Five Things Friday

2:09 PM

I wish I was writing this from Hawaii, like last week #FirstWorldProbs!
You know, some days just aren't good writing days, I think today is one of those day! So I'll be short and random, to say the least. 

I posted this last Friday and I wanted to follow up on it, so we can see how I did...

5 Ways I Plan to Stay Active In Hawaii:
1. Working out at the 24 hour near the hotel or the hotel gym. - Yes, did two workouts at the 24 Hour connected to our hotel!
2. Running my way around the city and the ocean. - Yes, Lil and I did two runs during our trip. Lots of walking too!
3. Hiking Diamond Head. - Done, after our run to DH, we hiked it on our last full day!
4. Finding a beautiful hike with waterfalls. - We found Manoa Falls, although it was much shorter than anticipated, it was pretty and fun!
5. Finding a yoga studio and taking a class! - Nope, I did peep some, but I never made an attempt to take a class. Probably should have, but our days were eaten up by way too much gorgeous beach time!

Professional Athletes // There are ALWAYS stories about professional athlete's lives in the media, this week was just touched on a very sensitive subject - Domestic Violence. We are are entitled to our opinion and the media has given us plenty to speculate over, but in the end we use our experiences, upbringing and morals to judge what we've read/heard/learned about regarding these types of issues. I do not think a man should ever hit a woman, but I think the reverse is also true. I think that there is no excuse for Domestic Violence for any reason. I do not have any first hand experience with this, so it's solely my opinion based on my morals and values. I don't feel sorry that they are being dragged through the media, I know they are human, but when you chose that career you know what it comes along with. I don't agree that the media has full rights to their privacy, but they (professional athletes) are cognizant of how scrutinized they are. A very heartwarming story happened this week, but the this NFL scandal was so over-publicized I don't think many heard about it: Jersey sales skyrocket for NFL player caring for daughter with cancer.

Decency // This word has one definition, however to each person the line of decency is different. I was recently told that my line is much farther back (re liberal) that most others. I never thought of it that way, but I guess just like everything else...peoples perceptions of things are different. Although it (anything, generally speaking here) may not be a huge deal to me, for someone else that is not the case. This conversation is hard to have and seems to have no end, because we go in circles over which ideas are more right/correct. Right or correct might not be accurate words, but I can't put my finger on it. It leads me to remember to not be judgmental. To accept others for what they are, what they believe in, and what they stand for - even if it does not fit with what I believe. But then, begs the question, how far am I willing to go to accept someone with differing views? I guess, as long as they respect mine, then it's a valued relationship/friendship, but if that is not the case then I should probably re-evaluate. Sorry, I went on a tangent, because I don't think I've fully wrapped my head around this conversation yet...

Beat LA // My boys are home and going into one of our biggest rivalries with those pesky LA Dodgers. We are 2 games behind them for first place. We've been playing well and tonight's match-up should prove to be pretty interesting - Ryu vs MadBum! This year has been so random for my G-men, lots of young guys earning spots, pitching has been spotty, and they are barely scraping by somehow. So, I think this series will be HUGE for my boys. I'm a little nervous, but I still have faith! Let's chat on Monday...

Açaí Bowl // So I am so addicted to these after Hawaii, that I am on a mission to make my own. I made it a point to stop at Whole Foods last night to pick up Sambazon Açaí Berry Sorbet . I already have some granola at home, but I'm not sure if it will compliment well with the sorbet. I didn't like the offerings at WF. I'm still debating honey, because it seems like it's just added calories. I also am lacking fruit, but I'm going to wing it with the sorbet and granola and build from there. I'm so excited...also the Bestest tried one at the Nugget Market, so I'll be stopping by there sometime soon too! Obsessed, doesn't even come close to what is happening!

Marathon Training // I'm a little hesitant to start training for a few reasons. One, because my cardio is not where is needs to be, so I'm basically starting fresh. Two, my commitment to running is no where to be found. This will need to change drastically and I'm worried I might not be as diligent without a training group like last time. Even with those woes, I'm still a little excited to get back into it. I'm excited to run my second marathon, but I'm still a little weary...

Sometimes you just have to write and not mentally edit...

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