Rose & Thorn [16]

9:57 AM

Rest, relax, repeat...

Rose: Relaxing without too much of a schedule the entire weekend...
Thorn: Hearing that a family friends Opa (Grandpa) wasn't doing well and then hearing he passed away on Sunday afternoon. Well miss you Opa!

I chose to relax this weekend. Don't get it twisted, there were still things on the agenda, but I took advantage of every extra minute to relax and rest this weekend. I did sneak in some laundry, very lackadaisical, unlike my militant laundry ways! However, beside the few obligations - which were all super fun, I spent it lounging in bed and watching sports. Yeah, you think that sounds perfect too?

I had to get my pretty, pretty princess on. Ocean water is rough on nail polish, my hands and toes were a prime example. Although I get annoyed at wasting time at the nail salon, I love the outcome. Fresh nails, they make me smile!

I guess you could say we had a date-night-IN! I mean, that's cheesy, so I won't call it that, but that's essentially what it was. We had to do a few errands, Target & the mall, but other than that it was just us, the Giants game, a serious game of Monopoly, and some delicious pizza.

Round Table goodness...
Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and monopoly
I had every intention of getting up to run, but then I just lounged about. Typical! After awhile, it was time to get ready for Baby DC's baptism. I haven't been to too many baptisms, but they seem to grown in size as I attend them. There were so many children at this one, and apparently at the one next weekend there will be even more. Even better, was there was another set to be baptized after this ceremony, the only difference was that this one was in Spanish. The outfits these kids were wearing were intense and they were so cute, all decked out in white to the 9's!

After the ceremony we headed over to the family's casa for a laid back celebration. We ended up watching the entire Real Madrid game, in between eating and playing with all the kids. I was supposed to head out for a baby shower afterwards, but sadly my mom's best friends father-in-law wasn't doing well, so it was postponed. Come to find out he was laid to rest Sunday afternoon, peacefully. We'll miss you Opa, I hope you are finally at peace.
Baptism party goods!
G everything and a photobomb by the Boy
After a while, we decided to head home. We were actually coming back to this house to watch the Mayweather v Maidana fight that night. So, instead of being there for half the day we thought we'd give them some space for a few hours. We pretty much did nothing and just lounged, napped, and watched a little TV.

Back over to the O's casa, we stopped at the Parentals real quick to grab something and the store to bring some adult beverages and an app over for the round 2 of the party! I definitely love MMA over boxing, but I'm always game to watch a boxing match. We all know Mayweather's fights aren't exciting, even though he always wins. However, Maidana did a decent job of keeping it interesting this fight. I was pretty disinterested the entire fight and I lost the "rounds" bet. I was more focused on my MLB app and my Gmen getting killed by the Dodgers. Like, really killed, not some average loss. 17-0, that's NOT okay!!

After hanging out past the fight, cleaning up, and chatting we decided it was probably time to get out of their hair...we'd been at their house for hours, they probably wanted some sleep. After the junk food, the adult beverages, and the long was easy to fall asleep under 10 minutes once I laid my head down.

The only thing that were planned for this day were the Boy's game and a Yelp event. We made one out of two of those things, can you guess? I knew the Wench was out of town, so I thought I'd see if I could bring the Lovebug with me to the game and his dad was totally cool with it. So, I swooped up the Lovebug and we walked to the park that the Boy has his game at. It was really fun to bond with him during the game.
Ate time with some keys!
After the game, we went back to drop off the Lovebug. The Wench was back from her weekend trip (re bach party), so we decided to grab some lunch and watch some sports. We originally went to gorge out on wings, but it was too busy at Buffalo Wild Wings, so we went to Bj's and got down to business. They put us in the worst booth possible for TV watching, but we made it work.
His: Carnitas Fries (new on their menu)
Bj's // California Club Sandiwch
Bj's // Salted Carmel Mini Pizookie
After we parted ways, our plan was to get pretty and go to the Yelp event. But we just got lazy. Watching the SF Giants game (they lost) and the 49er game (they lost too) just sounded more enjoyable. Taking advantage of no obligations and all the sports, was a perfect way to end the weekend.

I could get used to weekends like this... 

What was your Rose Thorn?

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  1. All of your food pics always make my mouth water!! Ugh...I'll just sit here and eat this apple.
    Happy Monday!

    1. That made me laugh, I'm eating an apple right now too...xoxo, ganeeban


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