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Say it with me...vacation, Hawaii, vacation...

That's all I can think about! So thankfully it's Thursday, so I can go about my randomness like it's completely normal!

Forgiveness - What a son of a B! If you choose to forgive, then you must remember that through and through. It will be hard at times to remember why you forgave, but if that is the choice you made, you must live with it and see it through fully. I had to remind myself that after I made the decision to forgive. As I sat there, I realized I wasn't being fair in my actions if I said I forgave. I had to rethink my mindset and make my actions match my words. It was of the smallest gestures, but it was a huge "ah ha" moment for me. No matter if the madness still spills over, you chose to forgive. I'm not a saint, so I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I also didn't realize how hard it would be to do so. I've never really had to forgive, so this is uncharted territory. I'm navigating as best as I know how, but it doesn't mean that you still don't hurt...

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Dogs - Okay, I feel like if I say I don't like dogs, people equate that with me being heartless. I'm not sorry, I just don't care to own one. Don't get me wrong, most of them are cute and adorable, but there's no way in hell I want one (at the moment or foreseeable future). So, when everyone was posting pictures for #NationalDogDay , all I wanted to do was scream and punch someone (exaggeration, slightly). I'd way rather see pics of kids than dogs, no lie! 

Hawaii - Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii! We're leaving soon and it's consuming my mind. But first I have to get through 1.5 work days, a AAA baseball game, a mini trip to SF and to see my G-men, Mom's 60th birthday, Labor Day, and packing ONLY one suitcase for the island! These aren't complaints at all, but it will be a busy, busy weekend before we jet off to relaxation, sun, food, and fam time! It seems like it's been a long time coming and almost surreal that it's just around the corner!

Hemingway - Write hard and clear about what hurts. - Ernest Hemingway. I loved this quote. I randomly found it on good 'ol Pinterest the other day. It happened to fit my situation perfectly, but I couldn't write. When I wrote, nothing sounded right or gave justice to how hurt I was. It almost gave me some perspective, but the words just wouldn't flow. I was angry and that's all that it felt like, like I was typing to release the hurt through my fingertips. Not much content or expression, but just the physical act of typing was releasing my hurt. I don't need to write about it, because it resides in my heart, but sometimes it helps....
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Goapele - She respond to my tweet and favorited my tweet to her. I feel special! HAHA, it's the small things :)

Chat Books - The Boy will have to share my love, because I'm head over heels in love with Chat Books. Ever since I ran my first marathon I've been trying to find a way to celebrate and document my journey - via my IG photos. Well, finally, I saw it on IG, of all places. Then I went online and looked it up, downloaded the app, then finally after a few attempts, made my book. I was so enthralled in making my book, I was super rude and finished it up as we were on a double date with soccer friends! Hella rude, I know. I was addicted! It costs about $9 and took about two weeks to arrive. Now that I have my first chat book, I'm not even sure where I will put it on display, but I'm the happiest first time marathon runner now. My circle is complete!

No Makeup - I've been talking about it for awhile. Saying I want to do it more often. I did it for my annual girls hiking trip, note: mascara was allowed. But I'm really going to make an effort when I'm on vacation to let go of the make-up addiction and comfort. Mostly at the beach and maybe for dinners, that's still questionable. I'm excited to challenge myself and also a little scared. I know it'll be easier at the beach and better for my skin, but it's still a little daunting to be sans makeup when I wear it every single day! Here is a Huff Post article they tweeted in regards to this exact thing. Women know they can go without it, but for the sake of familiarity and comfort we continue to wear it. Being vain, amount other things, as well!

Is it time to board my flight yet?!?

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  1. When do you leave for Hawaii and which island are you going to? I am so jealous!!! We are going to Kona in February, but that is SO far away! I like the idea of going make-up free. I typically only wear mascara when laying poolside or at the beach. :)

    1. I leave on Tuesday and we're headed to O‘ahu!! Don't be jealous, February will come sooner, rather than later! I've never been to Kona, can't wait to see your pics! Yup, mascara really makes a difference. It's my little crutch, while I go make-up free! xoxo, ganeeban


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