Rose & Thorn [12]

4:29 PM

Babies, babies, babies...

Rose: Attending a baby shower for a good friend from college.
Thorn: My sore, sore, sore quads and a very humbling run...

Another weekend of plenty of eating, plenty of babies, and some relaxation mixed. It should be highlighted that I went on a voluntary run this weekend. Yes, I chose to use the word voluntary because none of my runs in the last few months have been voluntary. All have been races I signed up for months ago and felt obligated to run. So, YAY for me going for a run, because I wanted too (kinda)! Let me break it my weekend down for you...

I love when evenings turn into random date nights. We don't generally throw that term around, we just go with the flow, but that's kinda what Friday night turned into. It was also the last day of my social media detox, but it wasn't soo bad. However, on Thursday the Bestest had sent me an IG screen shot of one of our fave, local spots, Friday night special. It was a burger and a glass of cab...needless to say, I'd pretty much decided at that moment, that's where Friday night would take us.

After a quick, but necessary (I swear) trip to Target we headed to Revolution Wines. En route, the Boy decided to buy the Groupon again (2 glasses of wine & 2 small plates). So we were gonna kill that on top of sharing the burgers. A couple that eats together, stays together...I hope!
Summer Addiction - Fruit Bruchetta
Revolution Wines // Leek & Shallot Jam, Heirloom Tomato, & Cheddar w/ Bacon
I wish I could eat here every night. They were packed and apparently we are supposed to call ahead and make reservations on Friday and Saturday to me! Oh well. We were completely full, but thought that dessert was necessary.
We settled, after much debate, on ready-to-bake cookies and ice cream (for the Boy). Along with two Red Box movies. I guess it was a very cliche "date night," now that I sit here and reflect on what we actually did!

Someone had their alarm set for 6:30AM to watch their beloved soccer team play. So although I didn't really get up, my sleep from 6:30AM-8:30AM was sketchy, at best. However, we did have a 6 mile run scheduled for the day. I was already hurting from my Swolemate date the day before and the Boy was sore from his runs that week. So a long, slow, easy run was in store.

All I can say, was that this was one of the most humbling runs I've ever been on. Humble you ask, yes. I'm not superwoman, although my body likes to think it is at times. My finicky IT Band was very tight from all the squats I did on Friday. It didn't hurt to run (at first), but after being ambitious and doing stairs x3 at the 3 mile mark, wasn't my best decision. Originally we were only going to do one rep of the stairs, but then we were there and our adrenaline got the best of us. During my 2nd rep I knew I should slow down, especially after doing single leg jumps. But the Boy suggested one more round and I'm never one to back down from a challenge. That and I was also talking with a lady and showing her some variations of stairs options. So I just plain over did it. After our last set we continued on our run. We had an option to either go the long way home or short way home, but at this point my quads felt like 15lb of lard and my legs were tired. I was also dehydrated and tired, no biggie! I told the Boy I'd take the short route and he should take the longer, but he's a gentleman and wouldn't leave me.
I've contemplated it, but never actually gone into this Starbucks to ask for water. I was desperate. The college where we did the stairs has NO water fountains. Trust me, I've looked twice, in desperation, only to be left still dehydrated and sad. I knew we still had at least 2.5 miles left, so I made an "out of the ordinary" decision to go in and kindly ask for some water. Thankfully the Barista was super nice and hooked me up with a Venti iced water. After we hydrated, we set off to finish the run. The knee had been hurting since we left the stairs, but I was trying to ignore it. Finally after about a mile, I had to walk (which I can't even tell you when I've ever done this before). I made myself walk. I reminded myself that no mater what my Garmin says, it is not a reflection of my ability. I shouldn't be so hard on myself and I should walk when something hurts. Why are runners so stubborn? Why do I see walking as a failure?
Sorry, this was a little long-wined, but it was such a humbling and eye opening experience I learned a lot about myself.

We ran to the mall real quick to do a little exchange at Lulu, I tried to surprise the Boy with his first Lulu piece, but I got the size wrong :( And then we decided to grab a snack at the Nordies Cafe before we headed home to get ready. 

Showered and only an hour late, we were off to the first event. This was for a good family friend, so I knew most of my family would be there. It was a fun and easy-going party. Oh my goodness, it was Panda Express heaven catered so I ate two plates, judge away ;) The house was gorgeous and have a very party friendly backyard, pool included. If I didn't have another baby shower to go to, I would have totally brought my swim suit.

Plate #1
They gave me the perfect glass!
After about an hour and a half, I had to get going to get to the next partay! This one was about 45 minutes away. I was happy to make the drive, because it meant I was going to see one of my great friends from college. She is have her 2nd child, which happens to be a baby girl! I was glad I was able to visit with her for a short while and also so her glowing. Let's just say her first pregnancy was very rough, so this one has been easy, thank goodness! It definitely made me realize we need to work on being better friends and make time for each other. Love her to death and I miss her friendship! I've promised and I have every intention of visiting when baby Makayla Rae comes into this world!
Catered by Wholly Ravioli
I knew the Bestest and her family would be going out, so I had planned to meet them after the shower. They were celebrating one of her cousin's 6th wedding anniversary with all the cousins. So, we went to meet up with them, but they were almost done. We chatted with them, I ate a few of their scraps, and caught up for a bit. They all decided to leave and the Boy and I stayed to finish our drink. Although we tried multiple times to meet up with the group, it just didn't work. So we, essentially, had another date night.
When we walked to meet the Bestest et al., we walked past a new restaurant. Well, it really had just changed ownership and been slightly remolded. However, it was named "Urbano," like Poppa Bear, so I wanted to try it. So we went there and split a slice of pepperoni pizza! Completely new ownership, but very similar everything to the previous set-up. Kinda eerie, but interesting too! We wanted one more adult beverage so we set out to find one.
We settled on a local Irish Pub, called De Vere's! Little did I know, they'd be playing the local soccer team's - Sacramento Republic FC - away game. It was getting a little crazy in there. But it was fun to watch them chant and sing the songs, even if it was only about 15 of them! We also watched as their social media gal was busy working. It interesting to watch her at her laptop, switch between screens and the game, and update the Twitter feed. We even tested and tweeted the team, just to see if she'd retweet us, which she did :)
I don't know if we're weird or not, but the Boy want to play a drinking game. So after a few minutes discussing what we'd do, we decided to google "Drinking Games for 2"! HAHa, how old are we? We decided to download a card deck app and just play high-low. We did this through the rest of the Republic game and our drink. It's all about odds, but both of us are competitive, so it was still ridiculous fun! After this we called it a night!

A little sleeping in was a great way to start the day. The Boy was up super early for an 8AM game, but I wasn't having any of that ;) I was all about my un-rushed morning, lazily eating my PB toast and drinking a coffee, before my first Dailey Method class/date with the Bestest.

The Dailey Method came to the Grid in the beginning of the summer and I've been intrigued every since. The Bestest and I signed up on Friday, because you get your first class for free and both of us had never been. She swooped me and we headed straight there. We were a tad late and Katie was just about to start class. I think my heart just wasn't into it. I didn't have as much fun as I did in the Barre class at Fitness Rangers. The movements were tough and I got sweaty, but I just didn't have much FUN. Maybe because I wasn't next to the Bestest so we could keep laughing at each other.

After class we headed for a juice treat to the local Sun & Soil Juice Company. They've been getting tons of IG love lately, so I wanted to check it out. Glad we did, their glass jars are cute and their juices are all delicious! they do sell smoothies too, but sadly almost all of them have banana's or almond milk, both of which I don't do :(
I didn't have much time to shower, before I had to get to my part-time job with Vega. Yup, I stand at a pop-up tent for four hours and talk to people about how awesome Vega is! The funny thing is, I started using Vega on my own. Even before the idea of me working at Vega even came close, even before a good friend started working at Vega. It's the best tasting and mouth feel having supplement line out there. I'm not a vegan, but I can appreciate their products.
Lunch at Whole Foods during work!
After work I did some really fun stuff, chores! You know like cleaning up my room and laundry, the adult kind of fun. The fun that I probably should just leave off the blog. Thankfully the Boy rescued me and came over and we went on a walking and eating adventure. We went to the local Beach Hut Deli for these nacho's he keeps talking about and we haven't found yet. We've been to two locations and each time they stare at him like he's crazy.
Our real motivation for the walk was to walk to Rick's Dessert Diner. This is a popular dessert spot in Sac, on the Grid, but the moved locations. The new spot is much larger than their last, but because of the newness, the line is dumb long. The sad part is, I don't even like their cake, but because its a new spot I wanted to try it out. I only ate 1/3 of my slice, which we decided to save and give to the homeless person we saw at the beginning of our walk. I'm such a "new" junkie, I'll try it even if I'm pretty sure the food won't be that good...
02/ My FAVE Song
German Choco for Him & Coconut for Her
The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and not doing much, since I had a headache that wouldn't go away :(

Geez, I'm wordy today...lo siento!

What was your Rose Thorn?

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  1. WOW! You had a killer weekend on the grid. I am going to have to get to Pizzeria Urbano soon! What can I say? I love pizza. Ha ha. And Dailey Method. I'll have to meet you for a class one day. It's around the corner from my office. Cheers to a great week!

    1. Hey Lady! Yes, after I wrote it all out - I said the same thing to myself! Yes, the pizza didn't disappoint...did you hear about the new pizza spot taking over Monsoon? Yes, I'd love to meet for a class one day, let's plan something :) xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend filled with some yummy food! Yes, we runners are so stubborn! I always tell myself that I should take a walking break but never do because I don't want to stop! Hope your IT band feels better. I've never done The Daily Method or Barre but would like to check it out sometime. Anyway, have a great week! :)

    1. Thanks, yup...but I'm slowly...and I mean slowly...learning to listen to my body and not my runners brain (for a lack of a better term)! Yes, I really enjoyed the Barre class I took, it's just not in my fitness budget right now :( Hope your week is going well too! xoxo, ganeeban


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