Rose & Thorn [13]

1:56 PM

I'm made for summer weekends...

Rose: It's a tie, between our Friday night park date or our Saturday morning Railroad Museum adventure.
Thorn: Being poolside with gloomy-ish weather...

It seems as if the weekend progressed, my picture taking did the opposite. Per the usu, it was a busy one, but I was also able to sneak in moments of a little R&R! Spending time with one of my best friends (from here on out, I will just reference to as Wench - I hang out with her enough and she's on here, so instead of always writing 'best friend' I'm making it easy on myself) and her little lovebug is always something that brings a smile to my face.

We had a park and pizza date lined up with the Wench and her lovebug, so after work I ran straight to the nail salon to get my nails did. The summer manicures continue, although it always seem like such an inconvenience to go and sit there for 45 minutes. Buuuut, once I'm done and I have a fresh manicure, all seems right in the world. That and when my eye brows are done, nothing makes me feel more girly and pretty, than those two things. Well, them and getting my hair did!

As I was leaving the nail salon, I ran into a homie who was walking his dog. We chatted quickly and then I ran home (figuratively, not literally) to change and get ready for the park. The Boy and L were waiting for me. Shortly after the Wench and handsome baby boy arrived and we gathered some water, mitts and a ball, and we were off. Since I live a little over a quarter of a mile from a popular park, we just walked there and back.

I completely forgot that on some Friday's there is a Food Truck event at McKinley park. None of us brought cash or CC's because we had already planned on ordering pizza for dinner. We even contemplated going home to get money, but decided we all wouldn't mind pizza either.

I think we spent a little under 2 hours at the park. It is easy to forget the simple joys in the life of a kid. Playing at a park is one of them. Watching L and Lovebug play at the park was really a great moment. To see them running around with unadulterated happiness and pure contentment, makes one realize how simple life can be. Enjoy the moment, because it's lost when its over. Of course I snapped tons of pics, but I played (re: sweated) with them the entire time.

When our growling stomachs couldn't take it any more we headed back to my casa. But we did a quick walk through the food truck event to scope it out for next time! We definitely will be back. We all proceeded to get pizza wasted and watch silly kid shows for the Lovebug. Tons of laughing, goofing off, and enjoying each other's company. We parted ways (way late for both little Lovebugs), but we made plans to see each other the next morning for another adventure.

We made it a point to go and try a new restaurant called "The Waffle Experience," after I'd seen a friend post some delicious looking food from there on IG. Sadly, it was closed. No sign of hours of operation or anything. So, we went to Mimi's Cafe. The Boy and I were slightly deflated, because we'd been looking forward to trying the new spot!

Our good friend J does marketing and communications at the California Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento, so we have the insider scoop on what's going on! Lucky for us, this weekend was the Caboose Club celebration (aka party). So we went to check it out with the kidlets. I've been here before, but the everyone else had never been. It was fun, similar to the park, to watch them explore and enjoy something new and exciting to them. Outside was a Thomas the Train themed party for kids and inside we checked out what the museum had to offer.

We were able to score tickets on the train for the noon departure. We almost didn't make it, but we made it work and squeezed in a couple seats, cozy next to two different families. The train ride is an out and back and takes about 40 minutes. One one side you have a freeway (I-5 to be exact) and on the other side you have the river. It's not really visually stimulating, but the kidlets love just being on the train. This is the exact trip you take during the holidays for the simulated "Polar Express" adventure that the museum offers. This is like the HOTTT ticket during the winter, the tickets sell out in less than an hour online, it's pretty insane.

After a few hours at the museum, we walked across the street to get our free ice cream. The museum thought of everything, from fun coloring stations to ice cream. It was a great event and if you live in Sacramento, you should definitely try to come to one of these events!

Since we were so close to the mall, we stopped by real quick to grab a birthday card for a friend and I tried to do a little shopping at F31, but felt guilty since the Boy and L were waiting for me. Instead, we opted to leave and grab lunch. Pasta, my fave!

Pronto // Baked Pasta
Not the best idea when you're headed straight to the pool, but oh well. Although the weather was overcast and muggy, the temperature still felt grossly warm. Suited and ready to take on the heat, we made our way to the pool. After a few hours there, we headed home to get ready to go to the Sacramento Republic FC game. 

We were sitting in the Tower Bridge Battalion section, which is their hard-core fan section. I'm all for cheers, singing, and whatnot, but this was a little much. So we went to sit near our friends, since our other friends couldn't make it to their season ticket holder seats. We sat with them for the second half of the game. It ended up getting really chilly, which means it was the perfect excuse to buy a Sac Republic shirt. I've been wanting one forever, but now I had a reason to buy it!

Freebie for the evening.
The Boy and I found this
Since we had a late lunch and didn't eat at the Republic game, we made a late night dinner "Run for the Border." But randomly, we saw a sign for the newest Slurpee and we made an executive decision to try them out!
I really wanted to try these, but didn't :/

Up and att'em for class at Midtown. Since I've been slacking on going two days during the week, the last two weeks, I figured I better get my act in gear. Only 3 more weeks until I'm Hawaii bound with the fam. The workout was tough and there were only 3 of us there, but I got through it with no minutes to spare. As I write this post, I'm sore, super sore in my upper body!

After class, I ran home to get ready for a birthday party for the Boy's friend's wife. Did you follow that. It's hard for me to call them 'friends' per se, because I've only just met them when we started dating. I enjoy his friends and being a part of their get together's, I'm still the 'newbie' for the lack of a better word. I've know the brothers for years, but I'm still getting to know some of the others and their wives/girlfriends.

We hung out there, ate delicious Costco pizza, and hung out with the kidlets in the cool, air-conditioned house. While the (manly) men were outside working on building a deck. It was a low key, kinda last minute affair, but it was nice to chat with everyone and get to know them a little more. Also, I got to get some serious Lovebug holding time in, which is always a plus.

The birthday girl left to go pamper herself with a massage, so most of us headed out as well. We headed straight to the pool again, even though the weather was still overcast, yet warm. After L got picked up, we stayed and relaxed for another hour or so. I was completely lazy and enjoyed just laying out on the lounger and relaxing. Although, there was a very animated lady a few feet away. I felt like I was in a Jerry Springer episode, with all her f-bombs and anger. I wanted to remind her were at a very kid-friendly pool, but I thought better and just let her be. But it was definitely ear hustling enjoyment for the Boy and I.

After the pool, we just grabbed dinner and watched some Shark Week! We now know what the infamous Colossal and the Submarine look like ;) The Boy has never watched Shark Week, that's pretty un-American if you ask me...I kid, I kid! It was the perfect way to end a nice summer weekend!

If it's gonna be this hot, the dang sun better be out to make me tan!! 

What was your Rose Thorn?

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  1. I SO need to get my nails done! And I need to come eat with you!!! YUM :D

    1. If you're ever in my hood, I'll take you out to eat :) xoxo, ganeeban


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