
A little viewers snack!
Lately, I've felt like I've neglected some friendships, so I've been working at trying to spend time with the people that mean a lot to me. After relaxing for a bit, and getting over the losses of both of my SF teams, we headed over to a friend's house to hang out. Nothing fancy, just M, her hubs, and one of their little Lovebugs. It's moments like these that are priceless. Just taking the time to spend with people you care about. Spending time with a Lovebug, which she won't even remember, but knowing that I was there for those small moments and gorgeous smiles. I enjoy watching my friends grow their families and spending time with them is something that I place importance upon. 

After monopolizing a few hours of their time, we got out of their hair. It was a Red Box kind of night, the Boy obligingly watched Think Like a Man Too with me again! Bless his heart :) Since we had a late snack, we didn't eat too much for dinner. We actually had a blast concocting a smoothie recipe in my dust laden Magic Bullet. I made a complete mess, but it was fun just making whatever we felt like. They actually turned out tasting pretty good, so now we know what ingredients work best! I have a feeling you'll be seeing smoothies on the blog, much more often now! It's no Vita Mix, but it'll do the job just fine.

I find it very refreshing that I can sit here and write about my weekend, mundane or exciting, but know that it's something I enjoy doing. Writing is a new found passion that I thrive on. I always looked at writing as a chore. I have plenty of half started journals and even another blog with a few random posts, but a fire was lit and now it continues to burn with passion. I was never one who was confident in my writing ability (and I'm still not), but it's not about that I've come to realize. It's about taking my (at times chaotic) thoughts and writing them down, in a way I feel I am articulating them with the right word choices, story telling antics, and a balance. I get it now...I truly get why people do this...

Clarity, in the form of a weekend...

What was your Rose Thorn?

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