WIAW: The Lil's Bday Edition

8:37 AM

Your Lil only turns 28 once...
Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!
...so she deserves a dedicated post to what we ate in honor of her last Thursday for her big day! She's a very low key person, but she does like to eat big and fancy. However, this year, she toned it down and picked a place that offered her a free appetizer, entree, and dessert. 28 going on 80 with her desire to get a free meal. The other funny bit, is this is the exact same place she had her birthday last year, except we partook in the endless brunch versus dinner.

I'll share my somewhat mundane breaky and lunch, but this post is really what happened for dinner. Campo Di Bocce, where you go to pretend to be a rich white person. I'm kidding and truly hope you aren't offended. But seriously, who plays bocce ball on the regular? We came up with this little notion last year and it's stuck, sorry, again, if I offended you!

Looks tasty right? Just a quick breakfast of quinoa, ground turkey, and Heinz Salt Free Ketchup. 
I needed to finish my pre-cut watermelon from Whole Foods, before it went bad.

Stopped by the Anatolia Turkish Table Bistro in town for work, so I grabbed myself the Doran Sandwich (previously pictured on the blog last week)! So delish! The main reason I went was to check out their baklava, so of course I had to do a taste test as well!
Since it's the Lil's birthday, we travel to her. Travel time there was a little under 2 hours. I was able to leave work a little early to get all jazzed up (aka refresh my make up and change clothes) before we left.

Back seat smiles, Livermore here we come!
We've arrived! 
Had to snap a quick pic with the birthday girl!
We didn't have to wait long. Lil and her man were sitting at the bar and she was enjoying a birthday cocktail. When we sauntered in, they were able to seat us. We still couldn't decide if we were going to play bocce ball or not.

Free bread, filler-up on carbs!
Adult beverages and a birthday cheers, what kind of party would this be if we didn't?!
For some reason, Poppa bear always gets extremely excited by appetizers. So now, since there are six of us at these events, he goes a little overboard. I think all of our eyes were bigger than our appetites

Spinach Dip, because I hate calamari and they have to please both daughters! The dip was really runny, but it ended up tasting delicious. I loved that the baguette slices were lightly toasted and I think they even had butter on them :)
Wine & Cheese plate, as requested by the birthday girl. Geez, for $16 I feel like we'd get fancier cheese and a few more crackers. The honey made the plate. I didn't eat the grapes, but Poppa Bear tore them up!
Calamari, because my entire family loves it and I'm the odd ball out!
Had to snap a cute pic of the Lil and her man before dinner was served!
Dinner is served. The Boy was going to order the Meat Calzone, but I happened hinted to mention that I couldn't decide between the Shrimp Linguine or the Chicken Parm. He doesn't eat seafood, so I know he wouldn't get the Linguine. I jokingly told the table, in my saddest voice I wished I could get both. The Boy is beyond sweet and said he'd order the Chicken Parm. I did feel bad, but was secretly happy that he ordered it. He was too...don't let him fool you!

Shrimp Linguini w/ pesto and sun dried tomatoes (which ended up along the rim of the bowl). I enjoy their flavor, but not actually eating them...
The infamous delicious chicken parm!
Yes, my favorite part. Singing the "Happy Birthday" song and watching her blow out the candle. We were having a little wind malfunctions, so her man had to provide a shield. However, it went out twice and the server came back and re-lit it for us!

Lil chose the cheesecake. The weirdest thing was that the strawberries were not glazed with the balsamic reduction, they just topped the cheesecake with the reduction, then threw the cherries on top. Let's just say, the table was not amused. About 1/3 of the dessert was eaten, but unsatisfying.

Post Dinner Fun
...aka...when we had rich white people fun! We knew the basics of bocce ball, so we just went for it. The Boy has never played, but he got the hang of it. We did boys vs girls, since there was an even set of 6. A few expletives were said, some fierce competition was had, but us girls came out victorious. Let's just say, the boy's were gloating until we passed them at the score of 8. We didn't look back and we smashed them! Go Ganeeban Girls!!

I admire the shit out of this lady. She may be my younger sister, but she is an amazing woman. She is fierce on the field and road, kind to those she's around, and determined in all that she does. I'm proud to call her my Lil (sister). And best of all, she loves to E-A-T like I do! It must be a Ganeeban trait!

I can't get enough Ganeeban fam time, EVER!

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  1. mmm and now I'm hungry! so awesome how close you are with your fam!

    1. Eeek, eat all the food!! Thanks, we sure are and I know how fortunate I am that I can be close with them. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban


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