Rose & Thorn [14]

3:41 PM

It hurts so good...

Rose: Obviously my Annual Girls Hiking Trip that went down this weekend, duh!
Thorn: Being bloated after everything I ate all weekend and the California Drought!

Once a year, a group of us girls get together to go on a hiking adventure. Our first ever was to hike Half Dome at Yosemite, then it was on to Burney Falls and Mt. Lassen. This year we kept it city folk-ish and stayed close to home. Originally we had planned to head to Lake Tahoe for the bagillion hikes up there, but after we heard Tough Mudder was going down this weekend, we made a last minute change (literally on Thursday, when we were leaving on Saturday) to move the location. Since we didn't have much time we chose the Bay Area as our destination.

I think we all thought the hikes would be leisurely, since we weren't in more of a nature setting. WRONG! These were some serious hikes, as I type this my butt cheeks and calves are sore, but sore in the best way possible!

My day at work was unorthodox to say the least. Instead of stopping by our food photo shoot with the products, I stayed the whole day and played faux food stylist with my boss and our graphic designer. The Boy was kind enough to finally put together my IKEA headboard, this would be after a total of three trips to IKEA for all the correct pieces. Total IKEA fail on my part, but after all is said and done, I love my feels like a whole new bed!

Since I knew I needed to get some rest for the busy weekend, we kept it low-key and stopped at Target. Essentially, so I wouldn't die of allergies! Me being out of allergy medicine is basically the worst possible thing that can happen to me! That might be a slight exaggeration, but I might as well hole up in a ball in my room, if I don't take my medicine. Then we went to a local burger spot that the Boy has been dying to try. I've tried it, so I knew of all it's goodness and glory!

Broderick // His & Hers Drinks
Broderick //  Gold Rush Burger
Broderick //  Johnny Cash Burger w/ Gravy Fries
Is it a weekday? 5:45AM wake-up call! I'm not really complaining, but I am. Since Big Blue (my car) has been having issues, I had to leave a little early to swing by the Parentals to give them my car before I left on our trip. Good 'ol Poppa Bear was going to get it fixed for me, while I was busy hiking! Spoiled daughter, I know!

I even surprised myself, I was 2 minutes early for our 7AM meet-up time. Sad, yes, but I was glad I wasn't the last one...which is normally the case! We were greeted with donuts, as promised by J-dawg! Somehow, we coerced her into bringing them for us since she was the one who said we meet at 7AM! After we packed up the car, kissed the Lovebugs good bye, we were off. Off a whole 5 miles to the nearest Starbucks! Yup, hikers require caffeine!

Starbucks // Maple Bar // Breakfast of Serious Hikers
Our first group shot!

After some breaky, we made our way straight to our first hike of the weekend, Mt. Diablo! Since I used to work very close to here, I was familiar enough with the name of this mountain, but that was it. Again, we didn't think it was going to be that tough, what a bunch of rooks! 

After finding our way into the visitor center (re: trailer), we half of the group listened to the Docent/volunteer tell us where to go. The Mormon and I goofed off and looked at all the random stuff they had displayed. Apparently Mt. Diablo and tarantulas are synonymous with one another, eeek! After a few pictures and two maps in hand, we were off!
Let's play find the tarantula!
My sweet "volunteer" vest and a tarantula!
Pre Mt. Diablo // The Mormon, J-Dawg, A, Ironman, Me

None of the hikes we wanted were listed here, but we still followed this sign!
So, we didn't really know what the hell we were doing. From the very beginning we started in the wrong spot, it took us awhile to figure that out. So the two maps we had were null and void. So, we basically winged it! We spoke with the very few people on the trails and they somewhat guided us! We met an older gentleman, Doug, who probably gave us the best advice of the trip. At that point we were probably half way done. 

The Mormon, Me, A, Ironman, J-Dawg

Trying to use Doug's directions I directed the group down a death steep decline decent. He basically told us there were two options: 1. Very steep decline with no views or 2. Harder with some incline and beautiful views. Again, our directionally impaired group just took option #1 without even knowing it. It was a slippery, steep downhill slope of unstable rocks, which were enclosed by Manzanita trees.
The current "Drought" made it a very ugly hike!
Then we got to a point where we could see our car, but couldn't quite get to the parking lot. After come serious contemplation, we decided on the correct path down to the opposite end of the parking lot. We were happy to be done. It was hot and we were tired, straight ascent for two hours and then one and a half hours of serious, technical downhill will wear out five gals! That, and the four other girls didn't have trail shoes. So they were slipping and sliding everywhere. I think we counted about 5 butt touches for this hike. What is a butt touch, when you fall and some part of your booty touches the ground?!

Since we are used to our hikes taking all day, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. We finished our hike at about 2:30PM. Supposedly we hiked almost 9 miles. I forgot my Garmin, so I didn't keep track. The Mormon used her Map My Fitness app, but I'm not sure how accurate it was because at times you loose cell reception on the mountain. Anywho, 9 miles done, now what to do with ourselves?!?

Somehow the discussion of the new Lemonade Slurpee was brought up during the hike, so naturally that was our first stop. We happened to see one, so we skirted in there for some unhealthy, but savory snacks. Chips and slurpees, post-hike recovery fuel! Then we decided to do a little bargain shopping. First we headed to TJMaxx for some random browsing, then we headed to Old Navy for more randomness. Of course, when I don't really need anything I find the cutest stuff. I scored a cute tank and sports bra from TJMaxx. I also scored a new SF Giants tank and a cute work top at Old Navy. I guess it wouldn't be a girls hiking trip if we didn't get some shopping in.
Pina Colada is literally crack!!
Because I couldn't get myself to try the Cappuccino flavored ones...
After that, we realized that our timing was awkward, so we better go eat! We found a restaurant in the same area as the Old Navy. Lazy Dog was very interesting, the menu was all over the place - Asian, Italian, and American. It suited all five girls needs, so it worked out perfect. I was literally about to fall asleep at the table, but first I had to consume my small portion of ribs with two starches - mashed potatoes and white rice. Even though I said I wasn't hungry, I killed my plate! I was still tired, but not tired enough to eat that goodness.

We headed to the hotel to check in and figure out our lives. Some wanted the hot tub, I wanted a nap. We talked about going to see a movie, because A loves, loves, loves the movies and none of us had any opposition. However, after they came back from their hot tub experience, they said they had a new idea...a "foot massage'! Who am I to say no to one of those?

We had some time to kill, so we stopped for some Cold Stone ice cream. After some serious run around by the first massage spot, we finally found one that would hook us up! J-dawg had never had one before, so we knew this would be fun. 
The worst serving size I've ever received!
Have you had a "foot massage" before? If not, it's called a foot massage, but they do your whole body with your clothes on and soak your feet for part of it. It's like the equivalent to a Asian nail salon, but for massages. They are super popular in our neck of the woods. This one was a little different than we were used too, but it was clean and they did a decent job. We all left happy...yet sorer than when we arrived. I think they released all the lactic acid and/or toxins and soreness started to set in.

Looks legit, right?!?
We went home to get some beauty sleep, but a few of us needed to make a run for the border before bedtime! Gross, I know, but it's tastes soo good ;)
Taco Bell // #7

No real plan in sight, we just kinda woke up as we pleased. Which happened to be 7AM for some of these Momma Bears! Which was fine, because we all generally got up around then anyways. After diddling around, we decided we'd do another hike after breakfast.

I've always seen pictures posted of people who went on a hike that had a pole to pose with at the top. I wanted to do that, so I threw it out there. Again, we thought it was a leisurely 3-mile hike. The girls were in. Ironman had to leave, since she was going to the Niner preseason game with her dad. So we were now a tribe of 4! We had a quick breakfast at the hotel and then we were off to Rite Aid for some water and snacks and we were off.

Veggie Week Breakfast :(
This was the complete opposite of our hike the day before. This hike is so crowded, we had to park at least 0.3 miles away from the start of the hike. Pretty sore, we gathered our junk and started out on our next journey.

You would think we would get that when you are hiking a peak or mountain, it will be a lot of incline, right? Nope! We were probably the happiest grumpiest people on the trail that day. In agony of the previous days hike (and post foot massage), but we were glad to be up there hiking again for part deux! The whole hike was probably 8 miles round trip. We were all glad we brought a decent amount of water and snacks and that we didn't underestimate the hike too much.
The remaining four // J-dawg, A, The Mormon, Me

Mid-tree pose!

Can yo spot our little friend who kept photo bombing us?

The Pre-Pole

Our awkward attempt at a group shot on the pole.

The hot mess that we are!
We finally got it together!
Retake w/out a photo bomber in the background!


After two pairs of shoes were sworn to the trash and five thousand baby wipes used to cleanse ourselves, we were back in the car. Off to find some grub and head home! We must have been a sight, hobbling around downtown Livermore, CA toward the restaurant. Still dirt clad and super sore, we found a restaurant (that I've apparently eaten at before). I almost forgot it was Veggie Week!  We grubbed, grabbed some fro-yo for J-dawg (gross, I didn't partake) and then we headed home.
First Street Ale House // Kids Grilled Cheese
First Street Ale House // Half order of Cesar Salad & Glass of Cab
Of course I slept the entire way home!

Two days, two hikes. 5 city gals. Tons of random jokes, laughter, and soreness to last a lifetime. There were moments when I dreaded this weekend, but after all is said and done I'm glad I went. These women are genuine, honest, strong, and inspiring. I'm glad I can surround myself with them. They are great role models if/when I have kids. I love that they take their "mom/me" time and share it with me. 2015 is going to be in one of my favorite cities, so I won't miss it for the world!

...and then I came home to this sweet thang:

Get ready for us SLO, we're going to take you on next year!! 
What was your Rose Thorn?

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  1. What a weekend! I live close to Mission Peak and I've done that hike before! Ugh, so tough! Congrats on conquering all those hikes!

    1. Thanks! If I lived closer, I'd totally do that hike more often! It's rough, but that dang pole is fun to pose with :) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Busy weekend! That looks like an incredibly cool hike! :) You eat the best things! I've also been having allergies this summer. :S You are far braver than I am to go near that tarantula!!

    1. "Apparently" during the summer heat they don't really come out, they hide with the rattlesnakes...but we were still jumpy when we heard anything in the brush! HAHA! Allergies are the WORST, I've had them since birth (might be a slight exaggeration, but not really)!! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. I can't do the weird Lay's potato chips flavors! Where do they come up with these flavors?!

    1. I can't do the wasabi flavor because I am a spicy wimp AND cappuccino scares me. My mom said she liked them, but she's a little off (in the best way possible)! Haha! I think this was a contest (according to my Mom, again) and one of the flavors came from a local girl here in Sac! Yahoo, our claim to fame :) xoxo, ganeeban


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