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8:54 AM

Verbal spewage is about to happen...

So you've been warned! No method to my madness today, other than the number system...

1. Just one of them MONTHS - Like when Monica sang it, but she just referred to "one of them days." It's been a month of being unmotivated, eating bad, which have all lead to me feeling gross. And by gross, I mean chubby and uncomfortable in my own skin. I am totally wallowing in my own pity here, something finally clicked this past weekend and I'm changing it up. I'm not sure if you're like me at all, but sometimes I get in these slumps where I just lack motivation and dedication to eating (somewhat) healthy. So, I'm on the upswing and couldn't be happier about it. Glad to be out of my funk and hoping to get this lack of motivation under control!

2. Bargains Make Me Happy - I found this super sweet C9 sports bra at TJ Maxx and I love it. Almost all of my sports bras are C9 from Target, I love them. I can't justify owning more than one $50 Lulu sports bra, I mean really, my girls aren't that big to require a fancy sports bra. C9 suits me perfect. But I do love that C9 emulates other brands, so it's a lulu look alike for a baller-on-a-budget price! Winning!
Back selfie!

3. Nostalgic - A bout of nostalgia hit me the other night, so I ramped up my old laptop (from college, I was scared it wouldn't turn on) and started browsing pics from my beloved college days. I couldn't help but smile and remember the good times I had in SLO. I also found some really cool old pictures of my family, that made me smile even more!
Lady & I throughout the years...
Dopest people I know!
I miss them every day!

4. Work Clothes - I hate spending money on clothes for work. In a perfect world my clothes could be used at work or for fun, but it's not a perfect world. Sometimes I laugh at how I dress at work. Sometimes I feel like I look like a frumpy Mom (sorry, not to offend any Mom's out there). In my head, I'd love to dress like one of those power women, who wear the tailored suits and heels, and always looks sexy, yet professional. Except, I don't want to spend money on that type of look. I sit in a cubicle for goodness sakes, that's like a wasted "good" outfit! I don't dress awful, but I also don't give much thought about what I wear. Sometimes I toe the line of business 'casual' very closely! I try to buy all my clothes for work on sale or on clearance, baller-on-a-buget style! If they happen to be something I can wear in the evening or on the weekends, then its an added bonus! Good work outfits are like small daily victories!
Bumble bee outfit!

5. Double Date - I love that I can call up my parents at any time and they usually are open to hanging out and grabbing a bite to eat. So, it was fun to grab a quick dinner, post soccer game on Monday night. Then I was even able to treat them to their first donut ice cream sandwich experience! I feel blessed to be so close with my parents and have these moments with them. I know that this isn't the case for everyone, so I remember to be grateful and appreciate how lucky I am!

Jack's Urban Eats // Make Your Own Salad - Half Portion

The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs // The Parentals enjoying their first one!

6. Hiking High - I'm still on a high from my weekend of hiking! I think I'm still smiling from it. I love looking back on the pics and thinking about how we pushed ourselves on both hikes. I enjoyed the company and laughs, but I loved how challenging they hikes were. Especially, since I thought they were going to be more leisurely. I'm still on that hiking high!

Mission Peak Trail
7. Processed Foods - I'm trying, really trying to watch my consumption of processed foods. I know there is absolutely no way I can completely cut them out. But I am making a conscious effort to make sure I include more natural, whole foods into my life.

8. Gaaahhhh - This is my exact feeling when I run out of PB! This is one of the processed foods that I cannot live without. I'm addicted, it's just that simple. To remedy this, I bought two jars - one for the office and one for home. All is right in the world now!

9. Blood Donations - Do you feel like you've failed if you cannot donate? I do! It's the worst to get the finger prick and then be told you can't donate. It's happen more so recently than ever, so when I was able to donate I was elated! I love being able to donate blood, because I know it will hopefully help someone in need and apparently, I don't really need it. The Blood Source van comes to our work, like clock work, every 8 weeks for donations. So, every 8 weeks I attempt to donate! But if I can't, I leave deflated with a pack of cookies in hand and my head held low as I walk by to my cubicle.
Post donation goodies!
10. American Heart Association - Work loves to encourage us to live a healhty lifestyle. They are the title sponsor for various local events and support an array of organizations. One yearly event is the Sacramento Heart Walk, put on by the AHA. So, we are asked to fund raise a minimal amount and then we walk on the day of the event. We can invite family and friends as well, they are asked to raise an even smaller amount than we are. We are all offered a BDG t-shirt and get to be in the group picture. This will be my second one with the company and I'm looking forward to it. If you can donate anything, anything all all, it would be greatly appreciatedGaneeban - Sacramento Heart Walk

11. Sans Makeup - To give my face a break from makeup for over 20 or so years, I thought I'd try going makeup less. This is way harder than you would think. Partly Mostly because I'm vain and partly because I like how I look and feel with make up on. I already know the tried and true "you look tired" comment would head my way if I went into work without make up on. I generally don't put make up on before a workout or run (races not included), unless it's already on from earlier in the day, that's it. I generally don't re-apply during the day either. Sometimes after work, if I know I'm going out. Other than that, its once in the morning and whatever clings on for dear life is what's left at the end of the day. 

All that said, I realized I need to be more comfortable in my own skin. So as a precursor for my upcoming Hawaii trip, I decided not to bring make up to my hiking trip. Well, I had mascara, but I don't really count that ;) I will bring make up to Hawaii, but I will only use it on a few occasions, probably for our nicer dinners. But the rest of the time, I'll be sans make-up. I've fallen into the trap where it is a comfort thing now, I don't feel up to par without it on. I feel naked and not attractive if I don't have it on. I know in my heart make up doesn't make the person that I am, but it freakin' helps make me look just a tad bit better! So, I'm challenging myself...maybe be small to you, but it's definitely not for me

12. Impromptu Bestest Dates - Wine not? Oh man, not feeling so hot today and surprised I even made it to class this AM, but I did. One glass turned into sharing a bottle and apps at one spot, then taking the party to another spot for another glass and another set of apps! Oh boy. It's been awhile since we hung out (maybe a week or so), so we had tons to catch up on, so it was a nice and unexpected evening. Also, you've seen this fruit bruchetta 3 times on the blog already, but it's THAT good!!
Revolution Wines // Cab Sav & Cheese Plate
Revolution Wines // Fruit Bruchetta
Zocolo // Ask to taste a few and get a wine flight!
Zocolo // Flautas - Potato & Spinach

I decided to keep it light this week, you're welcome ;)

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  1. Your salad looks yummy. And that is only a half portion, wow. I love doing wine a cheese. Perfect combo!

    1. Thanks! I know right? I never order the full size salad there, their half portion is perfect! Yes, a heavenly combo, but not so good the next day if you have a little too much ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Story of my life! I have to binge eat red meat & spinach for 1 or 2 days prior to my appointment to have any hope of donating. It's sooooooo frustrating to be turned down.

    1. Oh dang! That's a lot of prep work! I agree, I don't like the rejection! xoxo, ganeeban


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