Letting My [Organizing] Freak Flag Fly

1:49 PM

I don't need to do one of those silly FB survey's to know...

...to know that my obsession with organization is at a freakish level. I literally get all giddy at the thought of an organized (insert anything really)! I am a freak. I know, I get it. I enjoy organizing, labeling, and putting away junk stuff.

If I could make a profession out of organizing people's lives, I'd do it. Okay, not finances...I have to draw the line somewhere. I know there are some people out there who 'organize' for a living and make decent money, but those people (my fellow freaks) are few and far between.

A perfectly organized shelf, closet, or book case is like my porn. I know, probably pathetic, but I seriously love the look of organization. Color coordinating, alphabetizing, strategically stacking, and labeling bins are my type of foreplay! There is something about going to a specific part of your house and knowing, exactly where what you want, happens to be.

How many times have you wasted minutes or hours looking for something you desperately needed? Tons, I'm sure. This isn't to say that this doesn't happen to me, it just happens less frequently than others, or so I'd like you to believe.

I blame attribute my obsession of organizing to my other obsession - shopping. When you continually buy, buy, buy, you collect stuff. That stuff needs to fit into your living space. Through childhood, that domain was just my room and maybe some closet space in the hall, but that was it. In college, space got tighter in my dorm/on-campus apartment. Post college, my living spaces still are confined to mostly fitting all of my junk in my room. Yes, there are a few closets and whatnot, but I don't dare put too many personal items in shared spaces. That would be a shitty roommate thing to do (ahem, Jamie). So, thus, my bedroom is like an organizational freaks dream.

From my clothes to my office supplies. Every nook and cranny has something in it (not a hoarder, promise), in it's organized place. I had intended to write exactly how I have everything organized, but deleted it. It was literally me letting my freak flag show way too much. Just know that all of my clothes are organized by function, then organized by color (rainbow to be completely honest). Office supplies, paper work, crafting supplies, random junk-drawer items, you name it it's organized in my room and in other parts of the house. 

My room is my absolute favorite place to organize, but that because I spend the most time there. But, the Kitchen comes in a close second. There are so many things to organize, it makes me feel like if I was ever to cook, I'd be so efficient! Is it so wrong to like to be able to find a matching lid to the bottom piece of my Tupperware, in the matter of seconds?

I'd also like to give a shout out to Ikea. Ikea, along with Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael's, and Joanne's have all played a part of seducing me into an organizational bliss. The offer so many things to keep one organized, and organized in a very cute way. I'm not limited to just a plain 'ol label maker, which I still love - but everything is color coordinated, cute, and dare I say it...girly! My love for organizational tools spreads to Target too. I can't even count the amount of trips I've made here for Rubbermaid tubs or drawer units. Apparently, I love to put things into things. Compartmentalizing my life, one Rubbermaid tub at a time!

I have been mocked for my obsession, but I'm okay with that. I will never hear the end of the alphabetization of my books (by Author's last name), CD's by artist, or my DVD collection by Title. When I'm at someone's house and see these things, it takes everything I have in my body to not stop and organize them alphabetically for them. I know, I know...serious issues here.

So I liked to be organized, it could be worse, right? For the non-tangibles, my life used to revolve around a physical planner. Which, secretly I love more than my iPhone. However, ever since Apple invaded my life, I have become addicted to using my iPhone Calendar instead of a pretty, color-coordinated organizer. I even bought an Erin Condren organizer, but it went unused for so long, I just took it out of my purse. It was perfect, personalized with my initials, cute color coordination, pages for everything, tabs included...but my phone is so convenient, I just never wanted to pull that beautiful brick out of my purse to write in it. Thus, $60 down the drain. It hurts, just a little, every time I remember this...

We all have our little quirks that make us who we are. Mine just happens to be helpful too. I have no idea why I enjoy doing the laundry, because I know I will get to reorganize it all back into my closet. I can't describe moving and unpacking my boxes of books, as they wait to be alphabetized. You would think file folders (not the gross manila ones) with labels (by a label maker) would only reside at work, not in my room for important papers and/or bills. I recognize my weird fetish for organizing everything around me, but I'm pretty proud of it. If I start to do it at your house, feel free to take advantage or just feed me so I'll stop...

Seriously, there is a madness to my method...even if I'm the only one who can see it.

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