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8:23 AM

Goodness that I found on my iPhone...
Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
I didn't pick a day or even have one to use for a typical WIAW post, so I thought I'd brag about some delicious food I've eaten in the last week or so (and pics that haven't been posted on the blog already). Also, I thought I'd share what a non-food-planner buys when they are conveniently at Whole Foods.

My work has new hire meet and greets donut parties and I love them. If they didn't serve donuts, I'm not sure how many people would show up. Someone always tries to save me my beloved maple bar, this time was no different.

Groupon to the rescue. If you live or visit Sacramento and are willing to try a dive spot, think total DDD, then you have to come to Flaming Grill Cafe . It's taken me way too long to try this spot, but I'm so glad we did. The Groupon was for 2 beers & 2 burgers. Since this is literally a shack, no AC, I wouldn't stay there to eat. Sweating while eating just doesn't sound appetizing to me. So we ordered the burgers to go and drank our ciders while we were there sweating waiting. Win-win in my book!
Bacon Avo: Swiss‎ cheese, bacon, and avocado w/ Garlic fries
Carnitas Burger: 10 oz. fresh ground chuckmixed with bacon over lettuce and onions topped with homemade carnitas, pico de gallo, and guacamole

Another Sacramento-y spot would be Old Soul at Weatherstone. Grabbed a quick lunch from here and it was tasty!

Fresh made Lavender Lemonade
TBA - Turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich (chips from the vending machine at work)
Fresh baked choco cookie :)
Confessions of a random buyer of groceries: 

- I barely ever have a plan when I walk into a grocery store.
- I buy what I think I'll make or need that week, on a whim.
- I buy with my gut, not my brain.
- I never pretend to buy by sale/price.
- Sometimes store brands scare me, other times I'll be a baller-on-a-budget.
- I don't mind buying pre-cut anything - veggies and/or fruits.

Please don't be fooled. This haul  looks fairly healthy, huh? That is not always the case, this just happens to be a healthier haul than normal.

A breakdown of what I bought: 
  • I did use my free Suja coupons so I have some juice for this week.
  • I'd also saw a few interesting things about the pink raw coconut water, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. 
  • I wanted an easy meal, so I bought chicken and pre-made tiki masala sauce, so all I had to do was throw it together when I'm hungry and wa-la, insta-dinner! 
  • Let's see if I can eat the salad fixin's before they go bad, that's a good thought right!  
  • Oh, gotta love summers full of watermelon. I figured that a WF actual watermelon would be pricey, so I just went for pre-cut, I'm lazy?!
  • Those One Buns were eying me my entire shift, I need to buy turkey lunch meat to make sandos!
  • Literally, everything is so random..
So there went my very unorthodox WIAW post. I should have just pretended I ate that in one day, but where would my blogging integrity be if I did that? HAHA! So you got some random food shots and a peek into my random grocery habits! 

Happy eating!!

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  1. Bragging about good food no matter when you ate it sounds good to me. Maybe because I do essentially the same on WIAW. And whatever exactly a maple bar is it looks good.
    We also share a few traits when it comes to grocery shopping. Like: if only I ever just bought what's on sale or on my grocery list...

    1. Hi there :) HAHA, A Maple Bar is just a donut topped with the most delectable maple goodness you can eat! Please try one, I'm sure your local donut shop has one! Maybe we should start a support group for grocery shoppers like us ;) Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban

    2. Local donut shop would be hard. I think there's none in my city - we're talking Germany, haha. And yes to that support group. Would we be checking in on each other while grocery shopping to make sure only items on the list go into the cart ;) ?!

    3. Aww yes, you are correct. I didn't realize where you lived. I'm still in awe you found my little blog :) Yes, but first we would need to remind each other to make a list! xoxo, ganeeban


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