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8:26 AM

Social media rules everything around me...

Sorry, it's no longer cash! Sorry, my inner Wu Tang just came out, hope you get that reference (if you do, we should really, really be friends)!

Life has its good, bad, and mundane moments. However, most of us choose to show our good moments (on SM), where our hair looks nice, our OOTD is on point, and we are smiling perfectly. Because really, who wants to see an IG pic of me angry/crying/irritated after an argument with the Boy or when I spill on my cute new top at brunch (okay people would probably like that). I mean really, we only share what we want too...but that's the whole point of social media. Share what you want to share. I'm okay with that. I am completely okay with that, because I realize there is a difference between what I share on my various SM accounts and what is really going on in my life.

For the most part, they are very similar - but there are just somethings you don't share on social media...but hey, share them on the blog ;) If you don't like how many pictures I post, what I post, or for any other reason, then please unfollow. That is my general approach to social media. Those who want to follow for positive purposes will and those who follow for other reasons, well good for them. As long as they keep their opinions to themselves, then ignorance is bliss.

I do think another good blog post would be about the unspoken social media etiquette. Sorry, I digress.

That being said, the Bestest sent a pretty funny video about this topic and we laughed about it. I can honestly say I have never lied or wrote a post that wasn't true. That doesn't mean I haven't posted a happy picture, when actually  in a sad mood before. There is a difference...a huge difference.

Another reason this resonated recently, was because I came across this blog post that was hilarious, yet so true. This is where she breaks down what she is really doing and/or thinking for each of her IG posts.

I thought it would be fun to do the same for my last 10 IG posts. So I decided to follow suite. Sincere apologies, because most of which you have already seen on the blog last week and/or if you follow me on IG! So here it goes:
What Ganeeban IG'd vs What Was Really Happening
10. This was post Lovebugs baptism ceremony. It was chaotic in church and everyone wanted a picture with the special boy. His dad was running around making sure everyone knew where to go for the party, so he couldn't hop in the pic. The Boy's daughter was with me and wanted to take one with us, so we did (about four to be exact). But then we had to find a way to take one without her, without hurting her feelings, so I could post it on IG (which we got about three). I felt kinda awful about that...
9. Outfit change after the baptism. We are sweating and sitting on a bench talking with my parents and a friend at the picnic party after the baptism. The dad of the lovebug, who actually set us up, yelled in front of everyone "let me take a good one so you don't have to do a couple selfie!" So this was the picture he took of us! Yeah, that's a cider in a red Solo cup, classy!

8. I had to borrow the Boy's phone to take this picture. We are standing outside of my house, post run, dripping in sweat. We are both pretty hangry at this point...

7. This collage was made as I sat in my car after I left Janis' baby shower, before I made the 30 minute drive home. Top left I was sandwiched in between her sister and friend, of whom were heavily discussing children with Epilepsy. I took this one kinda stealthy, but Janis saw me snap it. Bottom left was a game and after I finished my turn I posed this shot, because I knew I'd need some good pics for a collage. The one of Janis and I was taken by a friend, because her mom said she couldn't see anything on an iPhone. First we were photo bombed by her niece, so I think this was our fourth shot. We were standing under pink balls, in the corner of the living room.

6. This picture was taking during my social media detox week, but posted when I was no longer on the detox. Poppa Bear is impatiently waiting, in front of my house, to drive us to the SF Giants game. As I get to the car, I throw my stuff in the front seat and snap this pic, while my friend and Poppa Bear watch me take this awkward selfie!
5. After about 10 pictures of me holding the juice and posing in front of Sun & Soil Juice Company, I didn't like any of them. The Bestest was my photog and we had to wait for a family to move so they wouldn't be in my shot! So, I just took a quick pic of them in my hand. But I had to make sure to get my new Lulu's in there too! I was feeling really chubby in my pics, that's probably why I didn't post any of the ones I was posing in.
**There was a cake picture here, but I deleted it from my camera roll I'm skipping it! Too much honesty here? ;)
4. We are standing at the edge of the establishment, about to walk to my car in the parking lot. The Boy obligingly takes a couple selfie with me. It was a one and done type of pic this time, none to choose from. However, I posted it about four days later. No rhyme or reason, just because.
3. The positivity stick. Every Tuesday I post a picture to excite my followers on IG to come to November Project the next day. I took this picture the week before at NP. I sat out during the workout, because I had an IT band issue and a stomach issue that day. So as they were running, I was creating shots so I could use them for future use. This is about one of five that I have in my arsenal!

2. This picture was taken by my co-leader, Haley, of NP! We have to take a pic after our workout and post to the blog, so I always post it on my IG account too. Every week we think of something different to do. This time was make a circle around the positivity stick. Apparently runners don't know how to make shapes, this is like no circle I've ever seen. Haley took about three pictures and this was the one she sent me, so I used other choice. Then I bedazzled it with my fun "Font" app! I'm soaked in sweat and tired...totally faking a smile!

1. I was standing in front of this bakery case, waiting to talk to a manager/head baker for work. I have yet to even taste one of these delicacies, but did buy about $40 worth for work. I did however, eat a burger (I think they won the recent Burger Battle) for lunch, that was just as drool worthy as these carbs!

I think the common theme is, although I might be slightly embarrassed by my picture taking antics, its NEVER enough to stop me. I'll take the judgement and ridicule, just to have a good picture to post. Narcissistic, probably. Over the top, yeah. But, its my IG and I can post what I want, so there!

Just to make sure you are a social media maven, such as myself, then here are some useful tricks that @JWLevitt posted on Twitter:
 This e-card is way funnier than anything I can end this post with :) 

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  1. You're absolutely right. There's a HUGE difference between sharing something that is a flat out lie and sharing something happy when you actually feel sad. HUGE difference.

    I love this post. Such a fun idea! Most of my IG pictures would be "I took this in a hurry because so and so was waiting for me."

    1. Hi Karen! Sometimes a happy post will get you out of your sad mood, gotta do whatever it takes, right?! Thanks for your kind words, it was actually fun to remember what I was thinking when I took the pic and when I posted it. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. I think it's really important for people to remember that what bloggers, and anyone on social media, post is only a teeny, tiny fraction of what their life actually looks like. That's why it honestly boggles my mind when people judge others based on a few blog posts or snark on them for things they posted on IG. You never know the whole story behind a picture or a post, and everyone is on a journey and has their issues that they're working through, so criticizing and being mean is just... GRRRR. Why can't we all play nice?!

    1. Amen sister! I wholeheartedly agree. The people who follow you just to be mean, I don't get why'd they'd waste that energy...sadly there are those that will! Oh well, those that want be a part of my journey will find a place :) xoxo, ganeeban

  3. LOL that e card!!! I love the Instagram 'what really happened' article. It's so true!

    1. #NoFilter always makes me laugh. Have you seen the website that takes a supposed #NoFitler picture and then tells you what filter they actually used, it's hilarious? Have a great weekend! xoxo, ganeeban


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